Tech Office Design Ideas to Bring Productivity & Performance
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Tech Office Design Ideas to Bring Productivity & Performance

|Sep 20, 2021

The future is forthcoming at an exponential rate as technology grows alarmingly. Work environments around the world have been adapting to this change by adopting a tech office design. The tech office layout can consist of different accessories that make the space more ergonomic and considerate. 

Some items included in your hybrid office could be standing desks or even an ergonomic chair. These items are proven to increase productivity and eliminate the chance of suffering from an ergonomic injury. In turn, this is going to produce happier workers who deliver better results. 

There are many tech company office ideas that are online. These can be used as inspiration while you build your office of the future. Creating a tech office layout can be challenging and expensive, but luckily Autonomous has a solution for you.

You can browse the company's bulk office furniture catalog to find great deals for your business. The happiness of you and your staff depends on comfortability while working on important projects for you. Why not make sure that the time spent is supportive? 

It is time to progress forward into the future with these tech office design ideas that inspire you to act. 

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Tech Office Designs from Famous Tech Companies

Standing Desks

Smart Desks are a new invention that give users the ability to adjust the table's height at the press of a button. It has been revolutionary in the office environment as it has given employees standing or sitting options. 

When purchasing a desk from Autonomous, you are guaranteed a meticulously designed piece of ergonomic furniture that can fit in any office space. All of the company's Smart Desks come with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Another benefit of a Smart Desk, much like the one Autonomous sells, is that multiple staff members can use it. Therefore, whether they are tall or short, this desk can adjust perfectly to suit their requirements. 

These desks complement meeting areas perfectly and are best for use while important discussions are taking place. 

Standing Desks

Ergonomic Chairs

Adding an ergonomic chair to your new tech office is a great choice. These chairs assist with ergonomic ailments of all sorts. Thus, if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, there are multiple chairs on the market that you can choose to start feeling relief. 

The ErgoChair Pro from Autonomous is a high-end chair that offers total adjustment. That means that everything from height, backrest, and lumbar support is customizable. It is the kind of support your employees need if you want them to be happy. 

Autonomous is a manufacturer of ergonomic equipment ethical in design and meant to be as comfortable as possible. The seats sold from the company all offer adjustability for a range of different weights and heights. 

An in-depth study showed that 70% of office workers suffer from an ergonomic injury during their careers. The findings also proved a decrease in productivity due to the ailment. When employers tried to change it, productivity increased again. 

That should be more than enough reason to consider adding an ergonomic chair to your tech office design. 

Ergonomic Chairs

Siemplify Tel Aviv Office

This software company has an office with an open plan design that is simplistic yet modern. There are plenty of seating areas around and easy access to amenities only a few feet away. Its design incorporates ergonomic chairs and lounge areas to provide enough seating for staff and guests. 

You are also going to find soundproof meeting areas much like the ones that Autonomous offers. The office is brightly lit and offers rooms of natural light so that you can take in the surrounding sun's energy during a workday. 

A tech office design with a view also increases productivity as employees don't feel trapped at work all day. That makes this office one of our favorites. 

Siemplify Tel Aviv Office

Ocado Technology

In Welwyn Garden City, England, this tech office design is minimalistic but gets the futuristic thumbs up. The bright but basic color scheme promotes productivity by using orange and blue. 

Colors like orange and blue play on your psychology and boost the happiest levels among office workers. These types of things require consideration when building the perfect tech office layout for your team. 

Another thing you could take from the company is the private workrooms that are set aside for the manager or to use for meetings. This office gives you a secluded modern design in one symmetrical space. 

Ocado Technology

MAXIS Global Benefit Network

The insurance company known as MAXIS has an exciting tech office design that oozes class and privacy. When you step into this beautiful workspace, you are going to find glass soundproof areas for meetings or managers, and you would think you are in a law firm.  

Even the chairs in the waiting room are ergonomic and give visitors the comfort and support they need while waiting for assistance. 

There are a range of booth areas that allow people working on the same project a chance to collaborate. You find a few large board rooms spread throughout the office space, and the walls painted a lovely productive blue. 

The kitchen area is brightly lit, minimalistic, and has a seating arrangement, so that staff can hang out when having lunch. 

Using natural plants and lighting in the many areas of this office gives it a warm, homey feeling that further adds to employee's wellness levels.


Why Is it a Good Idea to Adopt the Hybrid Office Model?

A hybrid office can change the way your employees perform while at work. It gives them comfortability where it matters most and allows them to function optimally. Some employers might worry that the cost of this equipment would be too high, but there are many options for wholesale office chairs and bulk office desks

Using one of the many solutions out there, you can create the perfect tech office layout. Your employees are going to thank you for taking their comfort and health into consideration. The boost in production and performance in your new office is going to be unmatched.  

