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Startup Office Setup: A Complete Guide for 2024
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Startup Office Setup: A Complete Guide for 2024

|Feb 17, 2022

Entrepreneurship focuses on turning dreams and ideas into reality and being practical about it. However, the space between those things often seems infinite if you don’t start on the right journey from the beginning. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got a startup business, but you’re not done. The road requires the right startup office set up so that everything runs smoothly from the beginning. 

Startups often have a small team at the beginning, so you don’t require a huge space. You really just need a well-constructed area in the right location. Let’s focus on how to set up new office zones. 

What’s an Entrepreneur?


Who is the entrepreneur, and how do you become one? This person creates something new, such as a company, business, or initiative. They are the beginning (and possibly the end) of a project, activity, or venture. 

They might not be the ones who created the idea, but they decide to turn it into reality. Overall, an entrepreneur is a starter and driver who is responsible and accountable in everything they do. 

Structure Matters

Structure Matters in startup office setup

In the business office setup, the structure matters. Open office spaces are the new trend, but the layout isn’t all that important. However, the structure is because it’s the first point on the checklist for the office setup for entrepreneurs. You have to divide your space appropriately to maximize utility before thinking of the limitations of budget, maintenance, or space. 

An open space doesn’t mean that people can’t focus. Each employee needs the right working area to isolate themselves, allowing them to think. The environment also influences work quality. 

It’s important to fade away the noise, whether it’s from elsewhere or your office. Carpeting can reduce extra noise, and curtains work well for employees who are on the phone or get distracted by people walking around. 

Partitions are also crucial. There must be a brainstorming area, paperwork room, washrooms, and kitchen. The zone or space you include in your startup office setup matters, and let’s think about that. 

What Zone (Space) Should a Business Include in the Setup?

What Zone (Space) Should a Business Include in the Setup?

Typically, a business office setup should focus on each area of the company. There are bound to be workstations that have a standing desk and an ergonomic office chair. Each office space should also have the right equipment. Create an office equipment checklist to make things easier for you. 

What do you need? These are the zones to consider: 

Reception Area

When you want to set up new office accommodations, it’s crucial to have a reception area. This is the welcoming space and the first impression of the company. In fact, it sets the whole theme in the client’s and employee’s minds. 

You shouldn’t overdo it, but you should have a classy desk, a fascinating backdrop, figures, pictures, and the company logo and name uniquely and stylishly presented. Typically, this area has high-end furniture, whereas the workstations may not be as elegant. 

Work Desks

Work Desks in startup office setup

The startup office setup you choose is up to you. However, rows of cubicles stuffed with chairs and desks aren’t what employees want. Generally, they prefer open, airy spaces so that they’re connected to everyone, have room to function, and still get privacy. 

Consider purchasing wholesale office furniture from Autonomous. You get the same great products, but they cost less because you’re buying more at one time. With that, you get full support with five-star ergonomic products. 

Autonomous even offers priority shipping, a 30-day trial, installation service, and up to a 5-year warranty. The business office setup is also customized for your business. 

On top of that, you have access to smart office tools that make life easier for everyone! 

Client Meeting or Board Meeting Room

Client Meeting or Board Meeting Room

The meeting room is where you talk to prospective clients, tell them what you can do, and persuade them to go with your company and ideas. It must look professional, but it has to be welcoming and inviting. 

Typically, the best office setup for entrepreneurs includes a formal client meeting area, but you can’t lose touch with what people want. It should be comfortable so that prospects stay there for a while and hash things out. Add a few plants, buy a projector, and bulk buy office chair items so that everything matches. 

When you get an office desk wholesale from Autonomous, you know you’re spending less on quality products. Buy enough for the meeting room and the employees so that everyone has something ergonomic that helps them stay productive and want to sit. 

Ergonomic desk chairs are much healthier to sit in for long periods. That way, everyone can sit up straight, be comfortable, and change the height settings to meet their needs. Generally, it’s best to pair these chairs with a standing desk. 

Depending on how big the meeting area is, you can use multiple standing desks spaced close together to give the appearance of one long table. That way, two people collaborating can stand and work, giving their behinds a break from sitting all the time. 

Brainstorming Zone

Brainstorming Zone in startup office setup

Your startup office setup should focus more on the brainstorming zone because it’s the most important. Everything is about ideas. Startup companies feed on them, nurture them, and are the backbone of the company.

Therefore, the brainstorming area is where those dreams and ideas are born. It’s where plans get made, and it lays the foundation of success from the beginning. Overall, this is the place where the journey starts for becoming an entrepreneur and being successful. 

It’s crucial to think about the energy of the room. It has to be motivating and spark something. Add bookshelves with books that are relevant to the business and inspirational to others. 

Hang pictures and posters that contain a resonating and motivational spirit. An office setup for entrepreneurs may also include bean bag chairs, whiteboards, ergonomic stools, and many other things. You might even add a small swing, allowing the lull it brings to open up new ideas and thought processes. 

