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Sit stand desk benefits or benefits of a sit stand desk, explore now

Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 24, 2017

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If office workers didn’t have enough health risks to deal with, let scientific study toss obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer into the mix as well. Many of which are preventable diseases attributed to a sedentary working lifestyle. Health guidelines action for an average of 150 minutes a week spent in moderate exercise. But for those trapped at their desks in a fruitful attempt to bring home the bacon, what can be done to salvage this? When it becomes common work etiquette to email your colleague instead of taking a few steps to consult with them directly, how do you break the habit? Fortunately, sit stand desks have stormed the market as of late, providing a smart solution to an age-old tradition. But what are the benefits in shelling out for one?

Some benefits of a sit stand desk for your health and your emotion

Benefit 1: Lower risk of weight gain and obesity 

Desk-bound workers are more at risk of weight gain or metabolic disease. Being stationed in your office space for the entire day means you’re not burning any of the calories you consume. Although exercise is the most effective way to combat the issue, opting for a sit stand desk instead of sitting in a chair is just as valuable. In fact, studies show that standing every afternoon for a week equates to an average of 1000 extra calories burned. Who knew your fitness plan could be so easy?

Benefit 2: Lower risk of heart disease

An active heart is a healthy heart, and with scientists reporting that prolonged periods of stagnant inactivity is thought to increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%, it’s more critical than ever for workers to address the problem. Even short bursts of intense exercise struggle to counteract the harmful effects of sitting. So one high intensity evening HIIT workout won’t help you here. Investing in a standing desk will encourage you to remain on your feet and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefit 3: Reduce back pain

Universally known to be one of the most common working complaints, back pain has ambushed the victims of desk-bound life. Although there isn’t as much solid evidence that a standing desk can relieve chronic spinal issues, recent studies have still been conducive. The National Library of Medicine reports that after several weeks of sit stand desk use, participants experienced a 32% improvement in lower back pain. Another study found that alternating between sitting and standing reduced upper muscle pain by 54%.

Benefits in metabolic, physical and even mental health confirms that sit stand desks are an essential lifestyle investment for the office worker. Boasting the largest assortment of sit stand desks in 270 tastes and styles, be sure to check out our Autonomous SmartDesk selection. Not only are we rated #1 in the world, but we also tailor our stock from budget-friendly to premium price range.

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