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SmartDesk DIY Kit Review: The Best Electric Desk Platform
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SmartDesk DIY Kit Review: The Best Electric Desk Platform

|Mar 29, 2021

The Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kit is the ultimate option for those who want to be able to fully customize their adjustable standing desk at home. Apart from wanting more autonomy over your desk design, there may be affordability or other reasons behind your choice to go the DIY route. Whatever the motivation may be, Autonomous still has you covered by providing you with the frame you need to build on. there is no better electric platform that offers you this kind of flexibility.

During this Autonomous smartdesk DIY kit review, you are going to be learning about the various facets of the DIY standing desk. So, strap in, and get ready to go. 

How Many Desk Frame Kits Does Autonomous Offer?

The number of frames that Autonomous offers is in complete conjunction with the different traditional standing desk options that you can get. If you were to opt for a fully built standing desk from the company, you could get the options of the SmartDesk 2 Home Office, the SmartDesk 2 Premium, or the L-shaped SmartDesk.


The intention is for you to be able to create your customized versions of all three using the same frame that the sturdy desktops are usually fused with. That way, you get even more agency over features, such as the adjustability height, shape, and even whether you want to do a dual-motor or tri-motor design.

Having three different desk frame kit options to choose from just reinforces the idea of immense customization. 

Style, Color Option

The style of your standing desk frame depends on the one that you choose. If you go the SmartDesk 2 Home Office or Premium route, the frame that you get is going to be the same. The difference lies in the range that you get where height adjustment is concerned. Both are made of solid SPCC steel and rounded edges. Additionally, they sit on a dual motor design. 

As the names imply, the SmartDesk 2 Home Office tends to be used in remote or home-based contexts, while the premium option is better suited to traditional offices. 

The L-shaped SmartDesk has a frame that is synonymous with its name. This is typically the kind of desk that you get to make the most of a corner desk setup for small space that you may have. Note that the short side and the long side of the L-shaped desk are interchangeable for greater customization. SPCC steel is also used here, but the power comes from a triple motor design. 

Style, Color Option


SPCC steel is designed to be an incredibly sturdy material, which is why Autonomous chose it to comprise the frames of some of its most successful products. Wobbling is often an issue with a lot of standing desks on the market. While you may not necessarily be able to tell when they are at their lowest heights, things take a turn for the worst as you start adjusting them upward.

At that point, you start to notice a lot of shakiness, and that kind of design choice is conducive to a disaster. Some of the desks that don't use the sturdiest of materials try to mitigate this by implementing a horizontal bar. However, even those are not all made equal.

The three standing desk frame options that you have for your Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kit show no form of wobble, regardless of how high you adjust the desk. It is one of the best home office desks in 2021.


Adjustment Range and Speed

Standing desk height adjustability is an essential and non-negotiable consideration in choosing one for your working needs. The principle applies even when you are going to be involved in the creation of the said desk. Knowing how to build a standing desk also involves wisely choosing the components that go into the process.

On the bright side of Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kit review, if you should get the DIY frame from Autonomous, there is no guesswork involved where the maximum and minimum ranges are concerned. Note that the differences depend on which of the three options you choose from. 

Adjustment Range and Speed

While you may not necessarily adjust the desk as high or as low as it can go, you do want to ensure that the heights you intend to use are supported. 

If you choose the premium option, then your adjustability height range goes from 25.4 inches to 51 inches. On the Home Office side of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 spectrum, the height range goes from 28 inches to 47 inches. Finally, there’s the Autonomous L-shaped desk. As far as height adjustability goes, you get between 28.5 inches and 47.5 inches of height adjustment. 

The speed for all three designs is 2.3 inches per second, which makes for some quick transitions.

Weight Capacity

This is where you start to think about the equipment that you're going to be using on the desk. This Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kit review needs to speak to this aspect, from both a comfort and practicality perspective. How are you expected to use an adjustable standing desk that cannot accommodate the things it was meant to support?

Thankfully, all Autonomous desks carry a generous lifting capacity, which could even support a heavy person being on them. The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Office and Premium standing desk kits both support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The autonomous L-shaped kit takes it a small step further by supporting up to 330 pounds. 

Weight Capacity

Noise Level

As you were advised above, all the Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kits offered use multiple motor systems in their adjustment mechanisms. In most other industries, more motors would likely mean more noise, so you would be forgiven for having that impression. However, Autonomous SmartDesk DIY kits are the exception to this almost universal rule.

Even with the traditional standing desks that the kits are modeled after, the motors operate smoothly and quietly. 

Noise Level


There are two different warranty guarantees in Smartdesk DIY kit review, and they depend on the frame you choose. If you purchase the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Office or L-shaped SmartDesk frame, you get a five-year warranty. The SmartDesk 2 frame yields a staggering seven-year warranty. All these give you coverage for defects that are beyond your fault or control.

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