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Stand up desk reviews - 7 Most Popular Stand Up Desks for 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 6, 2018

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Stand-up desks are gathering pace in the increasingly ergonomic workspace, and with good reason. Sitting and sedentary postures are known to cause the head to toe health issues, and forward-thinking offices across the world are finally making ergonomic furniture a priority. Those who work in mobile situations or at home are also jumping feet first into the ergonomic standing desk world, which means the market for these desks is continuing to boom. We’ve studied the market - here are our standing desk reviews.

Sitting all day at work limits the amount of calories you burn, and involves very little non-exercise activity thermogenesis, a large factor in peoples’ daily calorie-burning. Outside of intense exercise, it’s the small activities we do every day that keep our body active and calorie-burning. Standing desks help to keep blood circulating, and encourage workers to take more active breaks throughout the day while still staying productive. Many standing desk users also report increased productivity, mood, and morale. They feel sharper, more energetic, and more enthused about the work they’re doing using a standing desk or adjustable stand-to-sit desk.

Where to begin? There are a lot of models out there, and you have probably read many standing desk reviews already. We hope this one will help! Stand-up desks come in a few varieties, so you can choose which is best for your specific workstation. Some are stationary, some move via levers and flexible joints, while others even use digital means to accommodate your positions. After combing through several stand-up desk reviews, we’ve pulled together seven of the most popular and exciting stand-up desks of 2018.

Stand up desk reviews from Autonomous

1. SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous

The SmartDesk 2 is a truly contemporary ergonomic standing desk. It features a digital control that moves the desk from standing to sitting and back again—which you can set to exact numerical heights. This feature has become a user favorite, according to many stand-up desk reviews.

It has a 300-pound lifting capacity and a desktop surface area of 30 inches, so it can hold all CPUs, monitors, and peripherals. The simple and elegant design makes it easy to install and move around, which also makes it a great choice for creative workers who may need to move their desks to different worksites or show clients projects-in-progress. It’s also great for agencies and offices with open floor plans.

2. SmartDesk 3 from Autonomous

The SmartDesk 3 is Autonomous’s latest, market-shattering upgrade to their winning SmartDesk design, and has been featured in not just standing desk reviews but also best-of gadget guides. Beyond the usual SmartDesk features, which are a hit on all the stand up desk reviews we read, It now includes an app which remembers your desk movement habits and sends you suggestions and reminders to improve your body flow and work capabilities.

For instance, if you’ve been sitting for over 70 minutes, it will suggest you move the desk to stand position. When you’re deep in the grind, you can often forget to check in with your body, so this app stays one step ahead. It will suggest breaks every few hours so that you avoid burnout (time to take a walk around the block with your FitBit), or play ping-pong in your startup office’s requisite game room.

Around midday, it suggests lunch, which you can set up to be the few same quick-order options. If you’re tired of the same meal, it can offer you tailored suggestions via It will also remember what time you tend to order, and adjust accordingly.

It connects with your other devices and other environmental control apps like Nest and Lifx, and it will continue to sync to more as its community of users, enthusiasts, and developers grow. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to hook it up to other productivity apps like RescueTime, Asana, and Slack soon enough.

3. ProPlus 36 by VariDesk

Many of the stand-up desk reviews we read mentioned this as merely a cheap alternative to an actual standing desk. What would the pros of a tabletop convertible be? For one thing, it’s a bit more portable and light than the full desk variety, which may be useful for nomadic freelancers who take their workstations with them from site to site. Instead of hiring a moving van to lug your furniture between different edit suites, a tabletop converter may be small and light enough to simply carry in a case—especially this semi-foldable one.

The drawback is, of course, that you must have a pre-existing desk to set it up on. This particular model also doesn’t seem as conveniently adjustable by exact height, like the others which move digitally between exact numerical values.

4. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Stylish, simple, and sturdy—this standing desk from Jarvis gets the job done fuss-free, and gets standing ovations in many stand up desk reviews. It holds 350 pounds and includes a digital controller. It comes in two shapes, seven sizes, and you can extend it out with a handful of Jarvis accessories. Users highly rated the quality of the desktop itself, citing the perfect ergonomic curve and premium quality materials. Something about this desk just “feels great” according to its users and fans, and it’s not too expensive. It’s also not too flashy—the features are basic, but if you just need something simple and feel-good to get the job done, this could be at your doorstep and assembled within a matter of days.

5. ApexDesk Elite

The Elite 71” model of the ApexDesk features one of the absolute largest desktop areas, which ranks it high in plenty of stand-up desk reviews. It’s made of utilitarian fiberboard, comes in three colorways, and is incredibly quiet and sturdy. We’re not sure exactly how easy it is to move and assemble, but it seems like a deluxe and beautiful stand-up desk option. With 71 inches of tabletop space, this would be great for those that want to write or draw (on a graphics tablet or by hand) whilst accommodating large computer monitors on the same workspace.

6. Herman Miller Renew

In classic Herman Miller style, the Renew Standing Desk is gorgeous. It offers all the essentials in multiple colorways and top-grade construction. This premium piece of kit will last you many years, though it may not be as portable or easy to assemble as some of the other desks on this list. Still, Herman Miller’s luxurious aesthetic always gets glowing praise. It will add a touch of elegance to any space, and its sturdy legs promise extra stability and weight-bearing possibilities.

7. IMovr Everest

Manufactured in Michigan with imported Bosch motors from Germany, the IMovr Everest is a titanic standing desk with a unique rotating keyboard panel. This makes it the most ergonomic for arms and wrists and may be worth a look if you suffer from carpal tunnel or do a lot of intensive word processing or coding. It’s width-adjustable, expanding out to 75” and with desktops as wide as 83”. The Motorworks is nearly silent, so there’s no danger of annoying your colleagues with frequent whirring. The IMovr is a firm favorite among the treadmill desk enthusiasts and featured in many stand up desk reviews. Its weight suggests that it’s not very portable, but would make a solid stationary standing desk if you’re working somewhere longterm.

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