Autonomous Desk 4 Review: The Ultimate Productivity Hack
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Autonomous Desk 4 Review: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

|Oct 19, 2020

The Autonomous Desk 4 isn’t just a standing’s packed with useful features that make your workday more productive than you ever thought possible. Thanks to the built-in app, you can manage your workflow easily and ensure that you stay comfortable and ergonomic throughout the day. In this review, we go in-depth on how the Autonomous Desk 4 can supercharge your productivity.

For home office workers, the pool of resources, tools, and philosophies on how to work productively has grown exponentially in the last year as more people look for new solutions for their home offices. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of information and things to keep track of can be overwhelming.

There are time management methods, ergonomic tools and products, and wellness exercises that everyone could use to benefit their workflow and stay extra productive. With the Autonomous Desk 4, Autonomous Inc has found a solution that incorporates all three of these areas into a single desk. Who knew that a standing desk could do so much?

In this review we’re taking a deep dive into what makes the Autonomous Desk 4 such an incredible productivity tool, and how it might transform the way you work from home.

Build quality: sturdier than ever

Overall, the Autonomous Desk 4 is instantly recognizable with Autonomous’ signature minimalist aesthetic approach to its reputable line of standing desks. It comes in multiple different finishes like the Autonomous Desk 2, with all black or all white, as well as interchangeable frames and tops so you can mix and match. 

The Autonomous Desk 4 is extra sturdy, with a new lifting capacity of 350 pounds. This is more than enough for all your office equipment and peripherals. The spacious desktop gives you plenty of room to work with paper files and documents, as well as other tools you might need. Creatives will appreciate the roomy layout for their sketch pads.

Quality Autonomous Desk 4

Like its entire standing desk lineup, Autonomous’ Autonomous Desk 4 features a powerful electric motor that lifts and lowers the desk to standing and sitting heights. The new motor is even quieter, with a maximum volume of only 40 dB. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to create a distraction in their office with additional noise. 

From it’s highest to lowest point, the desk lifts and lowers smoothly without shaking, which is a testament to the superior build quality you get in this desk. Overall it’s a rock-solid performer that can be reliably used day in and day out without worry.

Functionality: A game-changing new app

The Autonomous Desk 4 is similar to its predecessors with a built-in keypad for manual controls. You can manually lift and lower the desk to any height with the press of the up or down arrows. In addition, you can program the desk to up to four memory settings, allowing you to simply press a button and watch the desk adjust itself to the exact right height every time. For years, the Autonomous Desk lineup has featured this basic and incredibly convenient functionality.

Now, the Autonomous Desk 4 takes things to another level with a built-in app. Paired with your device via bluetooth, the desk can be controlled like never before with a tap of your smartphone or tablet screen. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, and puts you in control of your desk like never before.

Game changer app

With all the same functionality you’d get from the built-in keypad and more, the app gives you granular control over your desk’s settings. Not only that, but you can actually schedule your sit-stand sessions so your desk and app can remind you when it’s time to change your position based on recommended optimization settings. This is a great way to keep your energy levels up, without accidentally spending too much time sitting or standing throughout the day.

In addition to scheduled sit-stand breaks, the app also helps you optimize your workflow with chunks of work time and regularly scheduled breaks, based on the popular Pomodoro method. Basically, without having to thnk about it, your Autonomous Desk 4 tells you when it’s time to sit and stand, when it’s time to focus on a certain task, and when it’s time to take a well-deserved break.

It’s like an assistant built into your desk! You can then focus entirely on your work and supercharge your productivity while your Autonomous Desk 4 keeps track of your work time, sitting time, and standing time. You’ll be able to chart your progress overtime since the app also automatically keeps a log for you.

Stay active with a built-in exercise library

Not only does the Autonomous Desk 4 app help you optimize your workflow, it also includes an extensive library of exercise videos and guides that you can use right at your desk. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to stay active while still getting work done.

Exercise daily

These exercises are simple, easy to follow, and can be done using your standing desk. You don’t need a gym or a studio to get exercise and stay as healthy as possible—just a Autonomous Desk 4! The app is your desk controller, your personal productivity assistant, and your fitness coach all rolled into one convenient solution.

Conclusion: a desk built for productivity

The Autonomous Desk 4 is an all-in-one productivity solution for people working from home. It promises to re-shape the way you work and take all the guesswork out of optimizing your workflow and your sit-stand schedule, so you can give all your energy and attention to your work while getting all the benefits of a structured and ergonomic work schedule.

A desk built for productivity

The Autonomous Desk 4 is set to launch in early November. Be sure to check the Autonomous Desk 4 launch page to subscribe for all the latest updates!

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