Briefing Area

The briefing zone is where the communication magic happens. It could be a place where you create your outline for the day, assign jobs, set target goals, or just talk to others. You can discuss loopholes, progress, improvements, and anything else you can think of. 

This space should be informal and comforting. That way, employees are free of barriers and can express themselves openly and honestly. Consider adding some chairs in a circle shape or have a table in the middle to do paperwork when necessary. Filing cabinets may also work well if there are things you need to grab while you’re talking about the day’s events and goals. 

Kitchen/Coffee Area

Kitchen/Coffee Area in startup office setup

A traditional business office setup might not work for a startup. The employees rarely stick to the 9-5 schedule. They have more flexible work hours, and some might even work overnight. 

Therefore, an office setup for entrepreneurs should focus on the kitchen area. That way, you can fuel your employees’ bellies so that they can think and deliver on their promises. 

Consider creating a small kitchen area with a coffee maker, office supplies for that area, energy bars, microwave, microwaveable meals, a refrigerator, and an induction stove.

Add veggies and fruit to the fridge, keeping it all stocked and ready to go. That way, when the “afternoon slump” hits, your team can get the refreshments they need to get back on track. Consider asking the employees to contribute to the snacks and refrigerator so that everyone has what they like or can try new things. 

Play Area

The goal is to work, but your startup office setup should have an area that’s friendly, funky, and ready for play. It can be a small space, but it should be relaxing with a television, music, Giant Jenga, foosball tables, and whatever else your employees might like to play with. 

If you have a bigger budget, you could make the office pet-friendly. Dogs can actually reduce stress, and petting one reduces cortisol in the brain. Just make sure that no employees are allergic to fur-bearing animals before you go that route! 

Typically, employees with mind-block need to escape for a while to get back into the productivity race. Plus, it improves the overall vibe in the office when you give the area a playful impact. 

Get the Office Involved

Get the Office Involved

The company’s vision or mission should echo throughout the office space. However, the employees need to feel that their work matters, and the environment should give them that vibe. 

Casual spaces are crucial, but the office should nurture the work. In a sense, it must resonate with the motivation for creating the startup and be a small version of the big idea. 

That ultimately means that your employees should have a say in the startup office setup. There are only a few of you right now, but what you do here can impact what happens later. Ask them to put up their favorite posters and stickers, or let them decorate their workstations with bold colors and funky accessories. 

You should organize fun activities and team-building events as the group starts working together. That way, they learn about each other and become more like a family than co-workers. 

It’s a good idea to surprise them with activities or gifts that let them interact with each other and get away from work for a bit. That way, they’re refreshed and ready to go back to the grindstone. 

Why Consider Wholesale Furniture

Why Consider Wholesale Furniture for startup office setup

Most people don’t think about wholesale furniture when they focus on their business office setup. You may be more worried about spacing, but saving money can ensure that you can create the perfect space. 

When you work with Autonomous, you have the top furniture it offers, but you get it at a discount or lower price. Plus, you’re buying in bulk, so everything you buy is similar. While there are various styles available, they give a cohesive appearance and offer the ergonomic features you want. 

Plus, Autonomous can help with installation and offers expedited shipping. That means you get the products in your office faster, allowing the employees to work without being uncomfortable. 

The items aren’t cheaply made, either. You get high-quality furniture pieces for your startup office setup that are made to last and ready for anything. 

Information about the Employee Purchase Program from Autonomous

Information about the Employee Purchase Program from Autonomous

What is an employee purchase program? An EPP (employee purchase program), is an incentive to workers and startups. It offers convenient access to services and products. Though it’s voluntary, the employer or owner can get quality products for a lower price and even use interest-free payroll deduction to pay for it all. 

It’s not quite the same as an employee discount. With that, you give discounts when employees buy items/services from your store. However, with the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program, you (or your employees) can purchase premium and modern office furniture at a reduced price. 

Employees can buy what they want and bill you, or you can purchase all the furniture your office needs. The good news is you can order online or speak to a company representative to find out what products might work best for your office setup for entrepreneurs.

You get many benefits with the EPP from Autonomous. For example, everyone receives top-quality furniture at a discounted price. The employees are more comfortable, which means they are happier and more productive! 



Getting your startup office setup right takes time and planning. You must think about each area, determine how much space you have, and create something welcoming, comforting, and professional. 

It’s not an easy task, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! You just need the right tools. This guide should help you focus on what your business office setup requires. From there, you can visit Autonomous to take advantage of the EPP and get ergonomic desks and chairs that your employees are sure to appreciate and enjoy 

Bulk-order everything you need right now so that it arrives in time to set up new office areas. Ask the employees to help arrange the furniture; they feel invested in the business and want to work hard for you and your combined goals!

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