11 Small Office Space Design Ideas That Are Easy but Stylish
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11 Small Office Space Design Ideas That Are Easy but Stylish

|May 13, 2021

If you want to create a stylish office layout, you do not need a lot of space. Many people work from home, and even if your area is limited, you can still craft a beautiful workstation easily.

All you need is a little bit of creativity. Keep reading this article to discover easy ways to carve out more room and create a unique space that you are not going to want to leave.

Discover Benefits of a Sit/Stand Workstation

sit/stand workstation

Research shows that sitting all day is very unhealthy for people. Therefore, you should consider investing in a SmartDesk. Ergonomic desks suit any interior, plus you do not have to choose between a traditional and a standing desk. You get all you need in one piece of furniture. With just one click, you can swap between sitting and standing positions for total comfort.

Optimally Capitalize on Your Space with a Corner Desk

Purchasing a corner desk is one of the best computer desk ideas for small spaces. Why? Almost every room has corners that remain unused. Investing in a corner desk can help you get a lot of space, even in a tiny room. It is a wonderful solution for people who work with two screens or need extra space for their creative work.

Keep It Simple

keep it simple

Office supplies and accessories can add a spark to your working space. However, you must remember that the smaller the space, the quicker it can get cluttered. If your working area is not tidy and has many distractions, your productivity may be much lower. Therefore, you should keep it simple.

Adding one plant on your desk and a cup with pencils is fine if your desk is not turning into a stationery store. If you use a lot of accessories at your work, get a small cabinet or drawers that you can attach to your desk. This way, you can have what you need easily without creating unnecessary clutter for your workspace.

Add a Bold Design

bold design

Your office space can be minimalistic yet stylish. What you must do to turn it into a fashionable space is implement a bold design. It can be a standing desk chair with a cushion in vivid color, unique wallpaper, artwork, or anything that shows your style. Just remember that with a small office room design, most times, less means more.

Search for Not So Obvious Places

Your desk does not have to touch the wall. Sometimes it is good to look around and find less obvious solutions. Try to place your desk behind a sofa to create a stylish yet productive place to work.

Divide an Office Room with Curtains

If you are looking for a small business office design that can help you provide you with a bit of privacy, here is one of the best ideas – divide the room!

You might not have a giant office, but both you and your co-workers need to be productive and feel good whenever you are at work. Add movable curtains to the office, so every person can hide away whenever they want. If you need to have an office meeting, open all the curtains, and enjoy the open small office space layout.

Choose Double Desks

double desks

Do you work in a very small office with someone else? Whether it is a home office or your company, you can consider investing in a double desk. Thanks to that, you can save some space, without resigning from the comfortable working area.

Do not worry about privacy since you can add a division barrier between you and your coworkers.

Find a Perfect ErgoChair


In a small office space design, there is no place for clunky furniture. Forget about bulky armchairs and uncomfortable spinning office chairs. Instead, find an ErgoChair that is going to suit all your needs.

As you can quickly adjust an ergonomic office chair, it provides you with maximum comfort, no matter the size of your office. The uncompromised, minimalistic design makes it the right choice for even the smallest space.

Go All White

This small office space idea is not for everyone, but it can give an amazing effect.

If you love minimalism, perhaps you can use white color in your office. The "clean" space can boost your productivity and inspire you to create new things. You can always add bold colors on the wall or your office furniture to add an individual style to your interior.

Use Your Wall Space

wall space

Do not think about your space as horizontally but vertically. Walls are often not used, and that is a mistake if you need to organize an office in a limited space. Hang some shelves on which you can place books or documents that you use while working. This solution not only gives you some extra surface area for storage, but it also adds a stylish spark to the room, showing your unique personality.

Create an Office with a View

Good lighting is an addition to any interior. Check out the view from your window. If you are happy with it, place your desk right in front of it. This way, you can get extra light and smartly use space.

Remember to add curtains that you can use when the sun is too bright. If your window has a windowsill, you can use it as an additional space to place your office supplies.


You can pick and mix the presented office interior design ideas for a small space to create an ideal workstation. Whether you are improving your home office or trying to arrange your small business office, remember that sometimes even very small changes make a difference.

Of course, you can invest a lot of money in arranging your layout. However, there is no reason not to perform small changes that add style to your small office space without straining your budget. You can follow the rule less is more, but if you feel good with many colors, break the rules. Whatever makes you feel good in the space you use is worth giving a go.

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