Shopping Tips for Office Furniture in Thunder Bay, Canada
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Shopping Tips for Office Furniture in Thunder Bay, Canada

|Mar 25, 2024

Buying furniture for a new office is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable things an office worker can do. The excitement of making your workplace look professional and more appealing allows you to let your creative ideas flow. If you are looking for furniture in Thunder Bay, we can help you.

While furnishing your office can help you boost your productivity and mood, it can also be stressful. You need to have an idea of how interior design works, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

We are here for customers looking for furniture in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Read this page to learn a few shopping tips to make this process easier and less stressful. You can also visit our website to read more blog posts related to office work and furniture.

If you are looking for a place to buy all the furniture you need for your house, you should turn your eyes to Autonomous. This store focuses on ergonomics but also has Thunder Bay furniture pieces of all kinds, so visit its website to see the deals available.

What Should I Consider When Furnishing Commercial Spaces?

Whether you want to buy an ergonomic chair or any other furniture piece, there are a few things you should always keep in mind before you put your money into something. First, you need to focus on functionality.

Think about the specific needs of your space and how furniture can address them. Once you make sure the products meet the requirements of the space, make sure they are durable and comfortable enough for everyone.

Branding and aesthetics are essentials for choosing new furniture in Thunder Bay. People need to know they are entering your business when they see how it looks, and what they look at needs to be visually appealing for them and your other workers. Consider color schemes, materials, and designs when you buy new office furniture.

Now that you know how to make a commercial place appealing and functional, you still need to ensure it’s comfortable. Ergonomics are fundamental for office workers because it helps them work all the time they need without developing any pain. Try to always encourage your employees to sit on an office ergonomic chair and work on a stand-up desk.

You should never get out of budget when you furnish a commercial space. Most times, you have a reduced amount of money you can spend, and you always need to watch out for unforeseeable expenses. Try to find a decent quality-price balance in the furniture you buy.

What Should I Consider When Furnishing Commercial Spaces?

What About Buying New Furniture for My Office?

Things are a bit different when you buy furniture for your office instead of a commercial building. You don’t need to worry about what clients will think of how it looks, and you can decorate it with more personal things.

Space planning should be the first step you take. Measure the layout and the dimensions of the space available to see what you can buy and how you will use the item. You should consider many factors, such as traffic flow, natural light, and power outlets when you do so.

Though it’s not the same process, furnishing personal offices and commercial buildings share a few steps. The first of them is that you have to take the functionality of the furniture pieces you will buy into account. It’s easy to get distracted when you have an office, so you must buy products that help you stay focused.

The fact that clients won’t see your workspace doesn’t mean you have to take aesthetics for granted. Making sure your office is visually appealing to you is an essential step to boosting productivity.

Personal offices are smaller than commercial buildings, so you will also need to work on storage and organization. We recommend buying as many storage solutions as you can. Cabinets, shelving units, and desk organizers should be enough for the job, but everything depends on how many tools you use to work.

If you are buying furniture for your office, you may not have to buy as many things as you would for a commercial building. However, that also means you may have a reduced budget. Don’t worry, though. Many companies offer buying programs to make getting furniture easier for individual office workers.

What About Buying New Furniture for My Office?

Best Place to Buy Furniture for Small Businesses in Thunder Bay

Autonomous is the best store online to buy furniture for small businesses in Thunder Bay. This company focuses on ergonomics, so you will find all sorts of products to keep back pain away. Why choose this company? There are many reasons.

The first of them is the variety of furniture pieces available there. You can find ergonomic chairs, standing desks, work pods, storage solutions, lighting options, and other desk accessories. In a nutshell, it’s like a paradise for office workers looking for things for their new workspace.

Although the quality of all the products Autonomous offers is top-tier, it doesn’t offer overpriced products. There is a huge range of prices in the company’s stock, so you will surely find something that keeps you on budget while delivering all the features you need in office furniture.

Best Place to Buy Furniture for Small Businesses in Thunder Bay

Needless to say, this store is available for delivering Thunder Bay furniture.

Autonomous Bulk Order Program

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program, as its name suggests, aims to help people who want to buy bulk office furniture. When you try this program, you get discounts on all the purchases you make, and most products will always be in stock.

When you buy stuff from the Autonomous Bulk Order Program, you also get flexible shipping. That means you can pick the delivery dates for your orders. Some purchases may even include gifts, which help you get more desk accessories without spending a penny on them.

If you are an employer trying to furnish his new office for their workers, this program is one of the top reasons to try Autonomous. Although the company focuses on office stuff, you can also find home furniture there.

