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Smart Ways to Get Hold of the Best Buys at Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 18, 2018

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If you would love to get the best deals in the 2018 Black Friday, or indeed any other after this one, this article is for you. Prepare thoroughly to get some of the best deals of 2018.

No retailer really wants to give freebies. Thus, the items on offer are always limited. That is why you must know where, how and when to get the item that you are after. From electronics, outdoor gear, smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, clothing, office equipment and furniture, you can literary save thousands of dollars on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals that saves money 2018

Only the very well prepared people are going to clinch the deals. With some people having saved money for the whole year so that they can buy the items that they need on this day, well, it is not for the faint hearted. Many people often miss out on some of the best deals.

With the 2018 Black Friday falling on the 23rd of November, you should have started preparing yourself latest two months in advance. However, even if you are not ready a month to the D-Day, well, it is never too late to do the best thing.

With your head full of the promise of incredible shopping, your wallet vibrating in anticipation at the amount of money you will save on that smart TV, well, you can hardly wait. But as you wait, how ready are you to make a kill this shopping holiday?

Now, Black Friday is one of those shopping holidays that come with a lot of pomp, fun and hype especially hype. In fact, if you are sold to the hype so much such that you do not dig and read the fine print in the details, you could be “legally” scammed. This means to buy something believing it is the real deal, only to find out later that it really did not have any discount.

In this post, you will find information that can help you dig and sift through the hype. That way, you can rule out any offers masquerading as discounts while in the real sense, they are just marketing gimmicks.

10 smart ways to get the best deal on Black Friday

Make a smart shopping list

What do you really need? Why have you been saving money throughout the year? It should be clear in your mind. If it is an LED smart TV, then TV it is, no two ways about it. Is this something that you can buy even without a discount because you need it? If the answer is yes, then you do definitely need it.

Create a shopping list in the order of priority. First position goes to the urgent, or most important item. The other items follow in their order of importance, with the last positions going to the items that you would not feel too bad if you miss.

With the list complete, you are now ready to look for the deals going down on those items. You will not be looking for deals blindly and you will not be swayed at all. You already have made up your mind what you need in the family.

Look for the Black Friday deal ads

Store owners want to cash in on the Black Friday shopping spree. That is why they will do everything possible to reach as many customers as possible. If a store owner has a new product on offer, he/she is going to take Black Friday as an opportunity to introduce the product. Thus, to attract new customers, the store will be offering a limited number of products.

Many people know this already, but they do not know where to get these ads. It is very simple. Keep your ears to the ground on the media, social media and other outlet channels.

You may download specifics apps to use. You will be surprised just how many apps there are, which are dedicated to gathering information about Black Friday deals. Thus, from the app, you will be sure that every alert that comes in is about Black Friday.

When you get the ads, save them! Some dealers are quite “smart-alecky” in that they will list an item down for discounts and then they will feign forgetfulness. Jolt them out of their forgetfulness with the ad of the item.

You can also subscribe to the mailing list to websites of the retailers of some of the items that you want to buy at a discount. When there are offers going down, the people in the mailing lists are always the first ones to know.

Stay alert – shopping starts early

Why wait for Friday while some popular marketplaces such as start their offers even a week earlier? By 2018, surely no one thinks that Black Friday is a Friday-following-thanksgiving-only affair, because it is not. If you have been keen enough, then you know that there is almost a whole month worth of deals.

Thus, as soon as fall sets in, start looking for deals online. Visit the biggest marketplaces and see what is on offer there. If it is discounted, well, it is worth buying if you need it.

Throughout fall, retailers and marketplaces update their websites with deals. Do not be surprised that some deals even extend beyond Cyber Monday.

The secret is to look and keep looking. Some retailers actually start giving offers on Thanksgiving Day. As you partake that dinner, stay alert for deals. You may as well start your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving.

Stay alert for the entire week leading to Black Friday. At the same time, you ought to know that the shopping week can also stretch after Cyber Monday. Deals do not end the shopping with the ending of the key days.

Look online and offlineLook online and offline

In this digital age, you may be tempted to ignore the traditional media and only look online. Big mistake. When offers start coming, they come in every form possible. Look in your mailbox. There will be offers.

Look in your email for offers. At the same time, watch TV, read the local dailies because they too will be carrying a lot of ads.

Follow the big stores on social media as they will make known any offers going down. If you are looking for Dell offers, follow Dell on Twitter, Facebook, on their website and on many other sources.

Follow Costco, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon and other retailers online so that you can be among the first to know when a deal is going down.

