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Standing Desks, A Healthy Choice For Better Back

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 9, 2018

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Moving more and using a standing desk throughout the day has been shown to be a healthy choice to improve back pain. According to a small 2018 study, patients who used a sit-stand desk and participated in counseling to improve sedentary behavior experienced a 50 percent decrease in low back pain compared to a control group that had neither intervention.


Mother of Problems

Offices places everywhere have the same type of typical sitting setup; you get a desk and a chair for sitting there for about 8 hours daily. Usually, people sit in such a way that their upper back is very much comfortable but their lower back is completely messed up and is in a much-compromised position. This brings stress on the head and neck too. Getting a back issue while sitting and working on a chair starts a chain reaction that keeps on going and starts a long list of illnesses.

·         Heart diseases

·         Diabetes

·         Stroke

·         High blood pressure

·         High cholesterol

·         Weight gain

·         Anxiety

·         Back, Neck, and Spine problems

Negative affects of sitting too long

Source: How sitting too long affects the body?

Even though we cannot say that sitting is the main cause of all problems, there are many other factors involved too. But sitting for too long and changing your sitting posture after every couple of hours thought out the day is not enough to overcome the remedies.

The Best Standing Jobs with No or Less Sitting Options

As we have discussed early that sitting for too long at your jobs doesn't provide many benefits to the health, there are certain jobs that require full time or we can stay in the maximum time standing position. Some of them are related to construction jobs, factory workers, doctors, chefs and kitchen staff, etc. These people have very little time from their schedule to sit and work. They need a continuous movement of their bodies, walk, move, and shift.

There are some office jobs which require only sitting position to work, like computer operating, bank cash jobs and others. But these can also be done while standing, but in order to do this, you need a standing desk at your workstation.

Standing desks must be unique and not have a fixed height; they must have an adjustable-height mechanism so that one can change its height according to his/her requirement. Its height can be changeable to a normal sitting desk as well.

This will help to reduce the health issues that are related to sitting on a chair or seat for a long time. You cannot do a full-time job while standing, but the best way to do is to sit for a half-hour and then stand for one hour. Some benefits are discussed below.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Lowers the risk of obesity

When you keep the desk at a proper ergonomic level, it allows your body to focus better without compromising your back. This level can be achieved by maintaining the elbows in “L” shape while the monitor must be in front of your eyes.

Spending a few hours standing at your office desk is similar to running and burning calories

Studies have proved that standing helps to burn more calories than sitting, about 0.7 calories per minute.

Increases your lifespan

Standing can increase your lifespan for over two years. Even though standing sounds pretty boring as well, so there are possible solutions to every problem, use anti-fatigue mats to achieve this goal.

Decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Active workstations allow standing up and get moving while you work. This keeps the blood flow in a better state. Decreasing the risk of all cardiovascular diseases.

Increases brain activity and memory formation

Standing is not just good for your body; it is also very beneficial for your brain. Standing and continuously changing your positions is the best way to keep the mind healthy and build a strong memory.

Improves mood and energy levels

Studies have proven that people who used standing desks had less stress and fatigue levels than people who sit at their desks all day. This increases energy levels resulting in much happier days at the office.

No damage to the back disks

Standing desks helps the body to put no pressure on the spine that was a major issue while sitting for a long time. This keeps the back disks stress free.

Maintains the blood flow and reduces leg pain

Sitting on a chair for a long period of time restricts the blood flow towards the legs, resulting in leg pain. Standing desks help to overcome this problem by keeping a regular and constant blood flow in the legs.

Best designs for workstation standing desks

       Firstly, workstations must provide adjustable standing desks for their employees and workers. There are three different tasks at the offices which require different work surface heights. An appropriate height has  been calculated for all three:

1.      Precision work:

Such as writing or electronic assembly – about 5cm above elbow height; elbow support is needed.

2.      Light work:

Such as assembly-line or mechanical jobs – about 5-10 cm below elbow height.

3.      Heavy work:

Demanding downwards force – from 20-40 cm below elbow height.

Standing desk height

Can standing desks cause health problems?

There are no particular health hazards caused by standing desks at workstations because standing is a natural human posture. However, working in a standing position for longer periods of time can bring up some health-related issues like varicose veins, muscular fatigue, swelling in legs and feet, soreness in toes, pain in lower back, and muscle stiffness particularly in neck and shoulders. Some of the jobs which have full time standing position work like sales; assembly line workers etc. have reported some issues.

How to overcome and reduce health problems?

The best way to overcome this problem is sitting at some regular intervals like standing for one hour and then sitting for 15-20 minutes will be beneficial.

