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How to Sustain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model?
Hybrid Working

How to Sustain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model?

|Jul 8, 2021

Getting a workplace, building an office, purchasing the right furniture are all basics of a workplace. Still, if you fail to develop a strong company culture, then your workplace will lack ethics and basic productivity. Especially for a hybrid work model, the importance of company culture is substantial.

The hybrid work culture, to be fair, is different and more complex than the work culture of an ordinary organization. Since the flexible working model involves various employees working remotely and in-house, it gets hard for organizations to achieve an equilibrium in a hybrid culture.

This article will cover the right way of building a hybrid work culture in your workplace and the right practices to transition into a hybrid workforce smoothly.

What is Company Culture?

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is what defines an organization's professionalism and work attitude of the employees. Company culture also includes the kind of relationship employees have with each other and the superior authority. Since company culture plays a vital role in an organization, it has a great impact on the company's progress towards the long-term and short-term goals.

Importance of Maintaining A Hybrid Work Environment Culture?

Maintaining a healthy company culture, especially hybrid work culture, has always been important. Still, ever since introducing the hybrid work model, the importance of keeping and sustaining a strong work culture has further increased. Since people have been spending time working from home and have gotten used to the flexible workspace model, most companies are not happy with the carefree routine of employees.

As highlighted by Kotter's theory of work, company culture is significant to achieve higher growth and improved revenues. Organizations experience payoffs in revenue growth, retention, stock price, and net income when their cultures are more successful.

Importance of Maintaining A Hybrid Work Environment Culture?

While many organizations are now planning to resume the old in-office practice, 6 out of 10 businesses still think flexible workspace or hybrid working is the right choice for a workplace. According to a study, 54% of employees would prefer working from home even after the pandemic subsides. This means that the future of the workplace seems to be more hybrid than in-house, and organizations need to develop foolproof plans to make this work in the workplace.

How to Sustain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model?

Working in a hybrid work model is no less than a challenge for both employees and employers. It is important to formulate a positive virtual work environment if an organization is willing to make things work remotely. There are many tips and tricks to make things work in a flexible workspace, and thanks to the hybrid models, the internet is full of ideas that make the transition easier.

How to Sustain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model?

The Autonomous hybrid work is yet another helpful arrangement that makes flexibility in the workplace easier. Other than following hybrid work models online, here are a few tips for this arrangement and sustaining the company’s hybrid work culture.

Treat As a Remote Workplace

Employees who are not coming to the office should not be treated any less than those who commute to work each day. Since the hybrid work model requires remote employees to work the same amount responsibly as in-house employees would, organizations should practice embracing this change in the best way.


Make sure your workplace has constant meetings that include remote employees too. Keep the video and conferencing options open, and it is important to involve the remote employees equally as much as the physical employees. When the employees feel encouraged and included, they will automatically have better productivity.

Shared Vision and Mission

Shared Vision and Mission

Shared Mission and Vision bring employees and organization towards a common goal. When personnel are spread across several places, having a similar objective is the only thing that can bring them together. Rather than considering the geographical distance as a barrier, make sure to make the most of technologies and communicate effectively.

Technological Tools

One thing that brings the workplace to the right platform has tools that are competent enough. If your workplace uses office hoteling to apply a hybrid workforce, make sure you have suitable office hoteling software. Besides that, it is also integral to have a video conferencing application and a cloud storage system, so all the work remains organized and arranged systematically.

Improved Internal Communication

A company that has strong internal communication will remain sturdy and enhance positive hybrid work culture despite the odds. It is important to build effective communication as the top-most priority in the workplace. Not only about sharing work and discussing the to-do projects; if you're announcing accomplishments, sharing brand stories, or providing important updates, make sure everyone in the company can hear you and share in the festivities. You can accomplish this through a video conference, an email notification, or other means of bringing everyone together.

Improved Internal Communication

By being strong with communication, you can guarantee that your internal employer brand communications maintain the spirit of your business culture alive for individuals within and outside the workplace. Even for people who are thousands of miles away, sharing movies, blogs, and amusing material may help to bring your organization to life.


Missing your colleagues and not being able to chat with them about workplace gossip turns everyone off. And this is one of the biggest issues faced by employees who were restricted to working from home. It is also true that chatting is healthy for the workplace since it freshens up the mood and keeps the employee bond strong, which is important for better delivery of tasks when there are team projects involved.

Strong Leadership

Strong leadership can make or break the company's hybrid work culture. Whether you work full-time or part-time, every leader has their management style and uniquely approaches people. However, in a hybrid workplace, it's more vital than ever for leadership teams to be accessible, approachable, and visible to all employees. Being present and available is one of the most important aspects of effective leadership. This is more difficult to do digitally, but it is much more important in a hybrid approach with split teams.

Strong Leadership

To maintain and improve the hybrid work culture in your organization, nsure you keep a check and balance on employees and evaluate their progress in a way that it doesn't seem too intruding. After all, trust is the most important element of maintaining an employee-leader relationship in a workplace.

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