Standing Desk, Gaming and Computer Desk Cyber Monday Deals
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Standing Desk, Gaming and Computer Desk Cyber Monday Deals

Autonomous|Oct 29, 2022

Most people know that a sedentary lifestyle is quite harmful to their health. How do you fight off this unhealthy lifestyle? By investing in a standing desk. The benefits of standing desks are extensive. These standing desks not only improve your health but your focus as well. If you are interested in purchasing one, you should check out Autonomous's Cyber Monday desk deals. Cyber Monday is a time where you can benefit from unbeatable deals and get that desk you've always wanted.  

What Cyber Monday Desk Deals Are the Best?  

Interestingly, this type of desk is not just for the office worker, even though most people associate a standing desk with them. However, they can be quite beneficial to gamers as well. Gamers tend to spend a lot of time sitting in front of their screen, which can be harmful to their posture and body. Many gamers are looking to invest in a standing desk to reap their many benefits.

Thus, how do you choose a standing desk? The first-factor one needs to consider when shopping for a standing desk is the desk itself. Ask yourself, what am I looking for in a desk? What kind of space do you have? How do you like your desk to be set up? How many screens do you have? When you know the answers to these questions, you can take advantage of a standing desk sale.  

Here are the best gaming and computer desks to buy on Cyber Monday from the Autonomous Standing Desk line.

1. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk 2 Home Office

Those new to standing desks may want to consider the SmartDesk Core for their home office. The SmartDesk Core is just the right size for any home office, and you can choose from a variety of tabletops to match your existing decor. 

This desk works for people of any height as it features four height settings that meet most needs. Users do not have to worry about overloading their desks either because it can lift to 300 lbs. If you are on the hunt for a standing desk with Cyber Monday deal, this product may be the right solution for your home office. 

2. SmartDesk Pro

Premium version of SmartDesk 2

This next desk is suitable for both the home and the office. It is a premium standing desk that changes positions within seconds. Though it is a top of the line product, it is still very affordable, especially if you are looking for a Cyber Monday desk sale. 

This desk is a perfect choice if you need to buy more than one desk. Many companies are looking to up-fit their offices with standing desks so that their workers are more productive, all while reducing the chance of musculoskeletal disorders. The SmartDesk Pro is office quality. It also adjusts to four preset height choices, so any person in your office can set it to their optimal height. It also moves up and down with a silent motor, meaning cubicle neighbors won't bother each other when changing heights. If you are in the market of purchasing several of these desks, taking advantage of a standing desk sale is a must.

3. SmartDesk Corner

L-Shaped SmartDesk

If you require more space to work, this L-shaped standing desk is excellent for you. It provides you with extra surface area to support your screens and paperwork. An L-shaped desk may also be very handy for someone who works and games in the same space. You can keep all of your gaming consoles separate from your work devices, making your desk organized and functional. This motorized desk moves up and down, with virtually no noise, and at the push of a button. Switch between standing and sitting throughout your workday or gaming time to keep your brain and body functioning at peak performance. Anyone looking for a Cyber Monday gaming desk or Cyber Monday desk deal should consider this option.

Designed with two modular segments, the smart desk corner offers twice the space, which makes the desk more spacious than a regular-sized desk. With this L-shaped desk, you can easily build a two-person workstation that provides more surface area but occupies minimum square footage. The desk is electrically height controlled with the help of three powerful electric motors. Despite being numerous, the motors don't make an uncomfortable noise while operating. The desk comes in black, white, and gray table top options, each equally regal and smart.

Ideal for large monitor setups or gaming setups, the L-shaped standing desk is suitable for big setups and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. To save your ideal placements, use the responsive programmable keypad.

4. Autonomous SmartDesk Connect

As the name suggests, the SmartDesk Connect is one of our smartest Cyber Monday desk deals. This modern desk offers numerous features to add functionality to your workplace. The desk is controlled with a convenient mobile application and has an anti-collision feature. It allows you to moderate standing and sitting sessions to plan your work time accordingly. The upgraded electric dual motor operates the desk height easily, and you get precise height control to the last inch. This electric standing desk has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and can lift to three monitor setups with the help of a solid steel frame.

5. SmartDesk Frame

For those who have specific needs, like curved screens, consider purchasing a standing desk kit.  

