The 12 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2024
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The 12 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2024

|Oct 12, 2020

2020 has been absolutely terrible. Let’s make sure we all agree on that. However, there are silver linings, here and there. 

One of the bigger silver linings to come out of the world is on fire is growth in work from home jobs and studying. 

Remote working has been around for a while, but up until now, it was a luxury reserved for freelancers. That isn’t the case anymore, though. 

Everyone wants a piece of the freedom pie that is working from home, so we’re here to serve it up. 

We’re going to list off a few different works from home jobs you can start working towards in a second, but first, we want to talk about what it takes to become a remote worker. 

What Do I Need to Work from Home in 2022?

Working from home is great and all, but there are certain requirements that you still need to fulfill.

As tempting as it may be, working away in your bed in PJs is a recipe for disaster. You’re going to be unproductive, which means you’re earning less money.

To help avoid this trap, you need an office.

You need an office

Now, we don’t mean some massive, ominous room with a bear head mounted over a fireplace. In fact, even a kitchen can serve as an office if needs be. 

We would recommend a dedicated space, though. It’s going to let you work free from distraction, which is critical when you’re just getting started with working from home. 

If you have a spare room under the stairs or a storage space that you don’t use, consider converting it into a makeshift office. If you have a regular room that you can dedicate to it, then even better!

The SmartDesk 4

Once you have your office space picked out, the first thing you need is a desk. What desk you get is a more important decision than it might originally seem. 

By having a choice in the matter, you are at a massive advantage when compared to other home workers. In other words, you have a leg up on the competition.

Use this advantage and invest in a good desk. “What makes a good desk, though?” Productivity. 

The quality of a desk is measured by how productive it makes you, and when it comes to productivity, there is no desk that can even come close to the SmartDesk 4

What makes this desk so much better than everything else out there is two-fold. First, it comes with a motorized ergonomic frame. 

SmartDesk 4 This is going to help keep you healthier while you’re spending full-time workdays sitting down, which in turn makes your brain produce joy-inducing chemicals, which then helps to increase your productivity. 

Secondly, the desk comes pre-installed with a Pomodoro system. If you don’t know what that means, then let us introduce you to the home worker’s best friend. 

The Pomodoro technique was developed as a way to maximize the quality of the work being done without sacrificing productivity. It involves working for 25 minutes straight and then taking a five-minute interval break. 

These five minutes are all it takes to keep the brain fresh and engaged, and with the system built into the desk, that means your work is always going to be top-tier. 

The Top 12 Work from Home Jobs in 2022

Work from home jobs in 2020

We Have All Kinds of Remote Working Tips and Tricks

Remote working has come running at the general workforce and given everyone a very rude slap in the face. 

While it’s a routine that some people settle into naturally, the cast majority of people really do struggle with it. They don’t know where to work, how to work, what to do when to do it, and it leaves them all in a tizzy. 

This can be incredibly frustrating if you still have a job. It’s 10 times worse when you need to start looking for some distance work. 

We hate to see this, and want to help everyone make the most of the situation they’re in, so we’ve loaded up our blog with remote working and office setup tips and tricks. 

We have articles covering everything you could ever need, from style tips to productivity hacks, equipment suggestions to lighting. If you need it, we have it. 

We update it every day, so you can head on over and give it an explore. Add it to your bookmarks so you can come back every now and again to see if there’s a new topic that interests you. 

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