Simple Do and Don't of Work Motivation Rules: A Collection

Simple Do and Don't of Work Motivation Rules: A Collection

|Feb 28, 2021

The human consciousness is one that naturally craves community. Even those who enjoy solitude a bit more than others find that they need regular doses of company to maintain their happiness. It's not hard to see then why working from home for a long time might demotivate people. Is there anything that can be done about that? And What is do and don't of work motivation for hybrid workers?

Throughout the workday, various actions could potentially be taken to increase your motivation level. Each can be categorized as a do or don't of work motivation. Note that each one isn't necessarily a hard and fast work motivation rule. Still, you can implement them with varying degrees of flexibility to make your own rules that make you comfortable.

Try these do and don't of work motivation tips if you're starting to feel detached from your work as you do so from home. 

Do's of Work Motivation

It's never the wrong time to start things off on a positive note, so open your mind so picking up a new work motivation idea here. Ideally, several of these should apply to you, but even one is a win to help you access a better mental space.

1. Dress the Part

Dress the Part

Remember that motivation is a feeling. The more you can feel connected to your workplace, the better your chances of increasing your morale. While you may view putting on your work attire while at home as an unnecessary touch, it has one mental benefit and one functional one. 

Mentally, it brings a sense of purpose to your day. The relaxed feeling that may contribute to demotivation and procrastination gets reduced by dressing up. Additionally, there is the functional benefit of not being caught in your pajamas during a work meeting that requires your camera. 

2. The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment

Having the tools to conquer the day also feeds into your sense of purpose and hack productivity. So, if you've never paid much attention to your environment before, now is the time to get serious about creating a motivated workspace. Remember that your surrounding feeds into your mental energy. If you doubt that, consider how you feel in a clean room versus a messy one.

Your office desk and chair must be conducive to comfort and good health. There is no better duo than a standing desk and an ergonomic chair to pull this one off. 

3. Communication


Though you may attribute it to the power of physical presence, there is more to the engagement you feel when other people surround you. Much of it has to do with the individuals involved, and the physical distance doesn't mean you need to lose that. You further reinforce the isolation you feel by detaching yourself from those you work with.

Try to communicate with your team members regularly, and you can even consider throwing in a few virtual games to make things fun. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that you are a vital part of a unit.

4. Take a Break

Take a Break

Break management inefficiencies are detrimental to maintaining peak focus even in a productive workspace setup. As you are home and the environment is naturally conducive to relaxation, you are more likely to fall into the trap of forgetting to take a work break. Nowhere is it easier to blur the lines between work time and personal time than at home.

This work motivation rule applies in a few ways:

  • Step away from your screen at set intervals to reduce eyestrain, headaches, and back issues.

  • Don't jump into work before you must in the morning (or whenever your work time starts).

  • Pencil out your time for work so you can get in a proper break like lunch break and reliably have some time for yourself afterward. 

Don'ts of Work Motivation

It's not possible to have a do and don't of work motivation without including the "don't." So, now it's time to go over some of the things you shouldn't be doing, as they are likely contributing to the unmotivated feeling you have as you work from home.

1. Be Disorganized

There was a brief touch on this as an example above, but it goes so much deeper than that. One of the biggest culprits of stress and a complete inability to focus is having a disorganized workspace. Sometimes, it's not that things are incredibly messy, but the organization pattern brings too much clutter to what should be a motivational surrounding.

Your office desk organization should bring a level of calm to your day and operations. If that's not the feeling you get when you enter your workspace, try minimizing the number of elements pulling your focus for increased productivity.

2. Use Your TV

Use Your TV

While you may think that having a show playing on your TV helps you work, you'd be surprised to find how much it slows you down instead. The programs you watch on your TV (or computer) consist of events and other elements you need to follow. Even if you aren't giving it your full attention, some of your brain capacity is being directed in that direction.

A much better idea to liven things up is to opt for your favorite music to stay focused. Even if you sing and move your head to the beat, these are far less inhibitive actions than paying attention to a series or movie in any manner. 

3. Do Your Chores

Do Your Chores

Put the pitchfork down for a moment, as this one does make a lot of sense. The idea here is not to tell you to avoid doing your chores for the sake of your job. If you do not do them, you may have some uninvited guests in the form of dirt, mold, rodents, etc. Household chores are essential, and there's no alternative to getting them done.

The concern is, when do you get them done? Doing so during your workday is not the answer. Why? Well, you are going to find yourself distracted, which means it is going to take even longer for you to complete your designated tasks. Your best bet is to wait until the workday has ended. Alternatively, if you have a set number of things to get done for work and you have completed it, you can use that free time to do chores if you wish.

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