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Small Garden Office Pod Ideas for Your Small Backyard
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Small Garden Office Pod Ideas for Your Small Backyard

|Dec 21, 2021

Do your kids also bawl like crazy whenever you start video conferencing with your client on zoom? Or the life happening around is too distracting to get the required efficiency. The transition to work from home has been a challenge for most of us because of various reasons. You can bet on being common is the unavailability of the quiet and desired privacy you get in a professional office.

After all, it is hard to achieve the required work-life balance when all are quarantined together, but for a remote worker, the need to get a proper workplace is more than ever. Hence, there are many solutions to get the required work privacy, and a small garden office pod is one such. Office pod for home might be a huge investment, but it is a one-time wise decision for remote workers. Whether you get an in-home wood pod or even buy an office pod for the backyard, the small backyard office has several benefits.

Thus if you find the idea of a work pod or a small backyard office shed fascinating, in this article, we will discuss some creative office pods for backyard ideas.

Tiny Small Garden Office Pod Ideas

Tiny Small Garden Office Pod Ideas

Although there are many work pods available in the market, you need to do other things to achieve the perfect work setting.

Choosing the Right Size

Yes, to make things pleasant and flow smoothly, you need to survey the area first. Not all of us are blessed with huge backyards, and in the common world, it is a blessing to get some outdoor space in your home. You can decide the area you wish to locate in the workspace by observing and planning. You can also clearly mark a territory, take measurements and then buy the suitable work pod accordingly.


Location small garden office pod

To make the most of your space, consider a small corner office. Planting and landscaping in front of a structure will help it blend in organically with its surroundings, and a corner door offers a beautiful flow to the building. Even potted plants can break up a building's line and diminish the impact of height. High-level windows might be added to maximize natural light in long, narrow gardens. All of our structures are custom-built to fit perfectly into the given space.

Consider the Laws

Setting up an outdoor office is all fun and games until you violate a law or two. And we don't want this to happen in the workplace. Consider the laws you will break or have to fulfill when setting up the work pod. For instance, some areas have a limitation of the safe distance from the boundary. You also need to take care of the shed height not to surpass the safe height level.

Make it Multi-purpose

Make it Multi-purpose small garden office pod

If you are investing a lump sum amount of money, there is no point in making a single thing. You can make the work pod or outdoor shed a place for your solitude or even me-time. Kids can use it for play during the weekends, and even your spouse can set up their tiny art gallery.

If you plan properly, your small garden office pod can be a multi-purpose in-house vacation spot for the family.

Furnish It

One of the most important rules is to create a perfect solution. Furnishing your work pod will define efficiency. If you are going to use it for your own home office, then there are a few things you need to buy for your small garden office pod. Other than just a workstation, a few work accessories can make the entire experience as you desire. Here are some essentials to place in your work pod.

Office Desk

Office Desk for small garden office pod

The office desk is your workstation. It is where you place all your important work set up and get going. Getting an ergonomic work desk helps you work around the clock without feeling tired. If you are also looking for some creative ways to get productive, a standing desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing, which is an ideal way to work.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Even if you work with a standing desk, researchers recommend switching the work position various times a day. This means, for some part, you also need to sit. An ergonomic chair plays a comfortable and healthy role in your home office. You can adjust the height and other features. You can also use it for gaming sessions.

Filing Cabinet

If your office is the small garden office pod, there will likely be clutter. Don't let that clutter make you hate the tiny space you have created. An effective solution is to get a proper storage cabinet, so all your files are aligned and kept safe. An ergonomic filing cabinet allows you to manage things and keep all the items organized.


If you use the same Wi-Fi and connective options from home, make sure the chosen location gives you the best signals. There is nothing worse than getting a faulty connection during an important meeting. Another important thing to consider is that your office pod has charging ports for your laptop, cellphone, or LED.

Proof It


If you are a remote worker, you are in this work from home forever. Remote workers have many perks, but they are also on their own. Having an outdoor home office needs to be thought of and planned properly. This means you need to prepare it for the changing weather and situation around you.

Consider the weather, and don't forget to add a waterproof sheet. You can also install an air conditioner if the surrounding air gets too hot in the summer. And don't ignore the value of insulation if you live in colder climates. You cannot work with those freezing hands and shivering bodies.

Add a Connection to Home

Add a Connection to Home

The benefits of having a garden office that is partially connected to the main house are numerous. For example, even if it's cold, windy, or raining outside, you can still use the restroom or go to the kitchen for a cup of tea without braving the elements.

Furthermore, because all cables and wires will already be in place, it may be easier and less expensive to connect power, plumbing, Wi-Fi, and other systems.


Getting a wooden pod for a garden has many benefits because the proximity to nature is also a driving factor of productivity. Moreover, people who work close to the open and fresh air have a better mood and experience improved energy. Let’s take all of our tips and start on your project now!

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