Remote Workers from Bed – What’s the Consequence?
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Remote Workers from Bed – What’s the Consequence?

|May 4, 2022

The remote work culture has impacted people's lives all around the globe. It has affected the way people work. A survey that was conducted during the pandemic showed that 72% of the Americans (Out of 1000 who were surveyed) work in bed. And a new study shows that the percentage of remote workers from bed is 38% even after the covid restrictions got liberated.

These numbers hold great significance because they were not this high before the pandemic. Since the work trends have changed, people have shifted their priorities and most of them like working either in bed or on their couches. That’s why we have seen a steep rise in remote work from bed.

Although a significant fraction of office workers have started working in remote offices, many of them believe that they can achieve greater comfort only if they work in their beds. Since most of them are youngsters, they might not notice the strain that remote work from bed can put on them, and neither do they understand the possible negative consequences that this may have.

Nevertheless, the bitter truth is that working in bed is never good for you, it might make you think that this is the most comforting option, but it’s not. Here is the reason why.

Why Is Working Remotely from Bed Bad for You?

As we mentioned earlier, remote workers work from bed quite commonly, but this has multiple risky consequences. These risks are mainly associated with the health of remote workers from bed. To cut short, these issues are as follows:

Your Posture Becomes Bad

Your Posture Becomes Bad remote workers from bed

You usually sit in a tilted position when you work in bed because you think that this position is comfortable for you. However, your neck, hips, and back experience an increased strain while you sit this way.

The habit of sitting this way eventually makes you have a hunched back posture, and you know how bad it is for your overall performance. You might not realize it at this point because you are young and active, but eventually, you will start experiencing muscle pain due to a bad posture.

You Become Insomniac

You Become Insomniac remote workers from bed

Your sleep cycle and general brain activity are negatively impacted when you do remote work from bed. This is because your brain runs in specific cycles that are often known as circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythms are impacted by the way your brain perceives your habits.

If you make it your habit to check emails, do office chores, and other activities while staying in bed, your brain will perceive a message that it is supposed to stay attentive when you are here. Consequently, your circadian rhythm will get disrupted, and you will experience a situation that is commonly known as a circadian rhythm disorder or insomnia.

As a remote worker from bed, you will become more restless in bed and face a problem sleeping. Insomnia is itself a gateway to many other health-related issues, so eventually, it will worsen your mental and physical health.

Your Productivity is Impacted Negatively

Your Productivity is Impacted Negatively

Once your sleep pattern is disrupted, you will start feeling less energetic while performing your tasks. You will also notice that you have mood swings more often, and you are unable to control your temper. These physical and mental issues, coupled with a bad posture, will lead you to have a reduced level of productivity and efficiency at work. So, you will notice that your overall performance is impacted badly. 

Your Relationships Might Get Impacted Too

When so many things are going out of your hands, you will eventually start having anger issues. And you are aware that people who have anger issues tend to have a conflict with anyone around them. In such a situation and as a remote worker from bed, your temper will have a negative impact on your relationships. Chances are, you will have more constant fights with your partner. 

The Best Solution – Setup a Bedroom Office

The Best Solution – Setup a Bedroom Office

You would have noticed how far remote work from bed can impact your life if you work remotely while staying in bed. It can completely disrupt your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That's why it is important to have a viable solution for this problem. The best that we can think of is an office in a bedroom.

We have noticed that office workers often work in bed when they don’t have enough space around their house to set up a home office. Nevertheless, such people can consider some small bedroom office combo ideas to design their bedroom office. In this way, neither their ergonomics will get impacted nor their health.

In order to create that, they will have to fulfill the requirement of an ergonomic chair and desk. In our opinion, when you are planning such an office, you should go for the best ergonomic chair and the best home office desk. This is because these home office furniture pieces are thoughtfully designed for a small workspace.

These home office furniture units are designed to offer you multiple adjustable features so that you can enjoy a relaxing work experience even while sitting on a desk and chair. From a reclinable back to an adjustable height, you will get all sorts of adjustments in the chair and in the desk too.

The next thing, i.e., the placement of the home office desk and chair, is something that is dependent upon the way your bedroom is designed. If there is a window, we would advise you to play it by the window side so that you can enjoy the cool breeze and have a nice work experience overall.

Doing this will not only ensure that you adopt a correct posture, but it will also ensure that you have better mental and physical health. All of this will consequently help you eradicate the negativities that might have come into your routine the way they are in the life of remote workers from bed.

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