Stunning Home Office Desks for Dual Monitors: 15 Options
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Stunning Home Office Desks for Dual Monitors: 15 Options

|Mar 23, 2021

The remote working trend has opened up new avenues for workers to work distantly and earn a good living. Often, remote workers shift towards using tools like dual monitors to level-up their work speed and become more productive. As a remote worker, you would have also thought of incorporating one in your home office. Nevertheless, you will need the right home office desk for dual monitors to ensure you align your monitors correctly.

Are you one of those people who are looking for the right dual monitor office desk that could make their home office stunning and productive than ever? Well, we are here to help you with the best home office desks. We have shared the features of ten appropriate desks for dual monitors currently available in the market to give you a better idea. So, without any further delay, let's have a look at what you have at your disposal.

Top 16 Home Office Desks for Dual Monitors

Finding a home office desk that accommodates multiple monitors can improve your working conditions at home. A dual monitor office desk that accommodates multiple monitors, books, keyboards, printers, etc., can greatly enhance the function of a small office. It provides comfort and enhances productivity. Various designs and price points are available. Choose the home office desk for dual monitors that perfectly match your requirements.

It is a great time to upgrade your home office desk for multiple monitors so that it has the elements that will ensure that you stay productive and provide the ideal environment for relaxing. One of these elements is a desk with multiple monitors that will ensure you stay relaxed. Keep reading if you’re still unsure about the best home office desk ideas for two monitors for your home.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is a durable choice as a desk for your dual monitor setup. With its triple hi-tech motors, this smart desk makes it easier for you to conveniently adjust your desk's height in minimal time ergonomically. Since you are getting a larger desk surface with this desk, you can conveniently place dual monitors and become more productive.

This home office standing desk is easily available online, so adding it to your ergonomic workspace will not be difficult. Nevertheless, it can be a little pricey for those remote workers who face a budget constraint.

Autonomous Desk2 – Home Office from Autonomous

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse from Autonomous

You can opt for an Autonomous Desk Expanse to place your dual monitors if you are struggling with space. You might have a smaller space available for your home office, so this L-shaped desk by Autonomous takes minimal space in your home office’s corner to ensure you can manage your work better.

Although this desk takes over less space, its unique factor is that it provides more room for organizing desk accessories. Therefore, placing dual monitors becomes easier with this variant.

L-Shaped Smart Desk from Autonomous

3. Autonomous Desk DIY from Autonomous

Autonomous Desk DIY is the ideal choice for those remote workers who are looking for an adjustable home office desk idea for two monitors but have a limited budget. This variant features a motorized standing desk frame that you can top up with your desired tabletop.

You get to test your creativity this way, along with availing yourself the flexibility of creating your workspace in a way that suits your interest and helps you stay more productive while maintaining your budget.

Autonomous Desk DIY Kit from Autonomous

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka home office desk for dual monitors

Our Autonomous Desk Eureka large desk for 2 monitors is 53 inches wide by 29 inches high and has a powerful processor. You have a lot of room and stability despite it not looking like a fancy premium two monitors computer desk option. It has a matte finish that resists scratches and is mounted on a frame made of steel. Standing desks in other colors are also available, but white is the most popular.

The frame is composed of two legs and a support beam. The lifting system produces a mild humming sound, but it is very smooth. We recommend measuring your office space before purchasing this desk, as it may be too large for a smaller home office.

5. Topsky Computer Desk

Topsky Computer desk is among the ideal home office desks for dual monitors. This desk has a large tabletop that is crafted using particleboard. The frame, however, is designed of reinforced steel, so you should not be worried about the durability.

One unique thing about this aesthetic desk is that you can adjust its feet, so you can ensure you plan an ergonomic setup even if your floor is uneven. Overall, the assembly of this desk is pretty simple and hassle-free.

Topsky Computer Desk

6. Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk

Among the myriads of modern home office desk setups, Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk is a desk that is ideal for both gamers and remote workers. This desk’s surface is designed using a heavy-duty glass that is thick enough to lift dual monitors.

This dual monitor office desk not just provides ample space on the tabletop but has enough space beneath the tabletop as well, so you can use it for placing other accessories such as DVDs and CPUs if you have them in your home office. Overall, this desk provides a good amount of space to ensure you keep your home office well organized.

7. Latitude Run Angelpreet L-Shaped Desk

Latitude Run’s Angelpreet L-Shaped Desk is a suitable desk for dual monitors as it has plenty of space to place your monitors and other accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. The design of this desk is such that it can perfectly fit in the corner of your home office.

Latitude Run Angelpreet L-Shaped Desk

8. CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk

CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk has an eye-catching design, with a black-and-brown wooden surface. This dual monitors computer desk has ample space for arranging all your accessories while avoiding any clutter. So, it can help in keeping you more productive.

9. Cubiker Computer Desk

Cubiker Computer Desk is among the affordable variants that have a very simple design. You can find their tabletop in a couple of different colors, so the one that suits your home office can be selected with ease. Since this desk is available in various sizes, you can buy the home office desk for multiple monitors.

