Inspired by Style: Small Office Decor Themes for Every Taste
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Inspired by Style: Small Office Decor Themes for Every Taste

|Feb 15, 2024

Setting up a stylish office layout can bring many benefits to the table. Working in a place you visually like can improve your mood, boost productivity, and enhance creativity, so investing in those things will prove profitable in the long run. It doesn’t matter if your workspace is not that big, as there are many small office décor ideas online.

Looking for inspiration online is an excellent first step into making your office more appealing to you and your clients. Here, we listed 15 different décor ideas for various styles, so check it out to see if there’s anything that fits your office! You can read more blog posts like this one on the Autonomous website. There, you will also find excellent deals and promotions on ergonomics.

Different Décor Ideas Based on Different Themes – Small Offices

Everyone has different tastes in office décor, and you need to make your office look like something you would like, so remember the inspiration you find online is just that, inspiration. You still need to adapt those ideas to what you want and the things you have at hand or can buy.

That being said, the small office design ideas below work with various styles, so you will surely find something that speaks to you.

Minimalist Marvel

Comic book fans often find it difficult to show their passion for comics while working because they are afraid it might look unprofessional. While it depends on your job and how over-the-top it allows you to get, in most cases it could look like that, and it’s not something you want.

However, now that minimalist small home office décor ideas are trendy, it’s way easier for everyone to make these decorations shine without affecting the professionality of the place. Firstly, we recommend trying minimalist posters that match the colors you use for the other decorations in your office.

Wall art could also work, but you should just dedicate one wall in your office to it. There are many minimalist wall art pieces or Marvel-related posters out there, so you won’t have trouble finding them.

Minimalist Marvel - small office decor ideas

Vintage Vibes

There’s a beautiful appeal in how things were years ago, especially with office décor. If you are looking for decorating ideas for a small office, trying vintage vibes will always be a safe choice. It will surely make your workspace look classier and unique.

Earth colors, such as brown, green, gray, and beige are ideal for this type of office layout. Most people forget about ergonomics when trying vintage approaches because they think it’s difficult to find a sit-stand desk or office chair that matches the aesthetic, but you can find several suitable options on the Autonomous website. 

Unlike minimalist office spaces, adding many shelves, books, and paintings will add up to the whole vintage vibe you are looking for. Be careful about adding too many things, though. It could make it overwhelming for you to be or work there, and that’s not what you want in an office. 

Modern Elegance

It’s okay if you are not sure how you want your office to look, but if you want it to be the most elegant it can be, we can work on that idea. Modern elegant small office décor ideas are excellent for young and older business people or office workers who want their clients to feel in a professional workspace.

Black and white approaches work their best for modern elegance décor ideas, but you can also add gray, teal, or dark brown wall art or office accessories to give the place more color. Although people looking for men’s home office ideas often try this layout, it works for women, too.

Modern Elegance

Industrial Chic

When you try industrial chic style for your office, you can use almost any desk setup ideas you want because the whole aesthetic is about how the place looks and not the accessories you get for it.

Industrial decorations are often affordable because you just need to decorate the place with raw materials such as wood and concrete. That includes leaving factory-related elements, such as pipes or ladders. Open spaces are ideal for this aesthetic. 

Coastal Retreat

We know it feels like vacations take forever to get to you, even if you just came back from them. It’s difficult to adapt to your work life after resting with your family for a few weeks, especially if you took a trip to a beach or something like that. 

If you got too attached to that coastal vibe of the place you were vacationing and want a reminder of how happy you were, you can try a coastal retreat décor idea for your office layout. This will make your office less overwhelming and turn it into a funnier place to be and work at.

Souvenirs from your trip could work as decorations for the place, and that includes pictures of you and your family. You want to only use light colors for this idea, so try to look for the accessories for your small desk setup with that in mind.

Coastal Retreat

Bohemian Bliss

Sometimes, what makes it difficult for people to go to work is that they don’t work well in too-structured places. That’s one of the reasons home offices are so popular nowadays. There are many ways to make your workplace lighter, and trying a bohemian bliss aesthetic is an excellent option.

Here, you want all the wall art and the artsy decorations you can get. More specifically, you should try abstract modern art. Try vibrant colors; you can use many of them if you want. This is the option for you if you ever wondered how to decorate a small office to enhance creativity and versatility. 

Tech-Savvy Workspace

If instead of an aesthetic desk setup you want to focus on utility, we recommend trying a tech-savvy workspace. That doesn’t mean forgetting about the looks of the place but rather getting all your accessories and gadgets up to date.

The idea of this office layout is to make all the decorations in your workplace have features that actually help you go on with your daily schedule. LED lights are an excellent match for it, so smart lamps will be a good investment.