Autonomous bulk order

Best-Seller Products at Autonomous

While all the products available on the Autonomous website are of excellent quality, you have to take a look at the company's favorites. People love them for their features, versatility, aesthetics, and price. These are some of the store’s best-sellers:

SmartDesk Pro

The first product on the list is part of the SmartDesk lineup; we are talking about the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro. This standing desk’s main appeal is that you can quickly switch between standing and sitting while working in a comfortable chair whenever you want. You can adjust it through its programmable keypad.

Though an upgraded electric dual motor powers the desk, you don’t need to worry about making a lot of noise or disturbing your neighbors. This product is whisper-quiet, and its natural wood tops will stand out from the other furniture pieces in your office. Besides all that, its solid steel frame makes it sturdy and durable.

While most of the products the company offers have one- and two-year warranties, this one gives you seven whole years to report any problem with your order. You have three desktop options with drilled holes and can choose between seven different color options.

SmartDesk Corner

All the products in the SmartDesk series share many features, but each of them focuses on a specific task. As for the SmartDesk Corner, this product is for people who need extra space and don’t have enough with the measurements of a traditional tabletop. This is an L-shaped option.

When you get this product, you get twice the space you would originally get with another Autonomous desk. It works with a triple motor, but this one doesn’t make much noise either. The desk is highly durable and sturdy, so don’t worry about repairing or replacing it in the short term.

Regardless of that, the desk comes with a five-year warranty, so you can report any problem you have with your order to the company. One of the best things about the SmartDesk Corner is that each order comes with a free cable tray from Autonomous. The desk also uses modular segments.

ErgoChair Pro

Although all the products from the ErgoChair series are highly popular and a total success from Autonomous, the ErgoChair Pro is one of the company’s flagship releases. This ergonomic chair is made to address all the needs and concerns your body has while working.

The chair is fully adjustable, so you can customize it to your taste in a matter of minutes. One of the main appeals of this product is its flexible lumbar support that protects your back from pain regardless of how you sit. Apart from that, the chair offers five lockable recline positions for you to take breaks without having to stand up.

If you care about protecting your planet, you will love this product too. The ErgoChair Pro is 100% made of eco-friendly materials. It’s available in six different colors.

ErgoChair Plus

If you are looking for the best ergonomic chair on the market, you should consider getting the ErgoChair Plus. Although this product is not cheap, it’s not as expensive as others that offer fewer features.

What Autonomous wanted when it designed this chair was to encourage its users to move freely while they worked. Hence, you could call this its most dynamic chair due to its frameless construction that makes it easier for office workers to move around.

You can work all the time you need while sitting on this chair. Its adaptive spinal support promotes back health and keeps you from developing pain. The chair can lift up to 300 lbs, so you don’t need to worry about putting too much weight on it.

Most Autonomous products are made of eco-friendly materials, and this is not an exception to that. You shouldn’t have any problem with this chair, but in case you do, it has a two-year warranty.

It’s worth noting that comfort will never be an issue for the user of this chair. Its back is highly breathable, which keeps your body cool and prevents sweating.

ErgoChair Core

Are you ready to make your workspace your new comfort zone? Because that’s what the ErgoChair Core will do for you. One of the main problems of buying furniture in Thunder Bay, Ontario, online is that you can’t try the chair before you buy it. Those problems disappear with this product since this ergonomic chair is fully adjustable, so you can adapt it to your taste.

You will feel like this chair was made for you. People can customize this product’s height, back support, recline, seat pan, and armrests.

The chair comes with a lumbar support pad that adds extra comfort. That only adds up to how comfortable you will feel thanks to the chair’s breathable mesh back. Similar to others in the ErgoChair lineup, this product can lift up to 250 lbs with ease.

Final Thoughts

You should take all the time you need to buy the new furniture for your office. There’s no need to rush things, and we can assure you there’s a store with all the products you’ve been looking for.

However, if you are tired of waiting and want to buy furniture in Thunder Bay, you can always trust Autonomous. This company has all the products you will ever need for your workspace, so the only need you need to do is go to its website and buy them.

The company often offers excellent seasonal deals, so you may also find a good discount for furniture in Thunder Bay. Keep in mind that you can buy all the wholesale office chairs and desks you want from Autonomous, too, thanks to its “Bulk Order Program.” 

Although some products are only available in gray and black, it’s simple to style those colors with the other things in your office, so don’t worry about that. You can save up to 7.5% on your order if you buy it in bulk, which is amazing if you are looking for a discount on furniture in Thunder Bay.

SmartDesk One offer

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