Shop 20 Best L-shaped Office Desks for 2024
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Shop 20 Best L-shaped Office Desks for 2024

|Jul 28, 2021

The best way to improve your work performance is to feel comfortable while working. That makes you feel more active and promotes your physical and mental health. To achieve that, you need to have the best office items you can find for your workspace. That’s why we recommend you invest in an L-shaped office desk.  

Traditional desks don’t have any kind of ergonomic function, so they make you adopt a bad posture. Having bad posture issues can cause other problems such as back and neck pain.  

No one likes to work with back pain. That makes you feel uncomfortable and exhausts you. The best way to solve that is by using an L-shaped desk that gives you all the space you need while letting you adapt it to your body characteristics.  

Choosing an L-shaped computer desk is no easy task. Keep reading to know the 20 best L-shaped desks for sale for 2022! 

What Are the 20 Best L-shaped Desks?

Not all L-shaped office desks have everything you need. Yet, you don’t have to worry about not picking the right desk. Check this list of the 20 best L-shaped executive desks and choose one that suits you best: 

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse


The overall best option for your L-shaped desk setup is the Autonomous Desk Expanse. This desk gives you all the space you need to work and place your working gear. Its modern design makes it appealing for both office workers and gamers. 

This is an electric standing corner desk for business, so you can use its responsive keypad to change its position whenever you want. That helps you switch between standing and sitting at any time. This L-shaped standing desk is considered the best home office desk because of its adjustability and programmable settings. 

2. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

If you want a desk that looks luxurious and elegant, then the Bush Furniture Cabot Desk is a perfect fit for you. The only issue about this desk is that it’s not that easy to install it and set it. Yet, if you do it correctly, you can have a lot of space available for your office equipment.  

Go for this option if you need an L-shaped executive desk with strong cabinets and a sophisticated design.  

3. Fully Jarvis L-shaped Standing Desk


Fully is an excellent company that focuses on providing office workers with top-notch ergonomic products such as chairs and desks. The Fully Jarvis lineup includes standing desks of different designs and with different features.  

The Fully Jarvis L-shaped Standing Desk has everything you need in an L-shaped office desk. It has a height adjustment range from 23 inches to 48 inches, and it holds up to 530lbs with no problem.  

4. iMovR Lander L-Desk


With a minimalist design, the iMovR Lander L-desk places itself at the top of many tier lists. That's because of its utility and how it allows office workers to work for extended periods without suffering any kind of back problem or neck pain. 

One of this desk’s strong points is that it comes to the customer almost assembled. That means you can customize everything you need to adjust in less than 10 minutes. Being able to do that saves you a lot of time. Apart from that, this desk has many adjustability alternatives so you can adapt it to your body characteristics with no problem.  

5. iMovR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk


If you want an iMovR desk but can’t afford to get the Lander L-desk, then you may like the iMovR Cascade L-shaped Standing Desk. This product offers an interesting design that is not similar to many L-shaped executive desks on this list. 

This alternative gives you less space than the Lander desk but instead offers a more comfortable design that lets you have everything you need to work close to you. Yet, this L-shaped office desk is available in eight different sizes, so make sure to analyze which one suits you best.  

6. Mr. Ironstone L-shaped Gaming Desk

mr ironstone

Many gamers find themselves using an L-shaped office desk. That’s because both office workers and gamers need a desk they can use for extended periods without suffering from back pain or other physical health issues.  

That’s the reason the Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk is on this list. This budget-friendly L-shaped gaming desk allows you to have a decent working setup. Its airy design also makes you feel more comfortable and freer while using it. This desk also has a built-in monitor stand.  

The only issue with this L-shaped executive desk is that you may have trouble organizing all its cables. Yet, taking the time to do it gives you an excellent corner standing desk with many ergonomic features.  

7. Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

The Howzone Motorized Corner Desk is similar to the iMovR cascade desk. That’s because both of them offer you about the same amount of space and have similar designs. Yet, this model has more color alternatives available for you.  

This L-shaped standing desk has a motorized function that allows the desk to move with you and switch from sitting to standing at any time. Yet, the Howzone Motorized Corner Desk for business is kind of small for an L-shaped desk.  

8. UpDesk Pro SquaredUp Corner Desk


The UpDesk Pro Desk comes in both black and maple. Aside from that, this desk offers you plenty of space to work and place your belongings. Yet, the best thing about the UpDesk Pro SquaredUp Corner Desk is how durable it is. This is one of the sturdiest and most resistant desks on this list. 

9. Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk

This is another gaming desk that gets into the list. The Bestier LED L-shaped Gaming Desk comes with LED desk lights that make your workspace’s aesthetic improve like it never did before. Having a desk that looks appealing to you makes you more active while working and helps you enjoy what you do.  

