Remote Working & Hybrid Office Security Best Practices
Remote Working

Remote Working & Hybrid Office Security Best Practices

|Mar 29, 2021

None of you would have imagined a time where you would be working from home. It was just a norm for many people. However, to increase the productivity of employee’s companies are implementing work from home. Despite having smart office furniture, you also need excellent security.

The shift in the working environment has brought a significant change in how and where you work. Many of you have adopted new platforms where all the data is being accessed by a multitude of networks and office accessories. This crafts challenges of cyber security work from home as they transition from traditional workspaces to hybrid work environments.

Read on to get more details on remote work security and solutions to these risks.

Common Security Challenges While Working From Home

Common Security Challenges While Working From Home

The shift from office to homemade is complicated for IT teams to manage and implement home office security. More people are working from home on a steady basis, and only a few visits the office that too very rarely. Here are some of the challenges you face while working remotely.

Using Personal Laptop Instead of Company Laptops, No Security Tools

Company laptops are well encrypted, with all the essential security tools to protect the company against cyberattacks. According to a survey, it is stated that more than 50% of employees are using personal devices with no security tools.

A personal laptop usually does not have any security tools which bring your data to high risk. Therefore, it is better to use tools provided by the companies, as they help to enhance your home office security.

Home Network

Home Network

It is pretty easy for hackers to breach your home office security if there are no proper tools to protect your system. They can simply gather valuable information from your activities and use it against you.

Using home networks opens doors for many cybersecurity threats. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure cybersecurity work from the home office setup for all your representatives.

Lack of Incident Response

The lack of incident response causes a significant negative impact on your customer relationships. It also results in a loss of your data and a potential loss in your profit.

It is necessary to implement an incident response process in your corporations to safeguard your data.



A well-known cyber threat faced by you is phishing, where an email or call from an anonymous asks for your details. According to the survey, 92% of malware is delivered by email to hack data from your personal computers. 

These emails are like receiving notifications from a trusted organization to offer you more convenience by asking for passwords. Responding to these emails can cause you an immense loss of money or sensitive data.

Install Apps

Presently 96% of mobile phones and laptops do not have pre-installed software for security which makes them prone to cyberattacks.

Installing a free app is risky because your home-based laptops are without any security tool.

Data Security

Data Security

An increase in remote working has led to the implementation of remote work security, as home environments are prone to cyberattacks.

These cyberattacks steal all the relevant data from your computer. To ensure data security of computers while working from residence, necessary tools need to be installed.

Solutions to Secure Your Remote Working or Hybrid Office Team

With the change in shift to the remote or hybrid atmosphere comes more home office security risks for your organization and employees.

According to a survey, 75% of the IT leaders believe that the future of work will be remote or hybrid. Therefore, remote work security becomes a necessity for all of you. Continue reading to know more on how to keep data safe while working remotely.

Establish a Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity Policy

With the transformation of business norms, it has become the need for organizations to establish cyber security work from home.

It is a significant work from home security tip for you to establish strong security measures for the protection of data. These policies will not just protect your computer but of your employees too.

Ensure Internet Connections Are Secure

Remote work security has become a more crucial aspect than ever. According to a report, 73% of the internet is being used by smart devices in 2018. It has doubled the risk of cyberattacks on your data. 

While using a home network or open network, it is vital to secure your connection. It can be done by adding a protected VPN to your device before accessing any crucial information. Consider using some top VPN apps or extensions to ensure the safe access.

Set Strong Passwords for Work Laptop and Devices/Apps

Set strong Passwords

Passwords are key to your devices. Therefore, it is necessary to set a strong password to keep it safe from cyberattacks.

It is essential to have different and unique passwords for all your Logins to increase your home office security. Different passwords make it difficult for a hacker to breach all your devices at the same time.

Set Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Protecting your data from cyberattacks is no piece of cake. However, if taken proper measures, your data can be protected.

One of the work from home security tips is setting a two-factor Authentication. It is surveyed that almost 43% of the IT specialists are now aiming to upgrade their computers with 2FA.



Having the best antivirus is as essential as having the internet. Plus, these programs come at a very nominal process.

Antivirus helps you to protect from all the known threats and malware like Ransome, spyware adware, etc. They are great programs to protect you from some most common threats.


In a highly mobilized world, the flexibility of working in a multitude of environments is not just a perk but also enhances productivity. However, with every perk comes challenges.

While it is marvelous for you to work in a hybrid atmosphere, it brings the worst challenges for you and your organization. A healthy and comfortable work environment does not mean an office standing desk, but it also means the security of data. Therefore, it is necessary to involve setting up remote work security.

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