This kit is the ultimate choice for customization. Built from reliable materials, this kit gives you the ability to complete design your own work or gaming space. This desk frame can lift up to 300lbs while seamlessly transitioning from sitting to standing. It is excellent for both gamers and remote workers because of its customizable abilities. No matter what features you are looking for, you can find it with this desk. Often tailor-designed items are on the more expensive side. This desk is more affordable than most, especially if you purchase during a Cyber Monday desk sale.

6. FENGE 2-Tier Standing Desk: Tablet Stand & USB Ports

The benefit of the FENGE 2-tier standing desk is that it has a spacious working surface and a separate shelf on the top. This allows you to build a multi-monitor setup and have an ergonomic screen level while working. This standing desk Cyber Monday deal will save you 50% off the original price, and you will get features like electric height control, USB ports, and a table stand. The desk is easily adjustable with a solid steel frame and has a 2-year warranty.

7. EUREKA IM63 Curved Desk: Additional Storage & Manual Height Settings

8. Northread Standing Desk Pro: Dual Motor

Get your hands on the Northread Standing Desk Pro with a dual motor power system. The dual motor sets this desk apart from the others, giving complete control and even lifting and lowering mechanisms. The desk is controlled with the help of a keypad, and the smooth operation is powered by quiet motor operation. It has a load capacity of 265 pounds and helps you attain height adjustability from 25 to 50 inches. The 4 memory buttons ensure the desk reaches your desired height, and you can pre-program the desk for different users. It has a lock and unlocks a feature that enhances the product's safety, and you can get a great computer desk Cyber Monday discount on this desk.

9. Wistopht SmartDesk Core: Anti-collision and USB Ports

Wistopht SmartDesk Core is a compact desk designed for home offices. This desk comes in two options: the classic top size and the compact top size. It has two pre-drilled holes, offers height adjustability from 27 to 45 inches, and works with a powerful 2-stage frame. The desk offers a weight lifting capacity of 265 pounds, making it suitable for bigger work setups despite its small size. The solid steel frame is durable and powered by dual-quiet electric motors. The desk offers an 80-month warranty and is a graceful pick for anyone who loves minimalism in the workplace.

10. Northread Standing Desk with Drawers: USB & Type-C Charging Port

This computer desk with keyboard tray from Northread is all fun and works thanks to its cool design and unique functionality. The Northread desk is a standing desk on Cyber Monday that comes in not only one or two but four different colored options for the tabletop. The desk is discounting around 20% for the computer desk Cyber Monday deals, and we rate this as one of the best picks this Cyber Monday. The desk is height adjustable from 27 to 44 inches, has four programmable settings, is powered by dual electric motors, and operates quietly at 50 dB. It offers a 2-year warranty, and the white solid steel frame gives durability and looks regal in minimal work setups.

11. Northread Glass Top Standing Desk: Drawer & USB Charger

With a USB charger and built-in drawer, the Northread whiteboard desk offers both looks and functionality. The desk has an ergonomic storage solution for your chargers, stationery, and essential items, the USB Charger keeps your devices fueled throughout the day, and the compact size makes it the ideal fit for small workplaces. The desk is height adjustable from 27 to 44 inches, has four different programmable settings, and comes with a dual electric motor. It operates at a noise level negligible at 50 dB and is one of our favorite glass-top office desks.

12. Mount-It! Rolling Computer Workstation with Monitor Mount

The Mount-It! rolling computer workstation is a mobile height adjustable desk with a smart design. This desk is designed for busy workspaces with a workstation always needed on the go. Suitable for a doctor's office or teacher's workstation, the cart has several heighted platforms, each height adjustable. Besides a spacious desk surface, you also get a monitor arm to mount your screen. The desk rolls away smoothly thanks to the four attached wheels on the base. It has a weight capacity of 33 pounds per shelf and comes in colors black and silver. The desk offers a 10-year warranty too.

13. Modernsolid Mobile Computing Cart with CPU Holder

The Modernsolid computer cart perfectly answers workplace mobility and agility. This computer cart has features like a CPU holder, a monitor mount, and a smooth platform for your keyboard and mouse. The computer cart has five-wheeled bases for smooth and quick movement and comes with numerous features like a foldable keyboard tray and a wrist pad. The CPU holder with a safety belt ensures you can run with this desk without fearing the gadgets falling off. The cart includes a mousepad, swivel, and tiltable monitor mount, allowing 360 degrees of screen rotation. 

