Small Computer Desk Setup Ideas with Monitors
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Small Computer Desk Setup Ideas with Monitors

|Jan 23, 2022

A small computer desk setup is not only less space-consuming but is also light on the pocket. Ever since work from home began, we all have had the urge to create a private home office or even a work corner where we can work without distractions. While there are tons of mesmerizing options in the market, a small PC desk setup is what fits the most of the budget.

And just because your home office setup is small doesn’t mean it cannot be productive or ergonomic. All you need is to follow a few workplace ergonomics, meet certain standards and keep certain things in mind to create a small office desk setup, whether for two monitors or three monitors. This article will cover a small computer desk for two monitors or three monitor ideas that fit all budget types.

Small Computer Desk Setup Ideas for Your Workplace

Small desk ideas and setups, when catered properly, can be a huge boost of productivity and even better than large desk setups because they don't occupy much square footage in your room. Below are some ergonomic small computer desk setup ideas to try in 2022.

1. A Floating Desk by Window

A Floating Desk by Window small computer desk setup

A window view is always pretty unless you live on a battlefield. By setting up your desk nearby or in front of the window, you can inhale as much freshness and natural light as possible, both being an important contributor to productivity.

Moreover, a floating desk by the window is highly ergonomic because it saves space and uses the often ignored area. You can easily mount your desk as wide as the window is and even use an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray if you don’t have enough room on your desk.

One of the greatest benefits of using a floating desk is using the lower space for storage and even sliding in a filing cabinet below with your essential items.

2. Midcentury Modern Style

Midcentury Modern Style small computer desk setup

You must be searching on the internet for laptop and monitor setup ideas, but no idea will kick start that motivation to work if you don't pay attention to the basics. This means finding what instills passion in you and what you love while working.

A midcentury modern style desk setup is on our list because you don't need a large space but just a taste of colors that complement each other well. Get a wooden desk and pair it with colorful desk accessories such as a notebook, desk pad, mouse pad or even a classy lamp. You can bring your pretty vibe of pretty in a tiny workstation.

3. A Desk Converter

Just because your small computer desk setup is tiny doesn't mean it should not be ergonomic. Your desk shouldn't be a reason for discomfort and uneasiness, from investing in an ergonomic chair to getting various ergonomic accessories (we recommend an ergonomic wrist rest or an ergonomic programming keyboard if you are working for hours at a time) in your life.

Hence, a desk converter is the most recommended solution for a workstation to become healthy and active. Rather than just taking the huge expense of buying a standing desk at once, one can easily buy a desk convertor and save themselves some money. The best part is that you can also find many monitor arms with a laptop tray; hence, they act as a desk converter.

4. Two People Setup

Two People small computer desk setup

Two heads are better than one, and two people small computer desk setups are better than a single setup. If you and your sibling or your wife work from home with you, it is better to get a multi desk setup. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo is a great solution for that. You and your partner can work together, motivate each other, discuss ideas, and engage in important work discussions. This desk setup is also small and perfect for business startups who cannot afford their own office yet.

5. Use a Monitor Arm

Suppose you aren't set up for working while standing or don't want to buy a standing desk converter, then a monitor arm grants spaciousness to your already existing small workstation. Use a monitor arm especially to mount a dual or triple monitor system if you need a multi-screen but don't have the space with a monitor arm; you can create even a vertical small computer desk setup and enhance productivity while limiting the square footage used.

6. Minimize the Cable Clutter

Minimize the Cable Clutter small computer desk setup

This is a vital accessory that you must have in your office desk setup ideas, particularly a little one. When you have too many cords tangled up on your desk or around your workspace, it may be a real pain.

In a tiny space, such an issue becomes even more intolerable. It is critical to use a cable tray if there is no other method to totally switch to cordless accessories or go wireless right now. It may be easily attached to a standing desk and helps to keep your workstation clutter-free, allowing you to work more productively.

7. Add Lighting

Lighting and space don't add up, but a properly lit room looks bigger and brighter. This is why you need to invest in light so your work desk is well illuminated and hence you get an impression of a bigger space. Moreover, lighting in the workplace is also a major factor towards productivity because poor lighting can damage the eyes and cause various eye and brain-related issues in the longer run.

8. Desk in A Closet

Desk in A Closet

If your room or home is under renovation (luckily), or you can still move a few things around, then this idea is worth all the tries. By placing your desk in a closet, you can hide it when done and welcome the space as all fun, no-work type of vibe.

A desk in a closet will also provide the right amount of privacy as no one will be playing with your work gadgets and expensive technology items. And is it even possible to reason with your kids about why not throw your Macbook on the floor?

Sum Up

Small desk setups are hard to manage because your pen falls off one minute, and the next, you pick up that notepad. But a small desk setup doesn't mean you will be spending all day bending to pick up the above items.

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