The 10 White L Desks with Drawers for Computer Users
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The 10 White L Desks with Drawers for Computer Users

|Apr 4, 2022

Corner desks are a sure-fire way to improve space efficiency in your workplace. A corner desk alone can be an entire home office setup, considering the extra corner you get for all your documents and files. Corner desks are also great for multi-monitor setups because the edge provides a safe turning angle for the neck without you having to move around completely.

When looking for a corner desk, multiple factors impact the final choice. For instance, the color, storage options, design and aesthetics all play a vital role in defining the best office desks for you. This article will target white L-desk with drawers because white desks are known for their elegance, and drawers provide the right storage space you need in your workstation.

Best L-shaped White Desk with Drawers

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse white L-desk with drawers

This L-shaped desk from Autonomous is an ergonomic desk that offers height adjustability. The desk comes with multiple ergonomic features such as height control, high weight capacity and dual electric motors. Smart desk corner is especially for people who need a greater work area or might be planning to create a multi-monitor setup.

The desk has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and comprises a solid steel frame. You can use the four different programmable settings, and the desk also comes with a five-year-long warranty. If you are searching for a modern L-shaped desk, then this one from autonomous is available in three matte colors, black, brown and gray.

2. Uplift L-shaped Desk

Uplift white L-desk with drawers

The Uplift white L-desk with drawers is one of the few famous and affordable small corner computer desks in the market thanks to its compact design, making it suitable for people with tiny homes and large workspace requirements. The custom desk is electrically controlled and moves at a speed of 1.5 inches per second, so the desk is quick to respond to movements.

With a weight capacity of 530 pounds, this desk is one of the best strengths. However, a limitation is that this desk does not come with any storage options, so you can get a filing cabinet and slide under the desk to keep your documents organized.

3. Teraves White Corner Desk

Teraves is a white L-desk with drawers with generously proportioned dimensions. The circular corner of the desk is ideal for a small room or restricted space. The object is composed of wood that has been painted gold and white. Extra storage can be found beneath the table.

The desk can be used for various purposes, including studying, working, and gaming. The weight capacity of this workstation is 450 pounds.

4. Bestar Hampton Computer Desk

Bestar Hampton white L-desk with drawers

This desk is a whole office set up in itself hence we find this desk most suitable for people who work with a lot of papers or have to manage the tough job of being an executive. The white L-shaped computer desk with drawers is comfortable because it offers enough storage options so there will be no clutter on your workstation.

The modern design is luxurious, and the desk is a single-time investment going to suffice you for years to come. The desk has large storage and a keyboard tray, and the laminated surface also remains as good as new.

5. Bizzoelife Corner Desk

This Bizzoelife corner desk is a reliable material with a smart design. The desk isn't a heavy structure to move, but it is a simple construction of a platform and legs that can support up to three monitors at once. The product is constructed with an elegant combination of wood and metal to maximize durability.

You can reverse the arrangement into a corner desk and a long straight desk shared by two people. The waterproof surface ensures your coffee incidents are well covered, and the desk surface is also resistant to scratches over time.

6. Monarch White Corner Desk

Monarch white L-desk with drawers

Because of its hollow design, this L-shaped desk provides a modern touch to your room. The sleek and modern design offers the ideal balance of practicality and durability. This white L-desk with drawers has plenty of room for your laptops, computers, writing materials, and other devices. There are three drawers and plenty of open cubby space to keep your items.

7. Walker Edison Computer Desk

A structure that takes minimum space and allows the room to breathe, walker Edison is a sturdy yet elegant corner desk. This desk doesn't have any storage options, but you can install a desk drawer to make things work.

The glass and metal combination ensures the desk is both strength and looks and the model comes in five different colors if you are not a fan of white. The desk is also removable if you want to make two different desks out of one, so it is a product that lives well up to your expectations.

8. Hoatian White Corner Desk

Hoatian white L-desk with drawers

When we talk about a white L-shaped office desk with drawers, the first thing that comes to our mind is the large structure that occupies a lot of space. That is not the case with this white corner desk which is as tiny as possible. This white L-desk with drawers could be a decoration piece or a tiny workstation where you and your laptop can work efficiently.

It comes with one built-in drawer as well as a few shelves underneath. The desk is a helpful place for kids to complete their homework, or you could also buy it for the sole purpose of decoration.

9. SHW L-shaped Desk

The SHW Home Workplace Wood Corner Desk is ideal for use at the office or home, and it combines functionality with modern design at a reasonable price. Thanks to the ample shelves and wide working area, there's plenty of room for all of your office supplies and several monitors. You can effortlessly thread cables through the two built-in grommets, keeping your workspace neat with cords neatly arranged.

10. Little Tree Corner Desk

Little Tree Corner Desk

The little tree corner desk is tiny, just as its name suggests. It is a rotating desk with up to 180 degrees, so you can arrange it as you like. The desk has steel legs for extra support, and it comes with an ergonomic keyboard tray and bottom shelving. The environmentally friendly construction of this desk makes it durable and keeps its maintenance an easy task.


Corner desks are essential for boosting the appearance of your home and interior while also providing a variety of additional purposes. Above are our best picks for white corner desks suitable for any work or study setting. Let’s pick the best one for your needs!

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