Do not also forget that there are many other sites where you can find leakages on Black Friday deals. Just know that before the day itself, it is hard to know for sure what will be offered in the deal. Thus, many leakages are just guesses, but they can give you a closer look at what you can expect.

Study the past trends

As we have said in the section above, it is not possible to tell for sure what items will fetch the best discounts before the retailers say what they will be offering. However, a smart shopper always knows a few indicators to follow.

One of them is to look at the past trends. For example, Apple, Samsung and other gadget makers release new devices in fall. This means there could be a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Galaxy on offer. Should that be the case, it also means something else. It means that the older generation devices will be offered at a dropped price. Thus, you could buy an older generation iPhone at a reduced price.

TVs are a sure bet, always. The whole Black Friday craze mostly revolves around TVs. Thus, you can keep a good amount of money aside to buy a TV set. There will always be old and new generation TVs on sale. The old generations will be on sale to clear old stock while the new generation sets will be on sale to introduce them to the market.

In the last couple of years, there have been no new gaming consoles introduced into the market. However, every year, gaming consoles have been offered at discounts on Black Friday. 2018 is not going to be any different. Thus, if you are looking for a gaming console, stay set.

Join a loyalty program first

If you are a loyal member to a certain store and you belong to their loyalty club/program, you should first look for deals targeted at members. When you are signed up on offers going down on Black Friday, you will be among the first people to know of deals. You can take advantage of your loyalty.

Another benefit of using a loyalty program is that you can find out whether the item that you want is available for pick up at a store that is closest to you. This would save you a good amount of money on shipping.

Stores and retailers want their loyal customers to benefit on deals fast, and it is only fair for them to do so.

If you have subscribed to the mailing list, you should be alerted of deals on modern office ergonomic chairs, best standing desks and many more.

Come up with a good budget

Shopping discounts are indeed alluring and they can make you go beyond and over your budget. To avoid this, determine the things that you need most.

Find out the prices of all these items. If it is an item that you would buy anyway with or without an offer, you definitely need it. Thus, allocate it a good amount on the budget. You always have to remember that the retailers do not offer discounts so that they can undergo a loss.

The trick is to get you inside that store and once you find that the item on offer is gone, you can be tempted to buy another one. Even if the item is available, the retailer also wants to tempt you to buy other items.

That is why you should always have a budget before going to that doorbuster deal. Do not exceed that budget and do not buy anything that is not on the shopping list.

If you know that you buy on impulse because you will just swipe the card, leave the cards at home this time around. Buy with cash only to avoid impulse buying.

Consider the quality of the item that you are buying

Be very careful about the deal that you are getting on that smart TV. The trend with some TV manufacturers is that they make some cheaper models minus some of the features, specifically for Black Friday offers.

These models are called derivative models. Thus, if you buy such a model on Black Friday, you should be sure that it is what you wanted and that it is what was advertised. Otherwise, you could scam yourself into thinking that you have got the real deal while you have gotten a cheaper model.

Know what accessories a certain item is missing

One of the ways that retailers make money is to sell items minus some of their accessories. Thus, before closing the deal, they will tell you they have the accessories that you need. Do not buy those accessories.

Do some fast math. Find out whether the offer price of that computer printer is still going to sound “very fair” when you buy all the accessories it is being offered without.

It is best not to buy the accessories at the store selling the offer item. You can always find the accessories elsewhere, most likely at affordable prices.

Also be wary about signing deals on warranties. Most warranties mean you have to pay more. Thus, at the end of the day, you will find that the item cost you more than the offer price.

Remember, that TV, laptop, copier, office desk or printer is only a good deal if it costs you less on Black Friday than you would pay for it on a regular shopping day.

Sometimes it is just not worth it to line up

Sometimes it is just not worth it to line up

It is a lot of fun lining up in the first ten people waiting for the retailer to open and be among the first to get the best deal. If you are 25 years old, that is ok. If you are at the stage where you prefer sitting out a weekend at home … it is a different story.

Shopping online on Black Friday can be quite a good deal. After all, the same deals offered in the brick and mortar stores are also offered online. You can get the best buys at Black Friday from the comfort of home.

There are times when you might want to line up if you are targeting an item that is really limited. If it is an item that you can buy online, shopping right from home will help you clinch that deal just the same as if you were lining up.


These are just 10 ways for how to get the best buys at Black Friday. There are many more. The most important ones include making a budget and sticking by it, making a shopping list, knowing where to get the items. Remember, timing is paramount for clinching that Black Friday deal.

At Autonomous, we offer discounts from time to time and on special shopping holidays like Black Friday. Leave your email below for our newsletter to keep you informed of office furniture deals in future.

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