Study Smart With Back To School Deals From Autonomous
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Study Smart With Back To School Deals From Autonomous

|Jul 18, 2022

In less than a decade, Autonomous has grown from a small team of engineers and dreamers in 2015 to an internationally-renowned and trusted source for all things WFH. We’re not just an online store: we’re a team of dedicated ergonomics experts who are passionate about solving today’s most common problems and reimagining the future of work.

Work, however, can have many different contexts, not least of which is academic studies! From an early age, kids spend time at school and at home dedicated to their studies and learning how to budget time so they can boost their productivity and get more things done - so they can spend more time playing with friends. And what better way to boost your kids’ productivity than with great ergonomic tools from the Autonomous store?

We’ve got great classroom furniture for sale coming up, with great deals on back to school supplies with our best back to school sale ever! Read on to find out more about how you can save and stock up on essentials with the best back to school deals.

Don’t Miss Our Back to School Furniture Sale

Don’t Miss Our Back to School Furniture Sale

From July 19th to August 16th - that’s 5 whole weeks! - we’ll be offering up to 50% discounts on a select list of products featured on our website. It’s a back to school furniture sale with tons of great options that we’ve hand-selected for the 2022-2023 academic year, all at a great discount. Be sure to visit our website and take a look at our list where you’ll find everything you need to get your kids started on the right foot.

In addition to these great deals, we’ll have a back to school desk sale and back to school chair sale with a weekly mini game! For any order of $500 or more, you’ll be eligible for a lucky draw, and we’ll announce the winners every Monday from the previous week! Winners will receive a lucky order code with a $50 credit that can be used for your next purchase in the Autonomous store. This is a weekly event, so be sure to check back every Monday to see if you’ve won!

Finally, we’re offering an even crazier back to school sale on the weekend, with $9 deals on products worth hundreds of dollars announced every weekend! These products will be posted at random times, so be sure to check our website often for your chance to get lucky with an insane back to school deal on great chairs, desks, and accessories.

Ergonomic Tools for Students

Ergonomic Tools for Students

Our store is full of amazing ergonomic study tools for students, like our flagship office essentials, our line of standing desks, and hundreds of great accessories made by our in-house team of engineers, as well as our fantastic third-party vendors. 

Picture this: you’ve got an exam coming up, but you’re way behind on studying. If you’ve got an uncomfortable chair that makes you feel cramped, you’re going to run out of steam pretty fast. A wobbly desk makes it difficult to balance all your notebooks, textbooks, documents, and electronic devices and accessories. Having to manage a suboptimal study space is distracting and causes clutter and disorganization. 

Getting the right ergonomic tools in our back to school furniture sale can make a huge difference, enabling students to work comfortably and focus on their studies - not their surroundings. This translates to better performance in school not just for youngsters, but for college students and post-grad students as well! No matter where you or your kids are in your academic journey, making an investment in ergonomic study tools has the potential to help you achieve benefits that last a lifetime.

Back to School Deals Coming Up

Back to School Deals Coming Up

Be sure to look out for all these great deals on the Autonomous store from July 19th to August 16th. From all of us at team Autonomous, we wish you success in all your academic endeavors - whether you’re just getting started, or rapidly approaching the finish line. For all your study needs, we’ve got your back with great ergonomic tools that will make you feel comfy and focused throughout the day.

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