Resilience in the Workplace - Seven Ways To Work Positively From Home
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Resilience in the Workplace - Seven Ways To Work Positively From Home

|Feb 18, 2021

Resilience in the workplace is more important than you realize. The ongoing pandemic requires physical and mental fortitude to get through; unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. With stress levels at an all-time high, negativity spreads across several workspaces. As a result, you end up with lower productivity due to frustration, depression, and lack of motivation.

To avoid this situation, you need to build resilience in the workplace. You must understand why your emotional state of mind is critical to work productivity.

Importance of Building Resilience

Your emotional state of mind can determine your overall effectiveness at work. While it depends on each person, there is a consistent pattern in poor work performances and negative moods. You need to become resilient; while work from home might be stressful, you can lower these difficult experiences with a positive approach. There are several benefits to a positive work environment, which include the following:

  • Better health management
  • Significant reduction of stress
  • Improved overall job satisfaction
  • Allows informed decision making

Importance of Building Resilience

How to Stay Positive at Work

Resilience in the workplace is not only important for your productivity, but it’s also integral for your health! As long as you improve your work habits, you can enter a positive mindset much easier. From your desk setup to breaks in between, there are efficient ways to build your toughness. Here are seven different methods you can try out to increase positivity.

How to Stay Positive at Work

1. Ergonomic Chairs

Building resilience at work starts with the chair you sit in. If your chair lacks comfortable seating, lumbar support, and posture correction, you end up with back problems. You become distracted with repositioning yourself, which causes you to lose focus. There are also health risks involved with sitting in the wrong position, such as lower back pain.

The ErgoChair 2 is an ergonomic chair from Autonomous. At your convenience, you can adjust the height settings with an easy-to-use control scheme. The ErgoChair 2 prevents back pain with its ergonomic design, so you can continue to work without health-related issues. Below are some pros and cons of the ErgoChair 2:

Ergonomic Chairs

2. Standing Desks

If you want to build workplace resilience, consider a standing desk. With programmable height settings, you can adjust them in the correct position for your convenience. A standing desk provides the following benefits for your physical and mental health:

  • Reduces neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes
  • It gives you plenty of room to move around
  • Allows ample space to exercise
  • Improves your overall posture

Autonomous offers a wide range of standing desks at your disposal. The SmartDesk 2 stands out because it allows you to set breaks within your schedule. Instead of sitting around all day, the SmartDesk has built-in features to remind you when to stand. You can break up the monotony by performing daily exercises, so you stay in shape. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the SmartDesk 2:

Standing Desks

3. Regular Exercise

Exercise allows you to be resilient, while work from home becomes a fun activity. You can also stay fit, which gives you another motivation to remain positive. Standing desks are perfect for physical activities since you have plenty of room to move around. For example, if you want to do yoga-based stretches, you can set a schedule with the SmartDesk 2 to remind you to do so. With a standing desk, you can perform the following standing desk exercises:

  • Standing squats
  • Sit-ups on your chair
  • Yoga-based stretches
  • Leg extensions
  • Lunges

Regular Exercise

4. Try Meditation

Meditation exercise builds a robust mental resilience at work. You can take yourself to any place in the world and imagine yourself being there. With some deep breathing exercises, you can slowly relax your body and remove unwanted stress. Meditation allows you to remain calm while also taking a much-needed break from real-world events. Try different methods of inhalation, such as alternating through the nose and mouth.

Try Meditation

5. Use a Reward System

Keeping resilient while working from home requires motivation. One of the better methods to achieve this is through a reward system. Humans are naturally inclined to do something if they expect a return. What you can do is set a primary objective or a few smaller ones. Upon completion, you can treat yourself to something nice, like a delicious snack. Give yourself the motivation to complete your assignments on time.

6. Ignore Your Phone

Mental resilience in the workplace is key to success. However, outside distractions prevent you from doing your job. Given the constant negativity of news cycles, you should be inclined to ignore your social media feed. Only use your phone during off-hours; otherwise, you might end up distracted with an ongoing story. Remain focused on your current assignments.

Ignore Your Phone

7. Give Yourself Encouragement

It may not seem like much, but little words of encouragement go a long way to make yourself feel better. Build a stronger resilience at work by reminding yourself why you are worthy of love and attention. It puts your mind in a better place, which allows you to maintain concentration. Be good to yourself, and the results should follow.

Build Resilience in the Workplace

Building resilience at work is critical to the completion of your projects. If you want to learn how to stay positive at work, follow these seven basic guidelines. Your physical and mental health requires a positive approach. Change the way you work by using ergonomic design and promoting a healthier lifestyle. It takes time, but eventually, your positive mindset is rewarded with better results.

Build Resilience in the Workplace

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