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Suffering Stiff Neck in Office: How to Fix It?
Work Wellness

Suffering Stiff Neck in Office: How to Fix It?

|Sep 6, 2022

As a result of pulling or straining numerous neck muscles, necks commonly become stiff. A muscle that cannot move its head, in this case, is like any other muscle on a human being once this occurs. It is common for one to get a stiff neck during sleep due to a cold, and it is also common for the neck muscles to strain when we wake up and lift our heads. There's nothing awesome about a neck ache like this; you can try these stiff neck remedies at home.

What is Stiff Neck?

What is Stiff Neck?

Mostly, people are accustomed to the discomfort and pain associated with stiff necks, whether they develop after waking up in the morning or after vigorous activity, such as moving furniture. In a week, pain and stiffness usually disappear on their own. Recovery time, pain levels, and the probability that stiff neck symptoms will return may be affected by how an individual manages and cares for the symptoms.

Typically, stiff necks are characterized by soreness and difficulty moving, particularly when our heads are turned to the side. There may also be headaches, neck, shoulder, and arm pains. Turning the entire body rather than the stiff neck may be necessary to look sideways or over the shoulder. The following are some of the prevalent causes:

  • Positioning the neck awkwardly while sleeping.
  • Sports injuries include falls or sudden impacts that thrust your head sideway.
  • Swimming the front crawl stroke involves turning your head repeatedly from crosswise.

When a Stiff Neck is Serious

When a Stiff Neck is Serious

There are often other symptoms associated with stiff necks caused by conditions other than strains or sprains. In these cases, there will usually be at least one other symptom accompanying or preceding the stiff, painful neck. The following symptoms could indicate a potentially serious underlying medical condition is causing the stiff neck:

  • The presence of fever indicates the body is fighting an infection.
  • In particular, if the headache lasts longer, is more intense, or has accompanying symptoms that differ from previous headaches.
  • Symptoms of nausea or vomiting
  • A feeling of fatigue or drowsiness that is not explained
  • Confusion or mood swings may be a sign of a mental change
  • Issues with coordination, such as dizziness or difficulty walking or writing
  • Loss of weight without changing diet

How to Fix a Stiff Neck



Rest is the simplest painful stiff neck remedy that will help relieve stiffness and possible muscle spasms if you take it stress-free for a couple of days to let injured tissues initiate to heal. People who swim, for example, might want to take a few days off from definite swim strokes, which involve a lot of head twisting. Nevertheless, it is commended that you don't rest for more than a few days since too much sedentariness can weaken the muscles. Also, weak muscles must struggle to support the head and neck. Else, you can try some standing desk exercises.

Heat and/or cold therapy

The use of cold therapy or ice packs is the best remedy for stiff neck as it reduces local inflammation in the neck and reduces stiffness. Applying ice is the most effective way to reduce inflammation during the first 1 to 2 days following an excruciating flare-up. When heat is applied to your neck, blood flow can be stimulated, facilitating a better therapeutic environment. Depending on the patient, ice or heat may be preferred. It is possible to use both at the same time.

OTC medications

OTC medications

An anti-inflammatory (nonsteroidal) drug is usually prescribed as a stiff neck pain remedy

to treat soreness and stiffness of the neck as a first-line treatment. NSAIDs reduce inflammation. In addition to ibuprofen (e.g., Advil, Motrin), naproxen (e.g., Naprosyn) can also be used as an NSAID. 

Using a Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair for Better Posture

Switch your chair

Switch your chair

Setting up a workspace with a table or desk for your workday is important so you can get more done. A good mesh office chair can support your posture and prevent you from developing a cranky neck when you're seated in front of the screen. Not only should armrests be adjustable up and down, but you should also be able to move them forward and backward.

You should sit about 90 degrees apart with your elbows so you do not reach when sitting in the chair. The importance of lumbar back support cannot be overstated. You can protect your lower back, and you should be able to rest your feet on the ground while sitting in the neck support chair.

Switch your desk

Your forearms, wrists, and hands will be elevated to the appropriate level by shrugging your shoulders slightly if your desk is too high. You will experience fatigue and spasms in your neck muscles after a while. Suboccipital muscles at the base of your skull are often tightened when the neck muscles are tight.

Your trunk will have to bend down to reach the keyboard if the desk is too low. You must extend the neck more than usual when working with your trunk flexed forward to see the computer monitor. Forward head posture is usually referred to as this position. For best results, you can change to a standing desk that lets you sit or stand as you work.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

If you're looking for office tools and equipment that will help reduce your next neck strain, then head over to the live Autonomous employee purchase program now. You buy an ergonomic chair and health-smart desks from our SmartDesk and Ergonomic Chair collection that are affordable, ideally sized, and fit into most homes and offices. We also have a lot of other things that you can look at. For instance, tools like the PMT portable neck strengthener neck chair support relieve neck pain and cervical curvature and improve overall posture. The same brand even has a more advanced neck traction support that offers heat and electrotherapy that can address office chair lower back pain.

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