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The 10 Ultimate Smart Desk Ideas That Can Make Your Workstation Agile

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 24, 2018

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The performance and productivity of the employees are directly influenced by the workspace. The companies, irrespective of their size, revenue, profit level are striving their best to provide an agile and pleasing workspace for their employees.

The environment in which the employees work should be analyzed to understand what exactly can add positivity and agility for the folks to ensure that they bring the best in them. A workspace needs to be inculcated with so many features to ensure that it brings in the energy that one is looking for in it.

An agile workspace should be the one which has got all the amenities and the features which express the identity of the company. The workspace should be the symbol of an organization that reflects the presence, priorities, and goals of the company.

Each space should be designed to map with the work of the employees. Along with the environment, it is important to ensure that the employees get a smart desk to work on so that they do not have to keep sitting for a longer period of time.

Sitting for a longer period of time makes one very tired and lazy. An adjustable and standing desk gives a great deal of support to the employees to add on to the creativity.

The option of smart desks that can ensure that the employees get a chance to choose when to sit and stand is the best means to add some activity to the lives of the people who spend most of the time sitting.

Using smart desks can be the finest and healthiest way to be involved in a work that takes a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the best smart desks that can prove to be a great addition to your office.

1. SmartDesk2 – Business Edition

The smart desk 2-Business edition comes with dual motors power that provides a smoother ride. The desk can easily hold about 300 lb. It is a standing desk comes with 71 inches wide top and suits the ones who need extra support. It is a standing desk which can operate much faster so that the transition between the standing and sitting state can be made much easier with it. It becomes very easy for the ones who would like to sit for some time and then stand and work. It is a smart desk that comes with a warranty of 5 years and is very much suitable for those offices that are concerned about the health of employees. The smart desk helps in increasing blood circulation and also the concentration of the employees during the work as it allows them to stand and work. The standing option with the smart desk allows you to stand after some period of sitting. It is the best option that the employees can make use of, for boosting the energy levels and to keep oneself active during the work at the office.

SmartDesk2 – Business Edition

2. Smart Desk – Home Edition

A standing desk for the home can be a great addition to the home office. The home edition from the smartdesk is designed to support working in sitting and standing postures. The major issue faced by the people who have desk jobs is facing health issues gradually due to sitting for long time periods. This smart desk allows one to stay healthy in spite of having longer working hours as there are options to adjust it to stand and work. The standing desk provides good posture during the work with the regular movements that one get during the work. The flexibility of movement is one among the best features that one can enjoy with this smart desk. This desk allows one to increase productivity and also enhance mood during the work. The desk has a wooden top of 53 inches that is available in finishes of different materials. The electric motor is capable of lifting 220 lbs. The smart desk has options of 4 presets that one can choose with the programmable button interface. It is the best tool to boost energy levels and work much effectively. The customizable height settings allow one to set the table height based on their height. It is a very durable product and is strong to hold electronic gadgets and other tools as well.

3. Vivo Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

It is another smart desk that one can choose for the home office. It is a very affordable option that one can have for a home office. This smart desk comes with all the features that one would need in one such in the office for a very flexible and comfortable working experience. It is very sturdy and is suitable for all those who want to transform their workspace to an agile environment. It gives a lot of stability when working in the standing position. It allows anyone to easily work in a very comfortable posture even when they are standing. One can extend it to the full height based on the need. It is very easier for lifting and lowering the standing desk as adjusting the height of the desk is very easy. It is also not the kind of the desk that can make one tired while standing and working as it even allows to relax. It is easily adjustable and meets the need of the ones who would like to have a very productive environment in the home office.

4. Sit-Stand Workstations

It is the most popular sit stand unit. It is the smart desk that is loved by most of the people due to the wide range of options that they offer. There are options to afford for a home office to create agility even when you are working from home. This smart desk comes with the feature for mounting dual monitor which makes it not just worth for the money spent but also a desk that uses the best out of the space. There are two different positions on this smart desk even with the lower end option.

It is a very strong smart desk and is also designed in such a way that it can even hide the cables of the monitors to create the best look. This smart desk can be used for mounting two monitors and work very relaxed. This is the best tool for anyone who would want to increase the effectiveness of the work. Try choosing the option that is most suitable.

5. Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

It is a standing desk which is designed to suit those who have the habit of working with very large monitors. This smart desk is the one which can be best for the home office to easily mount the large monitor and also give space for the other items. The standing desk gives great consideration to the health of the ones who are working. It is designed to ensure that standing and working can be made as a habit without much issues by providing all the comfort possible in the posture. The smart desk adjusts the keyboard perfectly at the right height so that the one who is working with it does not feel any strain on the shoulder. This smart desk suits the ones who have shoulder and arm pain but would like to stand and work. This smart desk also ensures to easily switch between the standing and the sitting positions as it offers a great deal of flexibility. It is something that one can easily assemble when all the parts reach the place. It is designed by considering various aspects of working while standing, making it a greater pick. It is a worthy purchase and is the best one for a home office to boost productivity.

6. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk

It is a standing desk which is perfect for the home office as it has the capability for holding two pcs at the same time. It is best to use to utilize the space very effectively. The smart desk can also be very easily assembled. The build of the product is of very high quality and is very sturdy too. There is a lever associated with the smart desk that helps in adjusting it based on the height that one would like to adjust to. The smart desk which is designed specifically for encouraging the ones who would want to stand and work, it is the best for the ones who want to change the working style. It is the best that can give a lot of positive energy to all those who are tired of sitting and working as it makes anyone very tired. It is a standing desk that is highly recommended for the ones who are looking for a good option for the home office. It is the best choice and it is worth buying with the affordable price and the sturdiness of the desk.

7. Stir Kinetic Desk

Stir Kinetic Desk

It is the most advanced smart desk that is ever designed to make working time very healthy and productive. This smart desk is connected, easily adjustable and is capable of keeping one engaged actively for the whole time during work. The people who work using this smart desk spend their day between sitting and standing at work. Most of them who uses this table are found to stand half of the day. It is the smart desk that allows people to use it effectively much better than any other height adjustable desks that are available on market.

The product was designed completely to bring in an adaptive environment by bringing in technology for making people much healthy and productive. This is a very smart desk that engages the users and also learns the preferences they have with time. It will give notifications to the users to move frequently throughout the time when they are working. It has been very beneficial for both productivity and health. It is also the desk that is connected to the cloud and supports the hot desking which allows users in sharing desks within the office or from any parts of the world. When the desk travels, it also carries the data that is associated with the users.

8. Flip Computer Desks

This is the flip desk introduced by iLid. It offers a great deal of ease in using, has very reliable construction and also has more surface. This smart desk has space and easiness in using both the laptop as well as a desktop as it comes with space for easily accommodating everything. It is one of the finest options to choose and there are even flip tables that fits two machines. More details about the table are available at smartdesks.

9. Monitor Lift Computer Desks

Monitor Lift Computer Desks

Monitor lift computer desks are the ones which make it very easy to use when one prefers to stand and work. This desk comes with space to accommodate all the different parts arranged to create the best look. This smart desk does not have a motor and so lifting of the desk can happen without any noise and gives a responsive control. The absence of motor also gives less maintenance of the smart desk. It is a very multipurpose desk that can be used for one's need. The screen tilt is one of the good features that one can actually avail in this desk. It is very easy to use

10. Winston Workstation

Winston Sit-Stand Workstation has the freestanding desks and is suitable to be used in office, at home and also within different environments. It is best that can keep you energized, keep moving and also inspires the mind. This small tool can be used on any desk to make it sit-stand workspace. Sitting throughout the day is very bad for health and it can be easily handled with a simple tool like Winston Workstation. It is a very affordable and effective tool that brings standing as a habit during the work. It gets easily integrated with the workday for boosting wellness and health.

Winston Workstation 

A smart desk would be a good choice for any office. It enhances productivity and is a perfect solution for the health of the employees. Choosing the right smart desk that suits the space, type of work, budget and the amount of flexibility required would make your workspace agile. While each one of the above mentioned products come with their own set of advantages, this guide has probably helped you in picking the ideal one to suit your purpose.

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