Like the previous desk in this best L-shaped desks list, you have to organize its cables. Yet, it’s not something too difficult to do.  

10. MultiTable L-shaped Corner Standing Desk

multi table

If you are looking for a minimalist and affordable L-shaped office desk, then this might be the one for you! The MultiTable L-shaped Corner Standing Desk has standard ergonomic functions and is made with average materials. 

That’s because this product is an entry-level desk, so it’s affordable for people who are just starting to work and need items for their offices.  

11. Tribesigns Modern L-shaped Desk


The Tribesigns Modern L-shaped Desk is ideal for people who like to customize their ergonomic products as much as they want. Its rotation feature makes it versatile and comfortable for you to adapt it to what you want to do.  

Additionally, this desk has extra storage space at the bottom of the desk. That feature is highly useful since you can store files and supplies there.  

12. Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped Standing Desk


The Eureka desk was developed in China. Many people think Chinese desks are of bad quality, but this small L-shaped desk shows an excellent display of ergonomic features and comfort. More than 30 engineers worked to produce the automatic functions of this desk, so getting it represents an interesting investment.  

You can notice the amount of work Eureka put into this desk. The technology the desk uses makes customizing its features more comfortable and easier than ever.  

13. XDesk Custom L Series


What makes L-shaped office desks so good is that they give you all the space you need to work comfortably without needing to store your working gear in another place. The XDesk developers understood that and made a desk that offers you a modern design and a spacious tabletop to work.  

14. CubiCubi L-shaped Desk

Some L-shaped computer desks give you some extra space in the form of shelves. The CubiCubi best L-shaped desk is one of those office desks. Yet, this desk's extra storage space is different from the others. That's because it's made to store CDs, books, and things of the sort. 

This corner desk for business is budget-friendly and offers you years of use without the desk deteriorating. The CubiCubi desk is a solid option if you want a resistant L-shaped executive desk that gives you enough space to work.  

15. Reversible L-Shape Desk


The Reversible L-shaped office desk has one of the classiest and most sophisticated designs on this list. That’s because of its glass tabletop and its powder-coated finish. 

Don't let its fragile looks deceive you. This L-shaped computer desk is a sturdy and resistant product, so don't worry about it deteriorating or breaking in the near future.  

It also has a sliding keyword that is perfect for people who work with a personal computer. This alternative is available in five colors and offers free shipping to some places, so don’t hesitate to try it!  

16. Abilene L-shaped Desk


Ergonomic products tend to be expensive. That’s because of the features they provide to users compared to the ones given by standard office items. Yet, some ergonomic desks offer you everything you need for a reasonable price. An example of that is the Abilene L-shaped office desk.  

This desk’s black metal base is the perfect support for its wood surfaces, so you have the perfect balance between aesthetics and resistance.  

17. Cyra L-shaped Desk

The Cyra L-shaped Desk’s design is better for a home workspace than it would be for an office. Yet, it works either way. This corner desk for business has a practical design that makes your workstation look warm and comfortable. It has a fully finished back, so you can put it facing any direction you want, and it works the same way.  

You can match this desk with some additional decorations such as plants or paintings. Those office desk accessories can make an excellent fit with the desk's aesthetic. That makes your office look better and therefore helps feel more comfortable while being there.  

18. Kunkel L-shaped Desk

This desk by Ivy Bronx is available in beech and brown. The Kunkel L-shape desk doesn’t offer tons of space but only what you need to work comfortably. Its cubes for storage are convenient and appealing. You can even get one of these models for your bedroom or living room.  

Sometimes you don't need the biggest desk on the market. Having a small L-shaped office desk helps you have everything you need at hand. Apart from that, it helps you keep everything organized.  

19. Cletus L-shaped Computer Desk

A spacious top surface and a functional design for your desk are all you need to improve your work performance. Yet, what this desk shines for is the aesthetic improvement it can give to your workspace.  

This L-shaped computer desk also has a lower shelf that allows you to store anything you need to use while working.  

20. Salina L-shaped Desk


Getting to the end of this best L-shaped desk list, we have the Salina L-shaped Desk. Being the last doesn’t make it a bad desk. This L-shaped office desk gives your office the looks of a traditional desk with the functions of an ergonomic product. You can fit this in any corner of your office, and its solid neutral finish can still make everything work while looking excellent.


As you could see, there are many alternatives available on the market when looking for an ergonomic desk. Yet, you need to take all the time you can to decide which desk suits your office best.  

Getting an adjustable standing desk is an investment that brings you numerous benefits in the long run. Feeling comfortable while working prevents physical health problems and boosts productivity. Don’t hesitate to try these products!

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