How to Design Stand Up Desk Frame Yourself
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How to Design Stand Up Desk Frame Yourself

|Feb 2, 2021

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular because of their many advantages. While there are many different products on the market, you may prefer to create a one-of-a-kind personalized standing desk. You can make use of a stand up desk frame to design your own desk. Learn how to set up the best stand up desk frame in this article.

Designing an Ergonomic Workspace

There are many benefits to making your workspace more ergonomic. You can increase your ability to focus and your productivity. You can make your work environment somewhere that you enjoy. It’s also a way to eliminate body aches, posture problems, and other negative health effects, both in the short and long-term.

Some of the changes you can make to be more ergonomic include adjusting the entire office's layout. You can also invest in better furniture for office desk ergonomics. These furniture options allow you to adjust the height, tilt, and other features for maximum comfort.

Designing an Ergonomic Workspace

Why Should You Consider a Standing Desk?

Speaking of ergonomic furniture, a standing desk can be a great investment. You get to enjoy the flexibility of being able to stand and sit at your desk. It’s great for your posture, your health, and your ability to focus. Top standing desk options like the SmartDesk 2 can be programmed to different height settings. They are easy to raise and lower using the motor and easy to move around without making a noise. The mechanism behind this seamless movement is the motorized standing desk frame.

Why Should You Consider a Standing Desk?

Design Your Own Standing Desk

While there are many great office desks available, you may prefer to design your own. When you choose the right stand up desk frame, you can create your own custom desk. This gives you some flexibility on what kind of desktop to use and how the final result is going to look. If you are good with your hands and want to create an amazing personalized standing desk, then definitely consider starting with a height-adjustable standing desk frame.

Design Your Own Standing Desk

A Guide to Setting Up Your Standing Desk Frame Using SmartDesk DIY

To set up your own standing desk, you are going to need a frame and a top. To make it easier to maneuver the desk between different heights, consider a motorized standing desk frame. This allows you to lower and raise the desk to the preset or selected heights with just the push of a button. The other alternative is a frame with a manual mechanism. This option's drawbacks include the manual effort you need to exert and the noise that this could make.

One of the best stand up desk frame options available is the SmartDesk DIY standing desk kit from Autonomous. Before we get into how to assemble this height adjustable standing desk frame and design your desk, let's look at the features of the Autonomous kit.

A Guide to Setting Up Your Standing Desk Frame Using SmartDesk DIY

SmartDesk DIY Kit Features

The DIY kit contains the frame you are going to use for your standing desk. The frame comes in three color options—black, white, and gray. It also comes in three model options—home office, L-shaped, and premium. The frame is made from sturdy steel.

There is a silent programmable dual-motor system included. It can take up to four preset height options, which can be useful if you share the desk with different family members, for example. The desk moves seamlessly between the different heights at the push of a button at a speed of 2.3”/sec. The frame can support a maximum weight of 300lbs.

How to Assemble the Kit

Assembling the kit is easy to do in as little as 20 minutes. The full assembly instructions are included in the box. You are going to need a few tools, including a 4mm Allen wrench, which comes with the kit. You also need a tape measure and a screwdriver.

The kit contains about nine components and seven pieces of hardware. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to assemble your new standing desk frame:

  • Loosen the screws using the Allen wrench, separate the crossbar ends, and take out the rails inside.

  • Mount the legs to the crossbar as directed.

  • Connect the side brackets to the leg assemblies, and tighten all the screws.

  • Slide in the crossbar rails as directed.

  • Attach the feet to the legs.

  • Add the 12 noise pads to the frame.

  • Secure the frame to the tabletop of your choice using screws.

  • Screw in the control box.

  • Attach the cable tray, and pull in the relevant cables.

  • Attach the keyboard and plug it in.

  • Check that everything is level and that all screws are tightened before plugging the table into the outlet power.

The assembly process is simple to follow. You can also learn about the easy operation method from the product manual.

How to Assemble the Kit

Adding Your Desk Top

Once you have decided on a motorized standing desk frame and assembled it, you are ready to add a desktop. There are many options for a great top. You can go with a wood desk or use another material. A glass top is not a good option, given the constant up and down movement that a standing desk gets and the need to secure the top to the frame using screws.

If you are good with tools and carpentry, you can have fun with the idea and create your own desktop from scratch or old furniture. You can also find someone to custom-make a top that you like. You can decorate the desk and paint it a new color. This can be a fun project to repurpose old furniture items. The instructions for adding the desktop to the frame are available in the height adjustable standing desk frame manual.

Adding your desk top


You can design your own standing desk using a stand up desk frame. This allows you to choose the top that best suits your needs. The best stand up desk frame is one that is easy to operate, assemble, and is resilient. A height adjustable standing desk frame is one great way to make your office more ergonomic and to improve your posture and focus at work.

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