14. Eureka L-shaped TechDesk: Monitor Stand & Dual Headphone Hook

A dual motor lift system powers the Eureka L-shaped tech desk is stable and reliable and has a smooth finish to elevate the entire room's aesthetics. The desk has armor pieces built with metallic coating and offers desktop protection for maximum ease. It comes with a rotatable dual headphone hook and is themed according to the official call of duty theme. The desk has multi-functional accessories such as a cup holder, cable tray management, a headphone hook, and similar helpful options.

15. FENGE 43’’ Height Adjustable CompactDesk

16. Fenge Ultralong CompactDesk + Free Monitor Stand

17. Fenge Ultrawide CompactDesk + Free Monitor Stand

18. The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk: Built to Last

19. Curved Art Desk

Curved Art Desk

Sometimes, you prefer a desk with a unique style. Desks with style can help to inspire creativity to increase productivity. This curved art desk does just that. It’s ideal curving shape optimizes space, as it wraps seamlessly around your work area. It even provides the ability to have several users work at one desk without sacrificing space. Like the other Autonomous products, this desk moves up and down with the push of a button. It transitions silently and can be set at one of four sit-stand positions.  

In an office environment, you can join several of these desks together to create a shared workspace. At home, it works very well for both gamers and remote workers alike. For example, gamers can sit inside the curved portion to immerse themselves deeper into their gaming realm.  

Try purchasing this desk during Cyber Monday desk deals for the most savings possible. This can be extremely helpful if you are looking to buy several of these desks for your office setting.

20. SmartDesk Core Dou for Co-Workers

Double Desk for Co-Workers

Do you share an office desk with someone? Perhaps you are a remote worker by day and a gamer by night, with separate setups for each. If this sounds like you, consider purchasing a double standing desk with one of the computer deskCyber Monday deals. 

This adjustable standing desk is double-sided, meaning two desks are joined in the middle so that workers can face each other. It provides privacy while still enabling collaboration between teammates. Each desk is independently operated so that both users can work in their ideal position.  

This dual standing desk is also excellent for shared home offices. There is often not enough room in a house for both partners to have their own office. This desk solves that problem. Each person can enjoy their own workspace within one room.

FAQs for Using a Standing Desk

1. Why Should I Use a Standing Desk? 

It's easy to say you should invest in a standing desk, but you may be asking yourself why. What is the point, and what benefits does it bring me? In a nutshell, standing desks improve your posture, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, and enhance your productivity. 

Once you have read through the article, be sure to check out Cyber Monday desk sales so that you can get your very own at the very best price.

2. How Do I Use a Standing Desk?

Now that you have browsed the deals of computer desk in Cyber Monday and selected your desk, you are probably wondering, how do I use a standing desk correctly? This is a fair question as many people are still new to this work form. For all the best tips on how to use your desk, check out this article. 

autonomous black friday

3. Why is Ergonomically Correct Office Furniture Important? 

You likely have heard about all the benefits of investing in ergonomic office furniture. In the '90s, ergonomics may have been considered a buzzword, but now the advantages are well proven. Using proper office furniture keeps you working longer, reduces pain, and increases your work output. Studies continually show the benefits for your body, so check out Cyber Monday desk deals to begin your ergonomic office setup. 

4. How Can a Standing Desk Improve My Game Play?

We often think ergonomics only relates to work stations, but what if gaming is your work? What if you spend numerous hours gaming once you get home from your job? Don't think that standing desks are only for the office world. Gamers can also benefit from the increased productivity, improved attention, and extension of their playing hours associated with standing desks.


5. What Other Workspace Products Should I Buy on Cyber Monday?

When shopping for a Cyber Monday desk deal, don't forget to add some other work or gaming station items to your bill. Things like monitor arms, a proper gaming or office chair, and a footrest can improve your set up in ways that may surprise you. Autonomous also has a wide range of office chair deals for this Cyber Monday, check out and find the most suitable one for your workspace.

Final Thoughts 

Cyber Monday is one of the best times to invest in a standing desk and ergonomic work setup. If you are on a budget, remodeling your office or gaming station can be cost-prohibitive. That's that, it is such a good idea to take advantage of these often-exceptional deals. Don't let cost hold you back. Your health and productivity are essential. Without either, your work is likely to be affected. Take the time and money to invest in the best workstation setup that you can afford. You won't regret it. Find the best deal of Cyber Monday ergonomic chair and standing desk right away.

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