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Should You Repair Or Replace Office Furniture?

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 6, 2021

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Is your work chair recently making horrible creaky sounds? Or the desk wobbles every time you try to start completing that file? Office furniture has many issues, and more than the work itself, sometimes you might spend a lot of time making the furniture feel comfortable. The importance of comfortable furniture in the workplace is given a lot of emphasis, and thanks to tons of research over the years now, in order for the workplace to perform efficiently we must pay close attention to comfort.

Office furniture repair and maintenance is one such thing each workplace should regularly perform, so employees are not subjected to undue stress. Repairing office desks is important because it helps organizations increase the life of workplace furniture and thus save costs in the long run. However, especially if you purchase wholesale office furniture, there might be some missing joints or loose bolts that you need to consider before bringing them into use.


And before you think about that bulk office desk order or get a refund on that wholesale office chair purchase, it is important to duly learn about the chair parts name and try address the issues. Again, we don't recommend you keep the office furniture broken at most, but there are some scenarios where you should consider fixing it with proper office furniture repair guides rather than replacing it.

When to Repair Office Furniture?

When to Repair Office Furniture

No matter how much you spend on a piece of furniture, eventually, it will give up, and you will have to replace it. But with proper care and attention, you definitely can increase the life of a product. However, this does not mean you should push the dead beyond the limit. Hence here are some scenarios for different pieces of furniture you must consider repairing before getting on that list of Autonomous bulk orders online.



For work desks, you need to be careful when thinking about the replacement or office furniture repair. Not repairing a damaged desk will only compromise your posture and also damage your efficiency. However, if there is a little cosmetic work or missing paint, get that brush and start the job. Or even if a bolt is missing from the leg, you can find the closest to it and make it as good as new.


An ergonomic chair has multiple parts that make it a very comfortable and durable piece of furniture. However, you need to be wise about the repair or replacement of an ergonomic chair because, let's be honest, they don't cost less.

If something as simple as the castor wheel has come off, you can easily attach the wheel, and the chair is good to go. And sometimes, most of the chairs have that issue where height adjustment becomes a pain to manage, then a little adjustment of the bolt will fix the issue too.



If your cabinet is made up of metal and is acting up lately, don't call HR to replace it and claim the cause of your anger, but sometimes there is just a need for little lubrication, which will make the product good at most. Make sure you start with good quality lubricant so your files are set free, and you can easily open and close the drawers.

In the case of wooden drawers or shelves, well, if the chipping is coming off, you can get a little paste to fix the wood and get the laminate layers to stick over each other as before.

Tips for Office Furniture Repair

Weekly maintenance is more feasible than getting that angry spell of office furniture repair once a month. Weekly or fortnight maintenance also makes sure each piece of furniture is addressed for the issue before it gets too late. Here are a few tips to avoid your furniture from reaching a breaking point.

Chair Maintenance

Chair Maintenance

Vacuum or lightly brush the upholstery to eliminate any filth. Then dust the chair with a soft cloth if it's made of leather. If your chair has a meshed back, then use a mildly wet cloth to clean the mesh, and you can also use a little dusting action to let the holes get cleaned of dust and accumulated dirt particles. To clean vinyl, use a solution of warm water and mild soap, then dry it with a lint-free, soft towel. Lastly, Remove filth with a moist cloth or sponge and dry with a clean cotton cloth on wooden chairs.

Desk Maintenance

The surface of your office desk should be dusted regularly for proper upkeep. Use a dry cloth to remove the collected dust and dirt on top of whatever material the surface is made of, whether wood or metal. Use a wet cloth to remove more tenacious grime.


When it comes to cabinets and other desk accessories, a little dusting periodically gives the desired results. However, you can also opt for deep cleaning with the help of vinyl coating and get the paint job done once in a while. For steel or metal components, don't forget to pay attention to lubrication.

When to Replace Office Furniture?

After you are done with all the attempts with how to fix a broken office chair, there needs to be an acceptance that this piece of furniture needs to be thrown out instead of office furniture repair. In such cases, using a damaged chair will only hurt your back and lead to various health issues.



For instance, if a work desk has a veneer scathing off, there is no point in getting the paint job done as it will become a routine. Likewise, desks with laminate coming off are usually thrown away even after a few rounds of repair are done on them.


However, the issue isn't always as straightforward as a lost bolt or a loosened screw. Repairing your ergonomic chair may be more effort than it's worth if the mesh back or seat has too big of holes to repair or if the back fabric is frayed then you cannot simply repair the back of the chair and it’s wise to throw it away.


It's probably not worth fixing if it's rusted, damaged beyond use, or the drawers don't engage with their tracks. It's preferable to donate or recycle it and replace it with something fresh. For wooden cabinets, the first hint you see of a termite attack, the cabinets need to go because not only will the problem increase, but it can easily transfer to your other pieces of expensive wooden furniture.

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