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7 Tips to Replenish Your Energy and Feel More Active

7 Tips to Replenish Your Energy and Feel More Active

|Jul 1, 2021

Many people find that they get a little tired as the workday goes on. You may think about eating some candy or drinking a cup of coffee, but those ideas might not be the best way to replenish your energy.

You know what to do when your smartphone battery is low; you plug it into the charger. However, what do you do to replenish energy after a workout? Ultimately, most people turn to junk food snacks or use supplements, but there are other ways you can boost work energy throughout the day.

Here are a few of them:

Tips to Replenish Energy for the Workday

1. Check Your Habits

check habits

Look for things during your workday that zaps your energy. Are you skipping breakfast because you’re rushing to work? Do you often reach for caffeine and sugar to boost work energy and then feel a crash?

Write down all of the potential energy drains you might feel and the crash you experience. Then, you can easily learn how to control energy levels. For example, you might wake up a bit earlier to eat a healthy breakfast so that you’re full until lunchtime.

You may even want to go for a walk during your lunch break. Just make sure that you replenish energy after a workout like walking by eating a piece of fruit or sitting in a modern ergonomic chair.

2. Rest When Needed

rest when need

Most companies demonize rest, but it’s the best way to replenish your energy. Humans are designed to renew energy levels after spending them. Just like your heart rises and falls depending on what you do, your brainwaves move at higher or lower frequency levels during periods of rest.

To feel more energetic, consider giving your rest breaks more priority. Don’t feel guilty about it, either!

If you need to sit in your ergonomic office chair and lean back for a few minutes, do so! While you must continue to stay productive throughout the day, a quick rest with nothing to do and some gentle music might be what you need to boost work energy levels again.

3. Sleep Well

sleep well

While rest and sleep are often used interchangeably, they are different. Your body needs to rest to replenish energy after a workout, let’s say. However, you also need to be sleeping eight hours a night.

Studies have shown that good-quality sleep ensures that you’ve got the energy to deal with the next day. With that, not sleeping well lowers your productivity levels.

Learning how to control energy is the first step. If you can’t sleep through the night or you wake up tired in the morning, consider changing your habits. For example, you might avoid alcohol at night, skip coffee in the afternoon, or avoid all forms of caffeine.

You should also set up a sleep routine. Go to bed every night at the same time. Try to turn off your smart devices about 30 minutes before bedtime. Then, try getting eight hours of sleep.

Keep track of your sleep patterns. Some people lie awake in bed for up to an hour before falling asleep. Give yourself plenty of time to let your body relax.

4. Don’t Worry

dont worry

Most people waste so much energy just by worrying and stressing over things that have or could happen. It’s easy to do, but you should stop because it activates the flight-or-fight response and throws your nervous system into action.

In a sense, it makes you feel anxious, and that can cause a tired or exhausted feeling before the day is over.

Instead, you can boost work energy by practicing meditation. Don’t think about what could go wrong or dwell on something that happened in the past. Honor that it happened or might and move on.

If you can’t stop thinking about it because it’s looming over you, yoga or meditation can help you replenish your energy during the day.

In fact, some people use yoga to replenish energy after a workout. You can do gentle stretches to cool down the body and refocus your mind on your job.

5. Be Mindful

be mindfull

Mindfulness training is a great solution to reducing stress and improving wellbeing and work performance. Sometimes, it’s a simple thing, such as being aware and engaged in the moment.

You can use that option even if you’re planning for future events. Stay in the present moment and be grounded while you plan ahead.

Those who are often anxious aren’t in the moment. If you’re trying to be prepared and plan for the future but are in this state, you’re really just worrying and pretending to be productive.

6. Breathe Deeply

breath deeply

Many people look for ways to boost work energy naturally, and this can be as easy as breathing deeply.

So much of your energy is drained from the body because you’re breathing shallowly in the chest instead of deeply into the belly. This is the stress response coming back into play.

Instead, learn how to control energy by focusing on your breath. Each day, practice breathing slowly into the abdominals. You can even do it at your desk!

Sit comfortably and put your hands over the belly. Breathe deeply so that your belly moves up and down with the breaths. Try to do this for at least 10 minutes each day. A good idea is to fit it into your workday. Do it between projects to help you stay calm and boost work energy.

7. Focus on Self-care

focus on self-care

Most managers focus on everyone but themselves. You’re busy and must take care of your employees and team. However, if you don’t replenish your energy, you can’t do much for everyone else.

When you spend your energy on others and less on yourself, it can lead to a burnout or breakdown. Try to focus on ways that you can empower others to do things themselves. You can still be available but also care about your needs. Most people don’t mind if you tell them you need alone time respectfully.


Many people want to know how to control energy levels at work so that they’re not tired at night. There are many great ways to replenish your energy. Most of these tips can be done at the office or during the workday. That way, you can feel better, enjoy your personal time, and be ready for the next days’ workload.

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