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Shopify Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jun 13, 2022

About Autonomous EPP

One thing we've noticed employees facing when buying ergonomically sound furniture is the financial stress that it puts them under. So we thought about providing them with a solution in the form of our Shopify employee benefits program. Registering for this particular program could give you access to a Shopify employee discount, and special pricing on all of our brand new office furniture. Employees can get the art of ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable standing desks, and other tools that are bought essential and customizable.

Employers can use this particular Shopify employee purchase program to boost their productivity levels and overall performance in their offices. Employees can buy the accessories they need at a discount of the price of 7% through the offers in the Autonomous discount code for their exclusive Autonomous Shopify employee perks.

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About Autonomous Products in Shopify Employee Benefits Program

About Autonomous EPP Shopify Employee Benefits

Benefits of ergonomic office furniture

With its ability to adapt to the user's individual requirements, ergonomic furniture is growing in popularity in the furniture industry. A type of furniture designed specifically to ensure maximum comfort and overall wellness of the user, this type of furniture works in harmony with the shape and curvature of the human body. In areas such as the home office and office where people tend to sit in one spot for long periods of time, a reclining ergonomic chair and supportive furniture are recommended.

Do you know that most employees across the country sit at their desks for at least eight hours every day? Consequently, work injury complaints are rising, and reports of employee wellness and workplace happiness are down. Is there anything you can do as an employer to curb this epidemic?

Investing in ergonomic office furniture is a simple solution. Ergonomic office furniture supports good posture and employee well-being with its innovative design and comfort. Standing desks, an ergonomic chair, and ergonomic keyboards are designed to help employees complete their work efficiently. By reducing hunching over and using equipment that worsens workers' posture and form, employees can experience less pain.

Keeping the body in an upright position while using ergonomic furniture reduces the chance of injury or pain in the body. Adjustable furniture can usually be customized based on the specific needs of a user.

Standing desks

Standing desks

It is becoming increasingly common for people who work at desks for many hours to experience back, neck, wrist, pain, and fatigue problems. This is due to the increased time that is required to use computers. The causes of these issues can be alleviated through a variety of strategies. Standing computer desks are a recent innovation.

Lower back pain can be relieved by standing, taking breaks, or even walking in many cases. By standing rather than sitting in a chair and typing, the lower back is relieved of pressure. This is not just limited to standing at a standing desk.

You can work both seated and standing with standing desks, a great upgrade over traditional desks. Sitting for long periods is detrimental to health. Compared to traditional desks, standing desks offer a few benefits:

  • If you stand more while you work, you'll burn more calories, helping you to manage your weight.
  • According to studies, standing at your desk after lunch can lower blood sugar levels.
  • You can lower your risk of heart disease by standing at your office standing desk.
  • Sitting for long periods can cause back pain. Stand-up desks can alleviate this.
  • You will feel more energetic and stress-free when you stand at your desk all day long.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs

Chairs that are ergonomically designed take into account three key elements: posture, comfort, and support. There is a high demand for it among office workers and also among home workers. Among the benefits are:

  • Maintains the health of your joints and tissues.
  • The movement of the hip and pelvis is aligned.
  • Possibilities for a proper posture are provided.
  • Pain relief for the lower back.
  • Pain relief for the neck and shoulders.
  • Reduce the likelihood of developing neck and back injuries due to musculoskeletal disorders.
  • They are incredibly comfortable.
  • Supports the spine extremely well.
  • Promotes healthy circulation of the blood.
  • Productivity has increased.

Office accessories

Office accessories

By offering their employees strategic office accessories, employers can offer a solution to many remote work challenges. Employers can help workers become more productive and happy by providing them with tools that minimize those distractions (such as noise-canceling earbuds).

A slow internet connection can be a real problem. During the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband speeds declined significantly due to increased Internet usage from stay-at-home orders. Modern routers offer different frequencies and faster speeds.

However, paper products will never completely disappear from the workplace despite the office memo being replaced by office emails. You will need to use some type of paper product whenever you need to take notes or print a schedule for a meeting.

You can prioritize tasks and meet deadlines with supplies that keep you organized. By storing items, you can retrieve them quickly. They can also help you find documents that you need from other teams.

Buy More, Save More with Shopify Employee Benefits


Our new Employee Purchase Program is something we're very proud of. We've worked with several brands like Amazon, Google, Deloitte, and Shopify. The employee purchase program is such that you get big discounts on every item you buy and even more discounts when you buy items in bulk. To access these particular Discounts and promotions, you can log onto our website using your corporate ID.

Your employees can place orders at a discount through the Autonomous employee purchase program with Shopify employee benefit, where they can pick and choose their favorite furniture pieces. You can automatically adjust the number of orders and generate progressive volume pricing for your employees. There is even the option of setting limits on requests and managing your team yourself. In addition, Autonomous gives you amazing insight into how you spend money and lets you watch your purchasing trends.

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