Tech-Savvy Workspace

Ethereal and Dreamy

While some people want a vintage, modern, or kawaii desk setup, others just know that they want their workspace to look special. If you are one of the latter, then an ethereal and dreamy aesthetic will work excellently for you.

Some people don’t truly get what this whole style is about, but let’s summarize it by giving the room an otherworldly, divine, and calm vibe. Dainty fabrics, such as lace and tulle, are good tools to achieve this. Try calming light colors and shiny accessories. Light blue, pink, and green are excellent colors for an ethereal and dreamy workspace.

Zen Tranquility

Unlike what many people think, your office doesn’t have to exclusively be a place to work. Multipurpose spaces have become more popular since the pandemic, as people needed to adapt their rooms to do many things apart from just working. What if you make the place where you work also the place where you can relax and forget about your problems? 

You can focus a space in your office for relaxation activities such as meditation. Apart from that, make sure the whole place has a light vibe that makes it easier for people to be there, even if they are not working.

Zen Tranquility

Library-Inspired Coziness

Using books for decorations is something people have done for years, and it can give the whole room an odd yet comfortable coziness. If you want to make your decorations help you in any way during your work schedule, get books that could give you valuable information or that you want to read in your breaks, and use them to decorate the whole place.

Regardless of that, it would be good if the books you used as decorations matched the colors you used for the rest of the room. Adding random books of all colors will make your office look a bit odd and ruin the idea of the whole aesthetic.

Library-Inspired Coziness

Monochrome Magic

Although it’s difficult to get ideas for your office in the first place, sometimes, people prefer not to pursue what they have in mind because it would be difficult to actually make their office look how they want it to look. However, there are a few easy-to-achieve style ideas that almost never miss when it comes to making your workplace more appealing.

Monochromatic approaches are always a hit if done properly. Pick a color you like and make sure all the accessories in your office match that color. Some people choose two colors to make finding office gadgets easier. You will be alright as long as you follow the line you set and avoid using other colors apart from the ones you picked.

Monochrome Magic

Traveler's Haven

Here is one of the interesting small office decor ideas. If you want to meet places you haven’t visited before, you have to manifest it, and what better way to do it than filling your office with traveling-related decorations? Turn your workspace into a traveler’s haven and fill it with things from different cultures within your city or other countries you want to visit.

When people try to recreate a traveler’s haven in their offices, they almost always end up going for Japanese and Asian decorations in general. The reason for that is how different and characteristic it looks, but you can try things from countries you want or will travel to or even change decorations every now and then. 

Nature-Inspired Sanctuary

Sometimes, what makes offices overwhelming is the lack of contact with nature. You can change that by building a nature-inspired sanctuary within your workplace. However, keep in mind that you will have to be responsible and take care of the plants you take to your office.

Buy plants and flowers that you like to light up the place. As for pets, we wouldn’t get many for an office. If your office has any windows, make sure to leave them open to let light in.

Nature-Inspired Sanctuary

Coquette Office Aesthetic

Although all the options on this small office decor ideas list work for both men and women, there’s nothing wrong in adding an option that works specifically for the latter. The coquette aesthetic is trendy now, so it’s the best moment to adapt it to your workplace.

Pink will be your top choice for this type of office. However, avoid going for something too vibrant. Pale pink is ideal for this aesthetic. Laces are very representative of the coquette movement, so get some as well as pink fur for your office couch. 

Artist Workshop

Getting to the last small office decor idea on the list, we have turned your small office into an artist workshop. If you love to paint and want to pursue that hobby during your breaks, you can fill the place with paintings from local artists and get a few canvases to paint when you are not working. 

Adding paint details or making a custom design on the wall are also great ideas. Since the whole purpose of this aesthetic is to boost creative thinking, you can let your mind fly and decorate the place with things you painted yourself.

Artist Workshop

How to Mix and Match Décor Themes Based on Personal Preferences?

Now that you have all these ideas, you need to learn how to mix and match them with your personal preferences. First, we would start with a neutral base. Think about the color palette you want for your floors, walls, and main furniture pieces. Knowing that will make choosing the right accessories for your setup easier.

Once you have the colors and theme you want for your office, start adding complementary elements you already have at home. You can search for new ones if you see the things you have are not enough. Experimenting with different textures can help throughout the process and give your office a unique vibe.

How to Mix and Match Décor Themes Based on Personal Preferences

Bottom Line

While many people see designing their new office layout as a nuisance, you can see it as an excellent opportunity to have fun while making your workplace more productive. Let your creative mind fly and make your craziest ideas come true.

The ideas on this page are excellent thought starters, but remember you have to mix them with your personal preferences to get the ultimate small office. If you need new furniture pieces for these small office décor ideas, you should check out the Autonomous website. There are excellent deals on all kinds of office accessories there.

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