Should You Buy New Or Used Office Furniture?
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Should You Buy New Or Used Office Furniture?

|Oct 20, 2021

Buying furniture for an office is one of the toughest decisions you make when setting up a workplace. Even if you are planning to build a home office, the cost of picking and choosing the right furniture is certainly a big investment. Of course, this investment needs to be done right in the budget, but you need to consider multiple factors when buying office furniture. And while we are picking the furniture for the office, ergonomics has to be taken seriously. Another thing that you need to take into account is whether to buy new or used office furniture.

Yes, sometimes the used office furniture looks closest to the new and also costs you less, but sometimes the used office furniture can be a way to compromise workplace comfort. This constant debate makes many people reconsider their decision when buying bulk office furniture. From picking the wholesale office desks and office chairs wholesale, we all doublethink to compare the difference between new and used office furniture. This article will cover some reasons why or you shouldn't buy new office furniture.

New or Used Office Furniture? You have started a business, or maybe your office is thriving with new employees coming in; you need to upgrade the furniture. Now you are searching markets to find the best comfortable yet inexpensive items of furniture. This leads you to the revelation that buying furniture is not only extremely expensive, but it is also a decision you need to make with lots of thought and research.

New or Used Office Furniture?

And here comes the dilemma of whether buying used office furniture is the right choice and the wholesale office furniture benefits if you opt for newly formed pieces of chairs and work desks. Either way, the choice rules on the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Here are some pros and cons of buying used vs. new office furniture.

New Office Furniture

When or why should you buy new office furniture? New office furniture is the fresh breath of colors and combined fine craftsmanship. Here are a few things to know before you buy or skip new office furniture.

1. A New Look

With new office furniture, it is understandable that you will get a fresh breath of workplace look. New office furniture looks new and can elevate the look of your workplace by several degrees. The new polish and aesthetically pleasing cabinet doors can make your workplace look clean and give a sense of freshness to the atmosphere.

New office furniture looks new

2. Evolved

New office furniture is evolved and modernized. It's more technologically friendly, with built-in cabling and charging stations, and it's easier to install and reconfigure as your office evolves or develops. Customers and clients will notice that you are a forward-thinking company if you use new and trendy furnishings.

3. Good Impression

Though you must not beat up your savings for a good impression, you need to make a good impression if you are attracting clients and prospects from foreign areas. And the workplace furniture is one such thing to make a fine and strong impression. But, unfortunately, purchasing new furniture is a significant financial commitment.

Purchasing new furniture is a significant financial commitment

As a result, nothing reassures a new client more than a large investment about your intentions for future expansion and your trust in your company.

4. Expensive

This is the biggest drawback of buying new office furniture. New office furniture is made fresh so you will have to pay a lot to set up the number of workstations. So it might cost you half of your savings or even more than that. And with the comfortable furniture you need to purchase with the latest technology, the cost increases even more. But you can also use various incentives such as an employee purchase program to get discounts on new furniture.

Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture can vary in condition and may also be varying in quality. The good thing about used office furniture is that you can get many variations in prices to find something that fits your needs and budget. Here are some other factors to impact your decision to buy used office furniture.

Used Office Furniture

1. Cost-Effective

The financial reductions are the most obvious incentive to keep your old furniture. However, new furniture can increase the cost you spend on setting up the workplace and put you in the trouble of having a hard time covering the daily expenses. This also gets tough if you own a startup that is just beginning to achieve break-even.

2. Environmental Friendly

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 3 million tons of office furniture wind up in landfills each year. Because you're saving the raw materials and energy required to manufacture new furniture, repurposing current office furniture demonstrates your company's commitment to minimizing waste and lowering its carbon footprint.

3. Good for Health

When a piece of furniture is made, it is made with chemicals as coating and toxic compounds to meet various properties of excellence. This is the smell you get from the new furniture placed in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is extremely harmful to the health and, when inhaled constantly, can cause some serious issues.

Good for your Health

4. High Quality in Low Prices

Due to many companies going out of business, there is a steady supply of secondhand office furniture on the market. These are commonly found at estate sales and auctions. Usually, a large range of high-quality used furniture. The nicest thing is that you can end up obtaining a high-quality piece that would have been out of your price range otherwise.

5. Uniformity

Uniformity is essential in the workplace, and if you are in the used furniture market, you are less likely to receive furniture items with the same design, make, or model right in the numbers you need. This could be a problem, especially when you are looking to place an order in bulk.

Uniformity is essential in the workplace

6. Unhygienic

When it comes to the condition of the furniture you receive, buying used furniture is a bit of a risk. Again, you may not know who used the item or how frequently they used it. There's a chance the person ate while sitting in an office chair or working at the desk, and things may have spilled on it. There's also the possibility of a terrible odor. This could mean that you'll have to pay for cleaning as well.

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