How to Stop Rolling Gaming Chair From Moving
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How to Stop Rolling Gaming Chair From Moving

|Oct 16, 2021

Your permanent home office may be a bit of an adventure if you set up a desk chair with wheels on uneven floors. The rolling gaming chair keeps moving around as you reposition yourself! There's too much friction between the wheels and the floor on uneven floors, so the chair rolls. A smooth floor or rollers with a different quality on your rolling gaming chair can contribute to this issue. Your chair can be fixed so that it doesn't roll while you sit in it while you're at work.

Ways to Stop Gaming Chair From Rolling while Playing

You will find several methods on this page, but this first one applies to most needs and is the simplest. Answer these questions before trying out these solutions:

  • What's causing your chair to roll?
  • Do you have a slanted floor?
  • Exercise equipment under your desk?
  • Do you play video games?

Once you have your answers, check these easy solutions to see how to stop gaming chair from moving. People pedaling under desk cycles, people with uneven floors, and people who are rocking gamers are using these incredible inventions. It will let you do your work or play once you stop gaming chair from rolling.  

1. Locking casters

Locking casters of rolling gaming chair

Seat-brake casters and locking casters result in the same result. It is easier to move the ergonomic chair when you need to lock or unlock each of the handles. Most people won't need to be on their knees for too long if they engage two locking casters at a time.

2. Brake casters

When you sit on the brake casters, the brake will be automatically set and hands-free. The chair on wheels can be rolled just as easily when you get out of it as sitting down. With these, you won't have to worry about your chair rolling away from you while you're sitting in it. The wheels will lock into place automatically as soon as you sit in the chair. Since the casters are covered on the inside with rubber, they should not scratch any floors.

3. Area rugs

Adding a carpet if your floor is plain might help. It also is useful to protect the hardwood floor from rolling chairs. Your wheels will be less apt to roll. A thick carpet will make rolling the chair much more difficult.

4. Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors with rolling gaming chair

Hardwood floors present an extra challenge when it comes to stopping your wheels from rolling. If possible, make sure you have wheels that won't mark the floor, which will be soft so it won't scratch it. Unequal floors are another concern.

Are there any ways to ensure your rolling gaming chair doesn't slide when the floor is uneven? It is better to be very careful when rolling a chair down a slope because it will always attempt to roll down it.

5. Caster stoppers

They consist of grooved wood, rubber, plastic, or glass that allows you to set the casters in them. Since they must be manually set into place each time the chair is moved, they are not very practical for a chair. A rolling bed or file cabinet is a good candidate for this type of furniture.

6. Convert to a stationary chair

Completely removing the wheels is a more permanent solution. You can change the chair casters to glides to make the chair stationary if you like the comfort of the casters. They are designed to glide slightly with no wheels.

7. Secure the chair with a strap

Secure the chair with a strap

The chair can also be secured in a fixed position using a strap. The desk chair often comes with simple straps that can be attached to the bike you're riding. If you wanted to fasten your chair to something else, you could also easily buy a strap. A desk chair could be attached to the desk itself or connected to something nearby that would prevent it from rolling.

The following method will stop your desk chair from rolling and will not be as practical as you might like, but it does the job. In addition to limiting movement, it prevents you from pulling the chair back or bending to the side too far.

8. Place a foam block under your chair

You could fix your rolling gaming chair issue with foam. Do you have any foam material handy? Some people who have trouble keeping their chairs in place have cut out a square of foam and placed it under them. Foam blocks should not be placed under the wheels of the desk chair but rather directly under the center of the chair's base.

The chair will not roll around subtly and disturb you all day if you apply this method carefully. The foam mustn't be too thick because if it's too thick, you may lose the ability to roll your chair. Rolling gaming chair is at most reduced to a minor extent due to the small movements.

Other materials may also be suitable for this task. In this case, foam is the easiest material to use. Imagine what might happen if this idea worked to solve your problem of a rolling desk chair.

9. Time to get another chair

Time to get another chair

It may work out okay if you determine that your chair just isn't very good and doesn't have a great deal of grip. It is much simpler to maintain a sitting position or healthy gaming posture if you have an easy-to-grip chair.

Based on the cost of your original rolling gaming chair, you may find the move either practical or unwelcome. The likelihood of people spending hundreds of dollars on a new chair is low if they already own an expensive chair.

Buying a high-quality desk chair might be worth the investment if you are currently using a low-quality chair. Make sure you read reviews of your new chair before purchasing it. For the cart to be useful, its wheels must be able to grip the floor you intend to use it on.

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