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Spread Holiday Cheer with Online Gift Giving from Autonomous

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 16, 2020

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This holiday season, gathering together isn’t an option for everyone. But there are still great ways to spread holiday cheer, and this year you can give a personalized gift from Autonomous with a custom electronic Christmas card to accompany your purchase. Give the gift of ergonomics this Christmas and enjoy direct discounts on Autonomous’ most popular products.

Every year until now, families large and small around the world have gathered together to celebrate the age old Christmas tradition of feasting, spending time with loved ones, and most of all, exchanging gifts. This year, however, the worldwide pandemic is forcing us to rethink how we celebrate Christmas.


With cases on the rise in the United States, it’s important now more than ever for families to take precautions and stay safe during the pandemic. Unfortunately this means many annual Christmas traditions will have to be compromised for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Maintaining physical distance is necessary, and for most people it’s not advisable to travel long distances to visit family. But that doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit is any less resilient!


Fortunately, there are some great alternative, safe ways to give gifts, and as many companies are innovating and thinking of new ways to connect with customers for safe gift giving, Autonomous has done its part to offer a thoughtful solution to those who are looking for an alternative to in-person gift giving this holiday season.


Online gift giving with Autonomous

Online gift giving

Now, with any purchase made on the Autonomous website, customers will have the option to select and personalize an electronic Christmas card to accompany their purchase. That means you can send a Christmas gift directly to your loved ones, and they’ll also receive an electronic Christmas card to let them know who is sending it.


The personalized card is a great way to spread that holiday cheer in a safe way this year! Not only can you give a thoughtful gift to someone you know, but you can personalize your order and share your heartfelt Christmas wishes and let them know why they are such a beloved and special person in your life.


Best of all, Autonomous is offering a Christmas Direct Discount on many of its products, so you can instantly save on some of their most popular smart ergonomic office tools. Be sure to take advantage of these holiday savings and give the gift of ergonomics to your friends and family. 


Why give Autonomous?

Give Autonomous

Autonomous smart ergonomic office tools are the perfect gift for anyone in your life who works from home due to the pandemic. In order to get our best work done, we need the right tools that adapt to our unique body shapes and working styles to maximize productivity, boost our energy, and protect our health. We also need tools that give us flexibility throughout the workday.


The ErgoChair 2 is a multi-adjustable ergonomic office chair made from high quality, premium materials that are durable and built to last. The adjustability points make it easy for anyone to customize the chair so that they sit as comfortably and ergonomically as possible. Best of all, its minimal design and beautiful color options means it’ll fit right into just about any home office setup.

Autonomous combo


The Kinn Chair is Autonomous’ most cutting edge ergonomic office chair, with a unique fishbone-design backrest that promotes optimal spinal alignment and posture. Inspired by nature, this unique minimalist design is built with durable long-lasting materials and can be customized by adding a breathable mesh back. It’s perfect for any working professional whether they work in an office or in their homes. 


The SmartDesk 2 is Autonomous’ flagship standing desk, offering the flexibility everyone needs to sit and stand throughout the workday and combat a sedentary lifestyle. The desk includes a whisper-quiet dual electric motor, plus four memory settings so you can adjust the desk height perfectly with just a press of a button. It’s highly customizable, with several wood finish and color options. You can even get the SmartDesk DIY Kit and use your own custom table top that complements your home office perfectly.


Autonomous also offers many office accessories such as an Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp, with a sleek design that stays out of the way but offers maximum desktop coverage. For active sitting, the ErgoStool is a great way to change up your workflow and activate your core, giving you the option to stay active and keep your blood flowing while you work. For those who like standing, the Anti-Fatigue Mat is a must for anyone looking to alleviate joint pain in their ankles and knees.


Purchasing gifts for your loved ones on the Autonomous website is easy! For more information, you can watch this handy instructional video for easy-to-follow instructions:



This holiday season will be challenging and unlike any other we’ve experienced in recent memory. As we look forward with hope to a better and brighter future ahead, we can still spread holiday cheer and let our friends and family know just how much they mean to us with online gift giving and personalized electronic gift cards.


Take advantage of the Autonomous Christmas Direct Discounts by visiting the online store and seeing what specials are available today! Best of all, you can participate in lots of fun mini-games throughout the holiday that could get you additional discounts and free gifts. Give the gift of health and productivity with a personalized touch this holiday season. Shop Autonomous now!

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