Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: Which One Will Suit You Most?
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Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: Which One Will Suit You Most?

|Oct 22, 2020

If you are opting to choose a standing desk for your workspace, the chances are that you are aware of the dangers associated with constant sitting, and you want to improve your productivity. As an Autonomous customer, you have a few options for your desk. Two of them may stand out to you more than others, which leaves you with a pressing question. Autonomous Desk 2 vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid - which one is best for your needs? 

Below, you can expect a Autonomous Desk Hybrid review, as well as comparisons between it and the earlier Autonomous Desk 2 variations. Therefore, you get the information you need to make the following comparisons generally about the difference between Autonomous Desk Hybrid and - Autonomous Desk 2:

Why are standing desks becoming so widely adopted in the workplace? Related to Autonomous Desk Hybrid review, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that should be able to help you answer this question:

Pros and Cons of a Standing Desk

  • icon checkStanding may not burn as many calories as the movement does, but it does burn more than sitting does.
  • icon checkYou get to exercise more muscles while you are in a standing position than in a seated one.
  • icon checkChronic pain directly related to sedentary habits is not something you have to worry about withstanding.
  • icon checkAssuming you are using your standing desk correctly, it's a little easier to keep yourself confined to proper posture when you use a standing desk.
  • icon checkStanding helps you to maintain an adequate level of energy, which contributes to greater productivity.
  • icon timesStanding for long periods can place an unwanted level of strain on some of your joints, which creates a different dimension of wear and pain.
  • icon timesMaking the adjustment from continuous sitting to incorporating standing is not a comfortable or straightforward process.
  • icon timesIf you use the standing desk improperly, it can become a counterproductive piece of equipment.

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: Establishing Your Criteria

How are you going to make up your mind about which of the two desks suits your needs the best? Though it could boil down to one being newer than the other, there may be more to it than that. The process involves learning every similarity and difference between Autonomous Desk Hybrid and Autonomous Desk 2 alternatives. 

Once you have all that information, it's then time for you to choose one of the desks, based on the aspects that matter the most to you. For example, what if you are the kind of person who doesn't care what the features are, so long as the desk lies within your budget? If only one of the desks is cheap enough for you, that's the one you would buy. If both were to be affordable, you could randomly choose one.

The point is that you need to identify what it is that you are looking for in a standing desk. It's not something that should be chosen based on the desires of others. Below is an outline of four of the focus areas that you are likely to use to make your choice.

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk 4

You may only care about one of these four things, all four of them, or some combination of two or three. Regardless of where you stand, you should have enough information to make an informed decision. 

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: Key Highlights

The key highlights of each desk alternative speak to the high points that are likely to gain some favor with customers. 

The first highlight goes to the Autonomous Desk 2, and its variations. While the Autonomous Desk Hybrid is an excellent choice, it only exists in one model. No one is saying that the one model doesn't have the potential to do what multiple models of another desk can, but it loses the battle of sheer number. The Autonomous Desk 2, on the other hand, has two models that customers can choose from based on their environment and needs. 

You can choose from the Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office and the Autonomous Desk 2 Premium. You can infer what environment suits each model based on their names. 

The Autonomous Desk Hybrid gets the edge where innovation is concerned. If the numbers were not enough to give it away, the Autonomous Desk Hybrid is the newest model, while the Autonomous Desk 2 is the one that has been satisfying customers for some time. While the Autonomous Desk 2 is still a superb standing desk for any office environment, the Autonomous Desk Hybrid was designed to improve an already successful formula. Therefore, if you're a fan of innovation and modernization, the Autonomous Desk Hybrid wins that battle. 

Key Highlights of Autonomous Desk 2 and  Autonomous Desk 4

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: The Price

Price is a very important component when comparing what desk to get for your office environment. While you do want to ensure that you get something that can support your needs well, it doesn't help to try to go above your budget. Therefore, it's always important to look at the price tags.

One of the best things about Autonomous is that it has always chosen to provide well-designed standing desks to customers at an affordable price. It wasn't hard to see this in the price points of both the Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office and the Autonomous Desk 2 Premium.

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk 4: The Price

As you'd expect, The Home Office variety gets the low price tag award, and the premium option is not too far away. So, how does the Autonomous Desk Hybrid compare to its predecessors? Should you assume that it has a highly expensive price tag because of the software and hardware improvements? 

Thankfully, Autonomous decided to go with the pricing strategy that is convenient for customers. It's nice to have new models and great features to go along with them. However, the consumer takes a hit when the prices are too high. Therefore, Autonomous set the bar somewhere that is competitive in relation to other standing desk alternatives.

So, while the Autonomous Desk 2 options have lower price tags, the Autonomous Desk Hybrid is nothing too excessive in the cost area. 

