How to Sit Less While Working from Home
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How to Sit Less While Working from Home

|Oct 9, 2021

It's no wonder people are concerned when they sit for over six hours for days at a time. Besides high blood pressure, they can even increase the risk of death. Despite all of that, we seem to spend a lot of time sitting when we are placed in lockdown and forget how to sit less working from home. Our health is at risk from this habit. Experts say there are concrete measures we can take to sit less while working remotely and avoid remote working-related consequences. Find a fun activity they love, make sure to stretch, eat mindfully, and get moving, and avoid sitting all day!

Tips to Help You Sit Less While Working from Home

Getting up during lunch

A person can die from overeating at their desk and skipping work breaks. During your workday, take active breaks to get up from your desk, sit less and step away from it. Getting together will force you both to get up and get away from the desk, and you will be forced to get up due to social pressure.

Try adding fifteen minutes of walking

Try adding fifteen minutes of walking to sit less

Engage in this moderate-intensity physical activity during your break time rather than just getting up and moving to sit less. The minimal recommended daily physical activity can be reached just by taking a brisk walk twice a daily. Using your feet to move is great, but if you can try walking for 30 minutes daily, like during your lunch hour, then it would be even better.

Wear active clothing and footwear

Certain formal or heeled shoes might cause pain when you stand or walk. If you notice this problem, then switch to more comfortable shoes. The same rule applies to skirts, pants, and other clothing that’s too tight or ill-fitting. Loosen things up so that you can move about freely.

Quick and effective exercising

Quick and effective exercising to sit less

Sometimes we might overlook or forget to respond to alerts from our smartphones or fitness apps telling us to move. If you find yourself in this predicament, then try a simpler way to get to sit less. Move your legs and hips and try marching in place to increase blood circulation. Listen to music to brighten up the mood, or stand up and do some yoga stretching.

Tools that support active sitting

Within minutes, you find yourself sitting in front of the computer for hours without getting up. We tend to sit as long as possible for a busy workload, hoping it will be over soon. Instead, there are some tools that we think could prove to be useful.

Switch out your chair

Switch out your chair to sit less

It would be best if you had an ergonomically correct chair (at least most of the time). Is that chair the only one you have to sit in all day? Throughout the day, use an exercise ball instead of sitting when you work. Your expense reports will be a great source of strength and endurance during this workout. Additionally, if you place your laptop on a high shelf while travelling (or any other countertop), you can work standing up.

Standing desk

Consider getting a home office standing desk if you want to sit less and stay connected to your desk. It is better for your body to stand than sit at work. But it would be best if you kept an eye on how many times you stand in the day.

A workplace standing or sitting desk helps reduce blood sugar spikes, improve blood circulation, and relieve muscular pain such as back and neck pain. The act of standing does little to lower your heart disease risk, sit less and standing too long can cause serious health problems. Standing at work with an adjustable standing desk is better than sitting all day if you find the balance between standing and sitting.

Autonomous Chair Move

Autonomous Chair Move

Autonomous Chair Move is a versatile piece of furniture that measures 13" x 13" x 25" to 35" high. Having the ability to angle the Autonomous Chair Move from its central position when desired, the Autonomous Chair Move follows the principle of active sitting and makes you sit less than you think. Because of the 30-degree angle, you can still move a lot while seated.

This angle can be expanded without losing balance. Seat height is the only adjustable feature of this ergonomic stool. On the interior, a polyester fabric cover surrounds moulded foam. As the frame is constructed of nylon plastic, it is extremely durable. The UL 2818 certification reveals that the Autonomous Chair Move is free of harmful materials.

Anti-fatigue mats

Essentially, a standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat that is lightweight and easy to lift and move. They work to contract and expand your leg muscles by moving them slowly as you adapt to the mat's flexibility and keep your balance. The slope of the mat helps them move as much as possible and helps you sit less.

As it reduces the impact and stress on your joints and legs, anti-fatigue mats are the ideal choice for exercise routines. It will help you resist the hypnotic effects of stasis by preventing you from remaining stationary for too long. Since fitness mats are designed to accommodate any training, fitness enthusiasts are advised to purchase them.

Autonomous flow board

Autonomous flow board

Improves energy, muscle memory, and productivity with this balance flow board by Autonomous. If you are sitting or standing, you will be able to stimulate your blood circulation. Using the principles of Tai Chi and Yoga principles in this exercise increases balance and awareness and creates new neural connections between the left and right sides of your brain.

You will also enjoy a more convenient home exercise routine with this advanced exercise board, so you can easily do push-ups and planks. One of the benefits of standing desks is that you can use this flow board with them.  

You can choose between red or black, and 330 pounds of weight capacity is included. Additionally, there's a 30-day trial period and a one-year warranty. By using your feet, you can rotate the board in many directions; it features a semi-spherical fulcrum that fits under any desk. This will improve blood flow, as well as deep vein thrombosis risk and blood clot risk.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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