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SmartDesk Pro Review (2023 Updated)
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SmartDesk Pro Review (2023 Updated)

|Mar 26, 2021

If you're reading this Autonomous SmartDesk Pro review, you are likely looking for an adjustable standing desk that is going to fit your office needs and do so well. No one can deny that there are probably more standing desk options out there than you can count. However, there is the question of, which ones can stand up to the test of time and use, and which ones are likely going to end up in a landfill in no time?

The SmartDesk Premium sits on the side of the former, and going through the review should indicate the various elements that go into the design, which yields such a solid and trustworthy build. You may even be wondering what the differences are between the SmartDesk Core and the SmartDesk Pro. After you get in all the useful nuggets of information about what makes the premium model tick, there is a SmartDesk Core vs Pro comparison that should answer whatever questions you may have.

Without any further ado, it's time to jump into the good parts of this Autonomous SmartDesk review. 

Style, Color Options for the Frame and Top

In the SmartDesk Pro review, like many other office standing desks, it consists of a base and top. While you may think that the color choices for the two are interleaved, they are independent of each other. That doesn't mean you can't get an all-white desk if that's what suits you, but your frame color and your desktop color are not chosen as a package. 

As far as the frame goes, and you can get it in grey, black, or white. People tend to make this choice based on the desktop that they are going for, as well as the color scheme in the office space that the desk is going to be placed in. 

Style, Color Options for the Frame and Top

The top comes in two sizes, which are classic and extra-large. You choose from these based on the special needs that you have for the desktop. Some people have way more equipment than others, and the additional space means somewhere to put the said equipment.

If you're opting for the classic size, you are looking at a 53-inch by 29-inch by one-inch dimensional proportion for length, width, and height, respectively. The extra-large size dimensions are 70.5 inches by 30 inches by one inch for length, width, and height, respectively.

You can choose from high-quality MDF wood (walnut, black, white, or white oak) or natural bamboo if you're opting for a classic top. If you want an extra-large top, you can only get white, black, and walnut. The material choices here feed into the color options that can be seated atop your base. 


If you don't learn anything else from this Autonomous desk review (which you should), remember the stability that this office desk is built to provide. First, the base consists of SPCC steel. If that means nothing to you, then all you need to remember is such material is a testament to sturdiness. Additionally, the flat platforms at the base of the legs make for a stable standing position.


Even without a crossbar in the mix, you can adjust the desk anywhere between the lowest and highest heights without ever having to worry about dealing with the wobbling that is synonymous with the designs of many contemporary standing desk options. Once you follow the weight and lifting capacity guideline illustrated below, you should have no problem with your Autonomous SmartDesk Pro. 

Adjust Range & Speed

Depending on your needs, you probably came into this Autonomous SmartDesk Pro review waiting to see what kind of adjustment range you're going to be getting with this desk. For most people, the height they achieve when sitting or standing is not going to require adjustment to the lower or upper limits that the SmartDesk Pro offers. However, they still need to know that the range that they do need falls within the maximum range that the desk offers.

You likely also have this concern. Since the height of the top is an inch, with it included, your adjustment range is 26.2 inches to 52 inches. If you remove the height from the mix, you are left with 25.2 inches to 51 inches. This should be more than enough for most persons of average and even tall heights. 

Adjust Range & Speed

As far as lifting speed goes, this dual motor standing desk frame design enables it to make transitions at a speed of 2.3 inches per second. Therefore, in going from one limit to the other, it shouldn't take more than 11 seconds to completely make the journey. Imagine how much shorter going from one height to another within the range gets. 

Weight Capacity

If you're going to be using an adjustable standing desk in your office, it must be capable of handling the office equipment that your job requires. If not, why have it in the office in the first place? The weight requirement for the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro is incredibly generous. It sits at 300 pounds, which is enough for even a heavy person to stand one.

Weight Capacity

You should have no trouble with stacking all the necessary desk accessories on a desk that offers that kind of breathing room. 

Noise Level

The term “dual motor” can be very tricky here, as it sounds like more power and more noise. While you are correct where the former is concerned, the latter is a different case that should pleasantly surprise you. Even in a quiet context, the adjustment mechanism operates quietly, which minimizes the potential risk of creating a disruption. 


The warranty is segmented into independent parts for the base and the top. The base has the more generous offering of the two, as you are covered for a staggering seven years. The top, on the other hand, gives you a year of coverage. If there should be any issues that require warranty action, you can reach out once you remain within the confines of the stipulated periods. 


What’s the Main Difference with the Home Office Version?

When you compare the home SmartDesk vs the SmartDesk Pro, the main difference lies within the adjustability range. The Home Office version can adjust between 28.5 and 47 inches, which is not as good as what the premium option has to offer.

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