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Share Your Ordinary Setup and Win Extraordinary Prizes from Autonomous!

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 10, 2021

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Do you aspire to have a desk setup as cool as some of the creations you often see circulating on social media? You’re not alone! Most people could use some tips on how to spruce up their workspaces, and in order to encourage everyone to share and give helpful advice and feedback, we’re launching the “Ordinary” Desk Setup Contest! 

This is a contest for anyone to share their desk setup, no matter how ordinary or glamorous it may be. The point of this contest is to encourage our community members to share and get advice from others on ways they can make improvements to their desk setups. We were inspired to do this contest thanks to the amazing user-generated content we’ve received on our Autonomous fan page. We want to encourage more of our community members to participate!

About the contest

Here’s everything you need to know about the “Ordinary” Desk Setup Contest: 

When is it happening?

  • All entries will be accepted from August 10 - 31, 2021.

  • Winners will be announced on September 3, 2021.

Who can participate?

Anyone in the US and Canada who is a member of the Workspace Setup Addicts Facebook Group may participate in the contest’s main categories. All members (regardless of geographical location) are eligible to participate in the bonus category of the contest.

How to enter

Step 1: Post at least one photo of your desk setup with a caption telling us a story about it. It can either be how you envision it, how you want to improve it, or how you came up with this desk setup.

Step 2: Include hashtags #WorkspaceSetupAddicts and #MyOrdinarySetup at the end of your post.

Note: It doesn’t matter if your setup is a work in progress, or just your everyday workspace that you might feel is not up-to-par with all the glammed-up setups you’ve seen so far!

Step 3: You can enter multiple times within the valid period of the contest. However, the content of each post must be different.

Step 4: To win our bonus prize of Best Contributor, actively participate in the group discussion by helping other members improve their desk setups by commenting.

Note: You don’t have to participate in the main categories to win this Best Contributor Prize. All members are eligible to participate in this category.

Ordinary contest

What can I win?

  • Best Story Winner: Tell us your story, and get an artistic desk top to go with it. The winner of best story will receive a SmartDesk Artist x Autonomous of their choosing.

  • 4x Popularity Winners: The 4 posts to receive the most reactions on social media will receive a cute wrist support pouch (because honestly, your desk setup must already be awesome!)

  • 4x Extraordinary Winners: Share your ordinary setup with us and you could win an Autonomous Cork Desk Pad to make it extraordinary!

  • Bonus Category: 4x Best Contributors Winners: As a special thank you to our top contributors, you’ll receive a $50 Autonomous credit each!

What are the categories and how are they scored?

Our panel of judges:

  • An Bui and Nhung Nguyen - Autonomous Social Media Executives 

  • Roger Chang and Mark Ammons - Workspace Setup Addicts moderators

Best Story: SmartDesk Artist x Autonomous

We’ll ask you to write an outstanding story in the description for your entry. The winning entry will be determined by 70% of judges’ scores and 30% of public opinion observations.

4x Popularity: Wrist support pouch

Desk setup communities thrive because of good-looking setups! We’ll choose the top four desk setups that deserve an award for making such communities thrive. This prize will be determined solely by the number of reactions, comments, and shares. The following point system will be applied:

  • Reaction: 1 point per reaction

  • Comment: 2 points per comment

  • Share: 3 points per share

Reactions, comments, and shares made by the OP will not be counted. Shares must be public to be counted.

4x Extraordinary Winners: Autonomous Cork Desk Pad

A desk setup community is not a community if there are only pretty desk setups. We embrace all kinds of desk setups, whether “ordinary” or a work in progress. You yourself are Extraordinary for sharing it with us! 

Each judge will choose their 2 favorite entries, and from there the judges will meet to decide who receives the top 4 prizes, along with an explanation for why they were chosen.

Bonus Category: 4x Best Contributors Winners: $50 Autonomous credit

The 4 people with the most helpful comments/posts throughout the contest will be eligible to win a $50 Autonomous store credit. Winners are determined by activity, the number of comments/posts within the contest period, plus public reaction and judges’ choice.

Terms and Conditions

  • In joining this event, participants are deemed to have agreed to and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  • Autonomous reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse any disputes that do not follow our Terms and Conditions at any time.

  • Participants can enter as many times as they wish in the form of posts or comments. A valid post entry must meet all of the requirements.

  • All entries must be ordinary work. Participants take full responsibility for their submissions if any dispute arises.

  • The delivery date of the prizes will be informed in detail with the corresponding winners.

  • We reserve the right to moderate content for any reason we deem not favorable to our audience and community. In the event of any dispute of the contest, we hold the right to the final decision.

Join us and show us what you’ve got!

This is a contest for anyone to participate in, no matter how unglamorous or “ordinary” your desk setup maybe! There are always improvements we can make, and we’re hoping this contest is a great opportunity not only for you to win prizes, but to gain valuable insights and inspiration from other users as well.

Join the contest today and show us what you’ve got! Let’s work toward a better working future together.

Join now:

Desk Artwork (prize for Best Story category)

Does bright kaleidoscopic technicolor bring you joy? Or do monochromatic tones keep you happy at work? Are you inspired by crisp bold graphics or do you prefer illustrative sketch lines in a design? Whatever floats your boat, there’s a Special Edition SmartDesk to suit whatever your personal taste may be. The winner of the Best Story category can choose from one of these amazing Art Desks! 

The Happy Desk

The Happy Desk

Spark joy and inspiration in the workspace through colorful shapes and bold lines that come to life before your very eyes.

Late Night Views

Late nights in Boulder, Colorado stargazing in Chautauqua Park. You can see the Milky Way dazzling high above the mountains.

A New Journey

A new journey

Created using the Intuitive Healing Art technique, this kaleidoscopic rainbow explosion of energy will ensure you’re never bored.

My Mind Garden

Abstract shapes and symbols, inspired by nature and cultural icons create this intricate monochromatic delight. A graphic tabletop that’s both mesmerizing and soothing.

Stratford Memories

A shout out to all you basketball fanatics! A unique polaroid theme captures courtside memories and those sweet Air Jordans.

The Birth of a Concept

Pattern and rhythm are expressed through expressive brushstrokes. A raw collision of color, texture, shapes and lines evokes a sense of modern movement.

Koi Pond

When you've got way too much on your plate and a to-do list that seems to only get longer by the day, the floating koi fish will ease your frame of mind and refresh your mood.

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