See you in New York at Tech Crunch Disrput Hackathon!

Autonomous Autonomous | May 7, 2017

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Hacking is close to our hearts.  Autonomous was founded as a company to help people work smarter by hacking the traditional ways of working.  So, when we saw Disrupt was doing a Hackathon, we knew we were in.  We’re excited to be sponsoring this year’s Disrupt Hackathon and bring  our Deep Learning Robot and Clone Robot for everyone to build on and create with. If you are in NYC next week, you should sign up (its free) for the hack and have a go  at making some awesome software with our team and alongside our founder and engineering team! You can sign up at link

Our Autonomous Deep Learning Robot is the perfect model on which to experiment and build new software. When we launched it to a market of hackers and engineers last year, they were quick to point out that it has a lot of the same qualities as the existing Turtlebot and no doubt, because we love the Turtlebot and we have used it for a lot of our prototypes over the past few years.  Where it differs?  Our robot everage TK1 and its CUDA cores to run various tasks like object recognition and speech more effectively. It is also half the price of the current turtlebot. Manufacturing them in mass and selling them without a profit margin, we built this one for the community to see what they can make on this inexpensive platform.. After all we are hackers ourselves and if we’ve been enjoying working with it, we thought the community would as well.

Which is exactly why we’re bringing our Deep Learning Robot to Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2017 in New York this month. We think it may just provide the model for some winning software.

We’ll also be taking along our Clone Robot which built on the Android OS  meaning anyone who loves to build apps can have a crack at building app’s for a robot, directly onto a robot. We can;t wait to see what you come up with.

Hope to see you there!  Learn more about the TechCrunch Hackathon here.

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