What Sitting Position for Hip Pain That Office Workers Should Practice
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What Sitting Position for Hip Pain That Office Workers Should Practice

|Dec 16, 2021

Work-related musculoskeletal pain and injuries are a common occurrence you see in a workplace. Work-related pain and joint issues are often suffered because of long-term improper sitting, poor posture, and a bad work chair. This means the chair you have been sitting on during work hours could be the reason why your back has been under so much pressure lately.

If you or your employees also suffer from prolonged and constant pain when working, you need to make some changes. From finding the best sitting position for hip pain to covering tips to relieve hip pain while sitting, this article will introduce some easy everyday tips to attain the best type of posture and combat body pain when working.

How to Sit With Hip Pain?

When it comes to the routine to sit with hip flexor pain, office workers aren't the only ones susceptible to this issue. Students who spend their hours studying, people who drive for hours at a time, and someone traveling a long distance during some special occasion are likely to suffer from hip pain.

Other than finding the correct sitting posture for hip pain and getting the best office chair, here are some other tips you can try to cure and prevent hip pain.

Maintain a Proper Angle

Maintain a Proper Angle with best sitting position for hip pain

Hip angle matters the most when it comes to prolonged sitting. An improper angle can put unnecessary strain and thus cause the muscles to bear extra stress. And especially for people who suffer from various hip bone-related issues, an improper angle will only aggravate the issue and cause the situation to worsen.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a proper hip angle

  • Don't sit and work on chairs low in height, such as working on a couch or a sofa
  • Adjust your sitting position in a way so the hips are slightly higher than the knees
  • Using a wedge cushion also helps with the right hip angle
  • A little recline in the seatback can adjust the hip angle properly.

The Right Chair

The Right Chair for best sitting position for hip pain

When you are so engrossed in work and spending hours in front of the desktop, you likely tend to shift towards uncomfortable angles unintentionally. This could be an issue since you need to be constantly aware of the sitting position at all times. The right chair can help you adjust the angle as soon as you sit on it. It is wise to invest in the best office chair for back pain as it contains all the right adjustments to achieve the right posture.

While using an ergonomic chair, make sure you maintain the correct sitting posture at the desk.

Control Compression

This is rated as a good way to get the best sitting positions for hip pain. Hip pain is a result of consistent compression on the bone. Medically this term is known as proximal hamstring tendinopathy and is a cause of major hip bone pain in users who work while sitting. Hence, to control or prevent hip pain, you need to reduce the compression faced by your body.

A pressure relief cushion can help relieve compression across these structures when sitting. Alternatively, start with a pillow to boost the area you're sitting on the softness. If it doesn't work, you'll have to buy a piece of thick medium-density foam and cut a few holes for the sitting bones. It seems strange, but it works!

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

A study reveals that switching between sitting and standing positions when working effectively fights several posture and back pain issues. This means that periodic movement is the key to preventing your body from physically being strained. Other than getting a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing positions, you can also practice a few desk stretches to eliminate any pain and uneasy feeling in your muscles.

Using Heat

Here is another best sitting position for hip pain for you. If you are new to discovering that your hip pain is not just an issue you have to live with, and it can be cured, then using heat could be the next new addition to your routine. If you suffer from hip pain because of a poor chair or prolonged sitting, heat can cause the area to feel better and the swelling to reduce. Besides taking preventive measures, you can repeat this procedure to wave that hip pain a final goodbye.

Relax your Hip Muscles

Relax your Hip Muscles

Squeeze and relax the gluteal muscles in your buttocks to relieve strain on your bottom while stimulating blood flow. This practice will also help you feel relaxed when working so you don't feel fatigued sooner.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy improves your overall health and boosts up the immune system. People who eat healthy experience better energy levels and have greater bone health. Hip pain is also a result of being obese; hence eating healthy can be helpful in that regard too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Standing Desk Help With Hip Pain?

Can A Standing Desk Help With Hip Pain?

Yes, a standing desk allows you to switch between sit and stand positions to alternate the body parts under stress. This leads to a uniform distribution of stress when working or even sitting/driving. A standing desk burns more calories hence the chances of developing serious bone and hip pain reduce significantly.

Can Prolonged Standing Cause Hip Pain?

Workers who spend too much time on their feet, shins and calves, knees, thighs, hips, and lower back are at a higher risk of developing pain and discomfort in their feet, shins and calves, knees, thighs, hips, and lower back.

How Do I Know If My Hip Pain is Serious?

Hip pain doesn't begin once for all. It's a slow transition from slight discomfort to an extremely uneasy feeling. If you want to know when to see a doctor, here are some sure tell signs.

  • A deformed joint looks to be crooked.
  • You are unable to move your leg or hip.
  • The injured limb is unable to bear weight.
  • Intense discomfort
  • Swelling that occurs suddenly
  • Symptoms of infection (fever, chills, redness)

What is the Best Position for Hip Pain?

What is the Best Position for Hip Pain?

Hip pain is because of the extra strain on your hip bone and muscles. Sleeping, sitting or working in a position that takes off the stress from the hip joint relieves the pain. Make sure you are resting on your sides if you suffer from hip pain.

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