Autonomous Desk Connect Noise Level vs Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)
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Autonomous Desk Connect Noise Level vs Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

|Feb 19, 2022

Autonomous is well-known for creating the best electric standing desks, and its newest creation, the Autonomous Desk Connect, has remote workers everywhere excited. Though the company is still in its infancy, the last five years have brought technological innovations that haven’t been seen before. Automated standing desks use a motor to lift and lower them, so it’s important to factor in the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level.

Is the Autonomous Desk Connect Making Noise?

If a machine uses a motor, it is going to make sounds. No one has created an electric-powered device that is perfectly quiet. However, the Autonomous Desk Connect motor noise is less than what you might expect. 

The typical standing desk noise level is anywhere from 45 to 60 decibels loud. Clearly, you want something that’s on the low end because it’s going to be quieter while you operate it. 

You’re only using the motor for a short period, and it doesn’t continue running when it isn’t activated. Most people can live with this if they chose a standing desk with a higher noise level. Those who are planning to buy a new standing desk might want to factor in the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level when deciding.

Autonomous Desk 4 Making Noise

It is only 40 decibels loud, which is similar to what you might hear in a library. Even a bird’s call is 44 decibels, making it the quietest standing desk on the market. 

As a comparison, the conversation you hear in a restaurant is about 60 decibels. This is the same as a running air conditioner about 100 feet away from you. 

Autonomous Desk Connect vs Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Noise Level 

Previously, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous was the most popular choice. It’s important to compare the two products to see if they are the same. 

Autonomous Desk connect Vs Autonomous Desk core Noise Level

When focused on the Autonomous Desk Connect vs. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) noise level, we can see that the older version raises and lowers at 45 decibels. This is quite comparable to the Autonomous Desk Connect, but we have to admit that the newer model wins because it’s quieter at 40 decibels. 

What Is a Harmful Noise Level? 

Lawnmowers are quite noisy and are at 90 decibels while a rock concert is roughly 120 decibels. These numbers can help you compare the sound to the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level. 

However, the issue is that any sound can be damaging to your hearing if it lasts long enough or is loud enough. 

What is a harmful noise level

A whisper is around 30 decibels, so you can see that the Autonomous Desk Connect motor noise is almost comparable. It might not be “whisper-quiet,” but it’s no louder than the average noise in your home.

What About the Autonomous Desk Connect Motor? 

Since electric standing desks require a motor, people wonder about the longevity and durability. Typically, the frame is the most sensitive part because it houses the motor to make the desk raise and lower. 

With other brands, the standing desk noise level can become louder over time because the motor has worn down prematurely. You may hear grinding or squeaking sounds. 

What about the Autonomous Desk 4 Motor

This is a normal occurrence and happens with any motorized product. Most standing desks last between 19 and 25 years, depending on how many cycles they see. 

For example, if you raise and lower your desk three times a day for the entire year, that is 1,095 cycles. The motor is designed to last that length of time. To provide peace of mind, Autonomous offers a five-year warranty on the frame. That way, you know it is going to work correctly for that amount of time or be fixed for you.

FAQs for Autonomous Desk Connect Noise Level

Noise level Autonomous Desk 4

1. Is the Autonomous Desk Connect Going to Damage My Hearing? 

No, the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level isn’t going to cause hearing loss because it’s no louder than what goes on in your home. Plus, it doesn’t run continuously. You only hear the Autonomous Desk Connect motor noise when you are lowering or raising the standing desk. 

The sounds it makes are not going to hurt your ears. While you can wear earplugs, you aren’t required to do so.

2. Why Does It Make Noise? 

Is the Autonomous Desk Connect making a loud noise? It’s going to produce some sound, but it should be very limited. If it makes a grinding sound or is louder than it used to be, there could be an issue. Consider contacting customer support to find out what to do. You may also use your manual to troubleshoot the cause. 

3. Is the Autonomous Desk Connect Going to Make More Noise If It Has More Stuff on It? 

No, the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level doesn’t change, even if you have the surface covered. It can hold 350 pounds and still lift itself quickly. Plus, it does it at the same decibel level. While you probably don’t need 350 pounds of equipment, you don’t have to worry that it’s going to be louder to lift the Autonomous Desk Connect if you do. In fact, you can make a full desk setup without raising the standing desk noise level. 


When it comes to the Autonomous Desk Connect noise level, you can clearly see that it’s much quieter than its competition. In fact, it produces less sound than other standing desks of Autonomous! You saw that the Autonomous Desk Connect vs. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) noise level numbers were comparable, but the newer model still wins at 40 decibels, while the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) raises and lowers at 45 decibels.

If you work early in the morning, the rest of the household might not be awake. You don’t want to disturb them, and with the Autonomous Desk Connect motor noise level, you aren’t going to. It’s as quiet as a library and almost as soft as a whisper. 

This means you can go from sitting to standing with less effort and without damaging your hearing. If that weren’t enough, no one else in the house is going to hear the desk move. Therefore, you can be more productive without getting distracted by the noises coming from the motor. 

Now is the time to consider the Autonomous Desk Connect. With its extended length and height ranges, low noise level, and high lifting capacity, you have the best of the best for your work-at-home needs

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