  • Change working positions frequently so that working in one position is of a reasonably short duration.
  • Avoid extreme bending, stretching and twisting.
  • Pace work appropriately.
  • Allow workers suitable rest periods to relax; exercises may also help.
  • Provide instruction on proper work practices and the use of rest breaks.
  • Allow workers an adjustment period when they return to work after an absence for vacation or illness so they can gradually return to a regular work pace.

The trend of using standing desks

Multinational companies and top-level business organizations and networks have very good policies that are to keep their employees and workers comfortable. Keeping their workers to do their work in a comfortable and relaxed position and getting maximum benefits from their abilities. These companies and organizations have also adapted the standing desks instead of using the traditional office setups. Always focused and targeting to increase revenue, they offer the best possible comfort as well as a productive workplace environment to their employees. The trend of using these standing desks is increasing rapidly nowadays.

Good health is a blessing, take good care for it

While we are talking only about standing desks, we must discuss other factors that help in improving and maintaining good health as well. The biggest factor that contributes is a well-balanced diet. Eating proper and keeping the required caloric ratio maintained in your diet will help you to work faster and smarter.

Your diet must contain a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This will reduce the risk of “Atherosclerosis” disease. Stay away from junk food and never rely on these unhealthy food items.

Sitting desk or a standing desk never guarantees you good health; your diet is responsible for your health. So, take good care of it and always keep a record of your diet. Sleeping and resting are also two important factors in a healthy lifestyle. Your good health is a blessing, take care of it.


Types of Standing Desks, Best for You and Your Company (Our recommendations)

The standing desks industry is growing rapidly and the demand of these standing desks has also been inflated, there are many options available now for the customers to choose from. Some of them are:

Adjustable Height Standing Desks

Possibly, one of the best available solutions among all other standing desks. Considering its functionality, they are really hard to beat. They quickly and easily change the height of your work surface, keeping all of your office equipment in one place like keyboard, monitor, reference materials, and other, in the same place. Height can be adjusted by a manual method and electric motors.

Sit-Stand Adapters

These devices are fundamentally scaled-down desks that sit on the surface of your customary situated desk, and ascend when you need to stand. They run from greatly basic, with wooden or metal risers and furrows that you have to work physically, to lever or gas-worked lifting instruments, similar to the one in your office chair. The greater part of them incorporates a different console plate, to keep an in a perfect world ergonomic space between the PC screen and the composing surface.

Fixed Height Standing Desks

Paired with a normal sit down desk, they offer a much low-tech and budget-friendly sit-stand solution. These are not the best but certainly the most affordable ones. Once they are installed, their height cannot be changed or altered. They have a two-story shelf, one for sitting and one for standing work.

Hand Cranked Sit-Stand Desks  

This type of sit-stand desk is the best option for someone who wants a single workstation that can easily accommodate both sitting and standing desks in one model. Hand-cranked desks are the best and cheapest option for this, a rotatory crank is used in this desk to raise or lower the desk surface without moving the feet, and they stay in the same place. Forgiving gearing and locking system keep users from tiring out and the desk from falling on its riser system.

Fixed Height Desktop Risers

The super affordable options to get you a standing experience right away. These are basically elevated platforms that can be sat down on the existing desks just to elevate the monitor, laptop, and/or keyboard. These can be folded up to increase their portability; they can work well if you currently have a mobile working style. They work same as fixed height standing desks.

Sit-Stand Recline Desks

Feels like zero gravity, this unique workstation allows you to not only sit and stand but you can also completely recline like an astronaut. Especially built for the people having orthopedic issues like chronic neck pain and severe back pain. This is probably the most expensive desk among its competitors.

Exercise Desks

A great alternative to your regular or powered standing desks, now exercises and work both can be done at the same time. An integrated treadmill is attached to a standing desk. The smaller, low-power treadmills that come with these setups aren’t a replacement for a full exercise model; either they’re usually speed limited to only a slow jog.

Desk exercises

Final Words

If you are looking for a complete workstation with mobility experience and you are really concerned about your health. The standing desks will fulfill your needs. Not only yours, if you own a company and have employees in it, buy some standing desks for them as well. The main goal is not just about earning money; it’s about earning money but also maintaining good health.

There are plenty of options available nowadays and with a dynamic range of standing desks available in the market, having unique features and movement adjustment options. It is like one for everyone. Sitting for too long or even standing for too long is not good for your health. Keep your body moving and must have some rests at regular intervals.

Getting started with a standing desk can be a major change in your work style. After all, the whole office environment has been set up for decades to favor sitting and sedentary behavior. Get your standing desk today and become part of the change you wanted for many years. Get rid of your old and conventional workstation; bring modern office furniture including ergonomic office chairs and standing desks into your workplace environment.

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