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: The Functionality

Functionality is arguably the most important area in deciding which standing desk to get for your office space. It would help if you considered what the desk can do well and what it may lack. With that information, you can compare data from other desks, which allows you to make the best decision.

The first desk is the Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office. It offers adjustability across a balanced range, which feeds into your need to adjust between seated and standing positions for maximum comfort and efficiency. It has a sturdy build quality, and there are four programmable height settings involved. Therefore, you can find your most optimal positions and keep track of them, so you don't have to start the search over again.

The Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office

As you'd expect, the desk is motorized. It has a dual-motor design, which lends itself to an impressive ability to adjust up or down in a short time. The best part is that Autonomous built the desk in such a way that it adjusts very quietly. While it seems like a complex marvel to watch, the desk is very easy to assemble. Even a complete beginner can have the whole thing put together in about 30 minutes.

You can get the top of the desk in both classic and extra-large sizes, so you can fit all the equipment and other items you want to place on it.

The Autonomous Desk 2 Premium is next, and it echoes all the impressive sentiments of the Home Office alternative. What does this mean? All the great features discussed above make a return in this model. However, Autonomous made a couple of improvements to make the desk more suitable for an office environment.

The Autonomous Desk 2 Premium

One of the most notable is the greater height range. The Home Office desk has height settings conducive to most average persons who would want the fixture to use at home. However, in an office setting, it becomes necessary to include a greater variety. The height range here is even better than that of the Autonomous Desk Hybrid. Therefore, the desk has a lower minimum and a higher maximum height. Additionally, you get a lengthier warranty for any factory faults that you may have to deal with. Note that the warranty is yet another area in which the Autonomous Desk 2 Premium has the edge over the Autonomous Desk Hybrid

With the two Autonomous Desk 2 alternatives out of the way, the next stop is the Autonomous Desk Hybrid. As indicated before, Autonomous Desk Hybrid demonstrates an immense level of improvement. Autonomous managed to retain all the things they did right while adding a greater feature set to make the desk feel like way more than just a piece of furniture. 

As you'd expect, the desk boasts a broad and incredibly appropriate height range to cater to a series of users. The top is large enough for all the equipment you want to place on it, and the adjustable motor is both quiet and speedy in operation. 

The Autonomous Desk Hybrid's features show where this item truly shines. First, it is designed to integrate with the Autonomous app. Therefore, you can control your desk through your smartphone, instead of using manual features. 

The desk uses the Pomodoro technique to help you to be more productive while you work. Therefore, it keeps you on track with your active work periods and your breaks. There is also no need to worry about forgetting to alternate between seated and standing positions. The Autonomous Desk Hybrid has built-in intervals, which means it can intuitively adjust based on these presets. Of course, you can customize these settings to your heart's desire.

You are encouraged to get in a bit of exercise to maintain energy, as the app provides workload suggestions, and it even gives you demonstration videos. The Autonomous app as Autonomous Desk Hybrid App supports integration with health applications, which means you can keep track of your activity goals. It's clear that these features were intended for the desk to become a productivity hub to support you.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology is also present to help the desk stay connected and perform its tasks.

Autonomous Desk 2 Vs Autonomous Desk Hybrid: The Aesthetic

While there is a dimension difference between Autonomous Desk Hybrid and Autonomous Desk 2 alternatives, the basic Aesthetic is the same. This makes sense, as you can expect a certain look from Autonomous products. 

First, there's a sturdy base. The frame tends to comprise SPCC steel in black, white, or grey colors, depending on your preference. It's covered with a top made from natural bamboo or high-quality MDF wood. Of course, the tops are also customizable, as you can get them in colors, such as black, white, white oak, walnut, and bamboo. Note that not all colors are available in all variations. For example, while you can get any of the colors in the classic-sized tops, only white, black, and walnut are available in the extra-large variations.

 The basic Aesthetic between Autonomous Desk 2 and Autonomous Desk 4

Other Potential Alternatives

Now you have just about all the information you need for your comparison of Autonomous Desk 2 versus Autonomous Desk Hybrid alternatives. You may want to gauge the desks against both internal and external competition to ensure that you are getting the best value.

As far as internal competition goes, you may want to look at the Autonomous L-shaped Autonomous Desk. Do you plan on setting up your standing desk in the corner? If you do, and you have space, the L-shaped offering may be your best bet. It gives you a lot of room to work with, and it is designed with Autonomous' trademark quality.

the Autonomous L-shaped Autonomous Desk

There are also other standing desk options available. Even if you are not going to take one of those desks, you may be interested in the various designs with a homemade touch attached to them.

There is nothing wrong with weighing your options before making the final decision of how you are going to go about getting a standing desk into your workspace. Just remember to carefully think about which parts of this whole furniture equation are important to you.

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