Staff is more inspired to get the job done on time and produce great results for your company. Gather some inspiration from the tech workspace ideas mentioned about the famous tech companies from around the world. 

Adopt the Hybrid Office Model?

The Pros and Cons of a Tech Office Design

There are quite a few pros that can come from a hybrid tech office design. As you know, these things can be beneficial for you and your staff's general well-being. If people enjoy themselves at work, it is proven that their performance increases. 

Pros and Cons of a Tech Office Design

Pros of a Tech Office Design

  • Higher productivity
  • Happier staff
  • Less ergonomic injuries
  • A more robust office environment
  • Better quality work from employees 

These are all great reasons to think about a hybrid office model. Why would you not want the best for your staff? That way, they are going to know you care about them and their time working with you. 

Cons of a Tech Office Design

Some cons of a tech office layout could shy some people away from adopting this style in their workplace. Price is often a significant consideration when making an office space on par with the biggest tech companies out there. 

  • It can take some time to learn about ergonomics
  • Some office equipment could be pricey
  • Building your tech office design could be tedious
  • Choosing the best interior design technology can be confusing 

Interior design technology is at the heart of the offices of the future. This technology brings your business up to speed with the evolution of the digital world. If you are a big office, you could minimize costs by looking for companies that sell bulk office furniture.  

Do You Need to Plan Before Designing Your Tech Office Layout?

The answer is an absolute yes. It is crucial to have a plan before embarking on the hybrid office journey. There are so many options that you could choose that selecting one might be challenging. Many right cornered desk designs could improve the performance and productivity of your employees. 

It is a good idea to research what equipment can produce the best results. Observing employee's behavior and listening to their opinions can further help you in your design ideas. 

Remember that when a staff member feels included, it helps boost their confidence and increase their performance. You might not fulfill every person's wish, but the team should be heard and included in the process. 

Be aware of what works and use the space accordingly so that it does not feel cluttered. Cluttered office spaces can often confuse people because it creates mental clutter, which slows an individual's performance. 

Thus, keep in mind what your employees want and how they respond to any change before adopting your new office style. 

Designing Your Tech Office Layout

Be Aware of The Working Style and Personalities of Your Employees

It's one thing that is important to consider because different people perform better under various situations. A person might prefer a quieter office with fewer distractions, and for this individual, a soundproof work pod could be ideal. 

On the other hand, other employees might thrive on the interaction between colleagues and managers. That's where the hybrid office models work best and gives staff the option to feel like they are working from home but still in the office. 

Many people have started working from home in this post-pandemic world, so offices have adopted this business model to make staff feel more included. It gives the team a chance not to feel alone because they need to come in and interact with other staff members. 

You could adjust your staff schedule so that they only need to come in every few days. That all depends on how you want to structure your business. 

Be Aware of The Working Style

Food and Beverage in the Tech Office Designs

Considering your employee's nourishment requirements are imperative in the workspace. You find tea and coffee in most workplaces, but it is taken one step further in the tech office design. 

There is often a variety of food and beverage options available to staff. It helps keep them hydrated and curbs their hunger when working long hours on essential projects. You want your team's hunger satisfied so that performance is optimal. 

Including foods that are good for brain power is a recommendation by office design experts around the world. If you are a large tech firm, you could adopt a similar vending machine to the Apple headquarters. 

Apple has vending machines that sell tech equipment to its employees, such as USB sticks, mice, keyboards, headphones, memory cards, and much more. It has shown a tremendous increase in productivity in the Apple office because the staff does not need to leave to purchase equipment. 

Another great idea is to include a vending machine with medical supplies such as Band-Aids or headache pills. Some companies even have vitamins and other nootropics for their staff. 

There is also the option of opening a cafeteria on the premises. It could serve the staff with the best food possible. 

Food and Beverage in the Tech Office Designs


The offices of the future are modern and simplistic. A workspace like this increase’s productivity and performance among staff. When mapping and scheduling out your plan to convert the office space, it's good to include your employees in the process. 

Alterations to the work environment are going to affect everyone in the office. One step at a time, you can build the tech office design you have always wanted. If you wish to use minimal office chairs like the AvoChair or more supportive seats like the ErgoChair Recline, you are going to feel the difference immediately. 

Always consider your budget and look for the best suppliers who can help you with the most ideal products for your hybrid office. Thus, now is the time to get started planning your tech office design for the future.  

Watch your staff's production and performance increase while you provide them with the ultimate comfort and support needed for their health and well-being.

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