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Top Standing Desk Converters for Laptop Users
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Top Standing Desk Converters for Laptop Users

|Dec 25, 2021

Office workers need comfortable furniture to hit that right amount of productive energy and motivation to work. More often than not, when we think the cause of stress and tiredness in the workplace is because of work stress, the opposite is true. Physical fatigue is also a major reason why employees feel burnout while working. Though there are many ways to make a workplace more ergonomic, standing desk converters take the lead as a safe and affordable option.

A standing desk converter for a laptop allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions easily, so you don't strain your body while working. Moreover, when opting for the best desktop standing desk converter, you can also get additional features like a keyboard tray, cable grommets, and connectivity to adjust the height with your mobile; check Standing Desk Connect.

Below is all you need to know about modern standing desk converters and the best standing desk converters for laptops for your work from home or even working while traveling.

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desk converters, also known as monitor risers, are adjustable components that are mounted on the top of your existing desks. Standing desk converters also come with additional features like a keyboard tray and a surface for your mouse.  

They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and price ranges. Many people love standing desk converters because they're usually the cheapest and easiest way to get started standing, and they're something you should think about if you want to keep your current desk.

Best Standing Desk Converters for Laptops

Standing desk converter for a laptop and a monitor can be equally judged, but when buying a desktop standing desk converter for a laptop specifically, you can make things work even with a lower weight capacity.

Since laptops aren't as heavier as entire desktops, the best compact standing desk converter gives you the right amount of weight bearing ability as well as user-friendliness. Below are some top-of-the-line standing desk converters for laptops you will find for the modern ergonomic office.

1. Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! standing desk converter for laptop

This standing desk converter from Autonomous has many reasons to be liked by the user. It is a pretty product for people who pay a lot of attention to aesthetics, for starters. Secondly, the desk riser gives you the right ergonomic comfort with a weight capacity of 45 pounds. You can also get the 45 degrees tilt to adjust the screen angle ergonomically. The Mount-It! a motorized standing desk converter also gives you separate levels for screen and keyboard.

2. Mount-It! M1 Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! M1 standing desk converter for laptop

A full-width keyboard tray is included, and the converter may be adjusted indefinitely to achieve the ideal height and comfort. It also comes with an inbuilt but detachable monitor arm (versa compatible), allowing you to find the ideal ergonomics while keeping your desktop space free.

3. Eureka Gamer Standing Desk

Eureka has got you covered if you are always worried about finding the right size for you because of your exceptional height. It has excellent ergonomics, with a distinctly curved keyboard tray that allows you to rest your forearms in various positions and enough area for a keyboard pad. It also features a 20-inch rise and can fit extra tall individuals, say more than even 6'5".

4. VariDesk Pro Standing Desk Converter

VariDesk Pro standing desk converter for laptop

Many office desks that offer height adjustability are heavy on the pocket, but this one is a better option than an entire standing desk because of its affordability and quality. You can mount in on the top of any fixed surface and enjoy working for hours. The great benefit of buying this product is that it offers a vast range of height adjustability and is very easy to move around.

5. Humanscale Standing Desk Converter

Humanscale has made working in a standing position much more pleasant because of their ergonomic products. This QuickStand standing desk converter  for laptops is no exception. A clamp attachment that connects to the back of your desk is included with the QuickStand. A freestanding foundation is available for an additional fee.

The displays are mounted using Vesa mounts, and the device has a separate typing and tasking platform. The QuickStand is dual ergonomic and has a wide range of adjustments. Thanks to the balancing system, all of the changes are simple to make and can be done in seconds.

6. Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Fully Cooper standing desk converter for laptop

This desk converter can support 33 pounds of gear on the top tier and 4.4 pounds on the lower detachable tray, thanks to a robust steel X-frame that lifts and lowers vertically with one handle. It adjusts from 19 inches to slightly under 5 inches, giving smooth stability at whichever height you like within that range. Aside from that, Flexispot comes in various sizes ranging from 28 to 42 inches.

7. Ergotron Standing Desk Converter

This two monitor standing desk converter has several unique features, including a height-adjustable lever and a hidden slot for your phone or tablet. It has a 12.5-inch vertical lift and a two-tier design that works with monitors and keyboards just as well as laptops. The Ergotron Work Fit-base Z's is much smaller than its surface. Thus it will take up very little space on the desk beneath it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy a Standing Desk Converter?

Where to Buy a Standing Desk Converter

Many retailers sell standing desk converters because of the huge popularity of the product. You can find standing desk converters from Amazon and Autonomous and other famous retailers around the USA.

Is A Standing Desk Converter Worth the Purchase?

Yes, you can have better work productivity with a standing desk converter. Working while standing offers many health benefits, and you can get them all at a cheaper price when you buy a standing desk converter instead of an entire standing desk. Moreover, with a standing desk converter, you also get a chance of easy portability and work ergonomically while traveling.

What Size of Standing Desk Converter Do I Need?

Standing desk converters range from 20 inches to 47 inches, and you can get a variety of products in between. The size of the right standing desk converter depends on various factors, including the size of your laptop or desktop and the office desk accessories you plan to place on your standing desk converter.

How Tall Should a Standing Desk Convertor be?

Standard desk height is 29" or 30", which means a standing desk converter must be at least 15" higher than the present desk to accommodate people 6'0" and up in a good position.

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