10. Vivo Manual Standup Desk

Vivo Manual Standup Desk, unlike the modern motorized desks, lacks a motor. It features a manual setup for adjusting the height as per demand. However, its sturdy build and spacious tabletop make it suitable for a dual monitor setup.

Vivo Manual Standup Desk

11. CubiCubi L-Shaped Desk

CubiCubi L-Shaped Desk has to be your go-to large desk for 2 monitors if you are among those workers who have tons of accessories lingering around their desk and are willing to make their workspace look more sophisticated.

With the addition of two tiers on one of its sides, this desk offers plenty of space for you for organizing essential accessories efficiently and eliminating clutter. The desk itself is also quite spacious, so you can use it as a home office desk for multiple monitors.

12. Home Office Desk from AuAg Modern

home office desk for dual monitors from AuAg Modern

With the L-shaped corner computer desk from AuAg, you can write, work in your home office, and work on your computer simultaneously. The metal and wood desk is sleek and modern. In addition to the free CPU stand, this product includes adjustable leg pads to keep the table stable on uneven surfaces. Weight is 220 lbs, dimensions are 66.5*47.5*29.3 in, and the weight capacity is 440 lbs.

13. Gaming Desk From EUREKA ERGONOMIC

Having the space in your home office and the desire to spread out on your desk are both reasons to consider this option. A 60-inch length makes this a great monitor desk for home offices with multiple monitors since it has enough room for two or more monitors. Ample legroom is also provided on this home office desk for dual monitors.


You can see each of your screens clearly because the underside of the desk is open from end to end. A complimentary mouse pad is also included as a bonus. Perhaps this is what you need to motivate yourself to complete your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Gaming Desks

14. L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk from CubiCubi

Modern lines and polished metal show off the desk's sleek design while blending it with the traditional look of wood. With this combination, your home office will be comfortable and inviting.

Having an L-shaped home office desk for dual monitors ensures you have plenty of room to work and play, and the fact that it can hold up to three monitors on its surface makes it one of the better home office desks for multiple monitors.

Besides a small shelf for storing other monitors, you can also store your laptop or other equipment on it. The small storage drawer allows you to organize documents, pens, pencils, headphones, and other accessories.

L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk from CubiCubi

15. Stone & Beam Elias

The Elias by Stone & Beam is a great desk if you don't mind paying a bit more for enough storage. At 60" wide and 28" deep, there is plenty of room for dual-monitor setups and peripherals.

The seating area has one storage shelf and a metal net below which you can store things. The wood veneer is scratch-resistant and made from wood composites. The black metal construction and metal casters create a great blend between retro and industrial design.

Stone & Beam Elias home office desk for dual monitors

Guide on Set up Home Office Desk for Dual Monitors

The best setup for working at home includes some standard items like an ergonomically designed chair and desk. For maximum productivity, they offer wireless printers and docked monitors in addition to dual monitors and a docked laptop setup. Check to see that you have a business-friendly internet connection, and your work should be separated from your family. We recommend the following small home office ideas:


Telecommuting dual monitor standing desk choices depend on the style of working you have. Would you prefer a low-profile corner desk or something over the top that commands a lot of attention?

L-shaped Standing Desks

You can buy wooden or glass-topped gaming computer desks that aren't too flashy. While there are many great options available in the $100-$600 range, we've narrowed it down to some great ones.



Get a chair that won't ruin your back and neck, as you'll be spending long hours sitting in it. The best laptop desk stand and monitor mount options are chairs with adjustable headrests and neck rests.

Reclining Office Chairs

The upper backrest can further recline up to 110 degrees, and there are “4D” armrests that move forward, backward, sideways, and tilt. The Aeron or Gesture chairs by Herman Miller are excellent chairs. You can find alternatives for less than $1,000.



Telecommuter home offices with two monitors are the most productive. You can run multiple applications simultaneously rather than switching between tabs and programs. Your primary program remains on your first screen, while your add-ons and chat programs remain open on your second screen, so you can stay in touch with your team.


There is one important thing to remember; set them up carefully. Move your main monitor to the side for best ergonomics. The top should be at eye level, at arm's length. Put your second monitor next to it, slightly angled towards you. Desks that can hold two monitors are mostly available.



Distractions such as screaming children, barking dogs, and the UPS person ringing the doorbell are not conducive to completing the day's tasks. You don't always get the best work-from-home desk setup because you pick the most private room in the house.

Headphones that cancel out noise are the answer! Alex and Alyssa fight with lightsabers in the living room, pop these on and work away. Need more room to spare? Take a look at your walls. Ten floating shelves will fit on a deskbound wall. Several manuals, external drives, or models are held there.

Wrapping It Up

The modern home office desks that we discussed above are among the best ones that could give a new definition to your home office. You would have noticed that most of them were the variants of L-shaped standing desks you can find online. The reason behind this is the compact yet spacious design of these desks that makes them the best home office desk for dual monitors. Dual monitors are used for enhancing productivity, and when you couple them with the right desk, you get the opportunity to get greater results.

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