Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done
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Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

|Apr 11, 2021

You often find yourself hunching over your laptop. Perhaps, your seating position is almost always disrupted, and you cannot sit up straight. In fact, sitting up straight hurts, so you continue sitting in your usual posture.

Well, you may not realize it now, but a wrong posture can greatly affect your overall well-being. From permanent back pain and body soreness to neck and shoulder stiffness, and more. The consequences are countless.

Still not convinced? You will be, once you walk through the importance and benefits of sitting up straight.

The Importance of Your Sitting Posture at Work

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Your sitting position at work while studying or gaming holds more importance than you know. The correct posture matters for multiple reasons as it affects most of your daily activities. In fact, sitting in the wrong pose can lead to some long-term health effects.

Influences Mood

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Did you know your body posture has a major influence on your energy level? Irrespective of whether you stand or sit, your posture influences your mood. When you sit or stand straighter, your energy level is sure to be higher—you will feel happier and less depressed.

That is because when you sit up straight, your brain receives oxygen without any hindrance, releasing a mood booster—serotonin, effortlessly.

Affects Work Productivity

Before grabbing another cup of caffeine-induced drink, consider sitting upright for a while. When you sit up straight, your brain receives more oxygen-rich blood, helping you concentrate better.

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Did you ever think a small step could help improve work productivity? Well, you know now, so why not get to it right away!

Ruins Walking Posture

Slouching over your screen while working or on your couch during a movie feel like the ideal positions, don’t they! However, what you may not realize is you are building a wrong habit that could be permanent. You will end up with a hunched walking posture, which definitely looks terrible.

When you are pondering over the question, is sitting up straight good for your back, think about your overall posture.

Exerts Force on Muscles

Another reason why sitting up straight is important is to avoid any long-term health issues. Did you know you could develop a Musculoskeletal Disorder if you constantly sit in the wrong posture? These are severe injuries in your muscles and joints that tend to linger for an indefinite period.

Now that you are well aware of the importance of sitting up straight, why not check out a few ways to do so!

How to Sit Up Straight?

Do you think sitting up straight hurts? With continuously slouching over your screen, your muscles are habitual to staying in that position. They are not used to support your torso while in an upright position. So, when you try to sit up straight, your body will automatically be in discomfort.

The good news is you can overcome this problem and correct your sitting posture at computer in a few simple steps.

Switch Positions Often

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

An excellent method to make your back habitual to being upright without hurting is regularly switching positions. When you swap to an ergonomic standing position, your body will not be at discomfort for the initial few minutes. The same goes for the ergonomic sitting posture.

This way, you can swap positions after every short break (20-30 minutes) to help your back adopt the right posture!

Lumbar Support

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

One of the best ways to sit up straight is by getting a good ergonomic chair. These chairs come with adjustable lumbar support for your lower back. Plus, they have added back and head support to let you sit straight without hurting your back.

Align Screen with Eyes

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Your desktop screen must align with your eyes, so you do not have to look downwards continuously. Opt for options like the MyoChair - reclining computer chair that is height adjustable or get a monitor arm to fix this.

Perform Desk Exercises

According to a study, regularly performing basic desk exercises such as stretching can help correct your posture. It helps relieve musculoskeletal pain, reduce pressure on muscles and joints, and thus enables you to sit up straight.

Why You Should Sit Up Straight – The Benefits

If the importance of sitting up straight does not yet sway you, there are more reasons. These benefits of sitting up straight are sure to clear any remaining doubts that you may have.

Improves Overall Body Posture

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

One of the prime self-explanatory reasons for sitting up straight is having an overall good body posture. It does not help you feel confident when you walk in the room but also gives an excellent impression on your peers. It also induces confident thinking and an overall mindset.

Alleviates Back Pain

If you always think that sitting for prolonged hours leaves you with a backache, know that it is not exactly true. The wrong posture leads to back pain, and if you sit in the correct position for long, it can significantly help alleviate back pain. Not to mention, switching positions while working will also greatly add to that.

Stronger Core

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Believe it or not, you can strengthen your core without actually working out. When you sit up straight for a prolonged period, you stretch your back and correct your spine posture. This way, you provide better support to your pelvis, strengthening your core and helping it work better.

Breathe Effortlessly

As mentioned earlier, one of the best benefits of sitting up straight is improved breathing. When you sit up straight, you stretch up your lungs, airways, and other muscles in the front of your body. This allows the smooth flow of oxygen to all your body parts, helping them function seamlessly.

Enhances Brain Functions

Sitting Up Straight: 5+ Reasons You Should Get It Done

Did you know sitting posture could also affect your memory? The proper posture impacts your brain, making it recall positive memories, while the opposite happens with a wrong posture. Thus, it influences your mood, productivity and directly affects work.

Wrap Up

If you get to it, sitting up straight is not a challenge. You can achieve it by incorporating a few healthy practices. From a better mood, productivity, and confident body posture to reduced back pain and body discomfort, the benefits of sitting up straight are countless. So, why not start right away!

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