The 12 Time Management Mistakes That People Commonly Make

The 12 Time Management Mistakes That People Commonly Make

|Nov 3, 2020

Time management mistakes can kill a person’s enjoyment of their profession. How can a person like working when it takes them 12 hours to do something others can do in one hour? There is always room for improvement, especially when some time management problems are easily fixable. The following are some advantages and disadvantages for attempting to fix your time management mistakes:


  • Saves you time, allowing you to do more of the activities you love in life
  • Better time management leads to better work (more financial opportunities)
  • Allows you to help others with their mistakes
  • Applies to all activities in your life, not just work


  • Some people do not understand what they’re doing wrong
  • Implementing better time management skills may take a while

1. Not Setting Goals

If you don’t set some goals to work toward gradually, you may be too demotivated to continue working. You should set aside both long term and short-term goals to motivate yourself to overcome your current obstacles. For instance, if you’re an office worker and you need to meet specific deadlines by the end of the month, so you’re wondering how you can do it. The truth is, it’s best to divide up all of that work into shorter increments that you can realistically do in one day.

Photo of Not Setting Goals

2. Prioritizing the Wrong Work

Not all work is created equally. If you have something more urgent to complete, it’s best to do that as soon as possible rather than prioritizing a date with a lovely co-worker. Everybody has different priorities, so you may have to sacrifice something to love to work more efficiently toward your goals.

Photo of Prioritizing the Wrong Work

3. Getting Distracted Too Easily

As fascinating as some time management mistakes can be, you must resist the urge to continue paying attention to any distractions nearby. Distractions can include social media, friends, family, and any other event nearby, making you pay less attention to your goals.

4. Multitasking

Multitasking sounds efficient, but the truth is that it isn’t productive. Too much multitasking becomes counterproductive; this problem can exacerbate the more you try to multitask. Focus more on a singular task rather than several at once!

Photo of Multitasking

5. Using the Wrong Equipment

Everything from desks to chairs matters when you’re trying to achieve a goal. Something like the Autonomous Desk 4 and the Autonomous Chair 2 can significantly help you work more productively in the office than some of their counterparts. Generally, the Autonomous Desk 4’s sit-stand function gives its user more flexibility in how they work, allowing them to use their time more efficiently.

6. Procrastinating

It should come as no surprise that one of the most common culprits for time management mistakes. A good way to overcome this issue is through the use of time management apps. Some apps can significantly bolster your productivity, allowing you to use your time more freely.

Photo of Procrastinateing

7. Using the Wrong Techniques

There’s always a right way to do something, just like there’s an objectively wrong way to do so. Something like the Pomodoro technique can help a person manage their time more efficiently. Of course, there are alternative techniques to helping you work more productively, so don’t feel limited to only using one method if it doesn’t feel comfortable to you. Working from home can help a lot too!

8. Trying Too Hard

There’s a time and a place for everything. Some time management problems can arise solely because you’re trying too hard in the wrong areas. Instead of putting all of your efforts into one assignment, try to spread it out slowly or to make a time management challenge for yourself. You should aspire to work at a moderate pace; don’t force yourself to work too fast, or you might end up slowing yourself down!

9. No Breaks

On a similar note to the previous time management mistakes, you should take breaks when you need them. Of course, too many breaks are counterproductive, but too little is also terrible for your mental health. Everybody needs a break from time to time.

Photo of No breaks

10. Bad Organization

You cannot work productively if your workspace is cluttered and confusing to look through. Instead, you should organize your workspace to fit your needs. The more convenient it is, the better it can be for future time management skills.

11. Perfectionism

Some people struggle with the idea that everything must be perfect; otherwise, they cannot submit their work. While high-quality work is nice, it shouldn’t be the limiting factor to your time management. Instead, don’t put in too much effort on minor tasks.

12. Doing All of the Work on Your Own

Another common time management mistake people make is trying to do everything on their own. These time management problems aren’t obvious, but they can take their toll on a person. Instead, delegate some responsibilities to other co-workers. Do not force yourself to do everything on your own. Keep in mind, you can still divide work at home.

Photo of Doing All of the Work on Your Own

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