The 20 Best Adjustable Office Desks (2024 Review)
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The 20 Best Adjustable Office Desks (2024 Review)

|Feb 16, 2022

An adjustable office desk should be a staple in all workspaces. Stationary sitting is the predominant position in everyday office life. However, with a high-quality adjustable office desk, one may choose to sit or stand at any height around and in-between. Naturally, the human body functions best when it moves, and frequent changes in position are recommended to benefit both the body and brain. This list provides you with some of the best adjustable office desks available on the market.

The 20 Best Adjustable Office Desks in Market

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) adjustable office desk

A good tool for day-long productivity and well-being is to invest in the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), the original adjustable standing desk sold by Autonomous. 

With hundreds of reviews and five-star ratings, Autonomous is a trusted office equipment supplier, and the hype surrounding the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is no surprise. With robust construction, a programmable keypad, and a generous height range, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) has never made thinking on your feet easier. 

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka adjustable office desk

The only thing better than the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is the Autonomous Desk Eureka. It is an upgrade to the home office standing desk for those that want more. At a glance, this desk is stronger, quieter, and taller. 

Autonomous offers customers the opportunity to choose from a range of the best height standing desks. All its adjustable height office desks are as equally competent as the other. Supplying only one type of adjustable desk simply cannot satisfy the needs of everyone looking to buy one.

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Expanse adjustable office desk

Another L-shaped standing desk that is customizable and versatile but from a different brand, the Autonomous Desk Expanse is a triple motor system that is silent, sturdy, and easy to assemble. It has a modular design that allows users to rearrange the longer and shorter pieces to fit their workspace. 

If you have a free corner, you have a potential new workspace. Whether this workspace includes the Autonomous Desk Expanse or the YoYo Desk Pro 3 is entirely based on a buyer's personal preference. Both fit the description for the perfect corner workspace. 

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo adjustable office desk

Again, this is another Autonomous product that makes the cut to be included in the list of the 20 best adjustable office desks. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo is specifically designed for partners and duos to work face-to-face, pushing collaboration from all sides. The same sort of concept was explored in the Herman Miller Atlas Office Landscape.

5. Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It! adjustable office desk

Among the wide range of ergonomic furniture, motorized standing desk converters are one of the most popular. Since this is the case, it is understandable why multiple desk converters would be incorporated into this list. 

With the electric Monitor Riser by Mount-it, one can go from sitting to standing within seconds and vice versa. You can save tons of money by using an already existing desk or work surface with this product. With just a touch of the button, all the heavy lifting is done for you comfortably and quietly.

6. Mount-It! Desk Converter

Mount-It! Desk Converter by Autonomous

An alternative to an adjustable office desk is the Mount-It! desk converter. With this converter, the user can alternate between sitting and standing, avoiding ailments such as backache that affect you throughout a routine workday. 

The desk converter allows you to enjoy all the same benefits as a standing desk but at a better price. It is also a product that promotes a clutter-free space to work efficiently, encouraging you to keep a clean workspace, which is a good habit to pick up on. 

7. Ikea Skarstra/ Trotten Standing Desk

This is an amazing Ikea ergonomic home office desk that is sold at an affordable price. Adjustable office desks with expensive motors and fancy mechanisms do not come cheap. For customers who want the benefits of posture and productivity on a budget, the Ikea Skarstra/ Trotten standing desk is the way to go. 

It is relatively easy to assemble and adjust via a hand crank, which can be mounted on either side of the desk to accompany both right-handed and left-handed users. For the clean, uncluttered finish, it comfortably slides under the tabletop when not in use. A hidden benefit to this standing desk is that it can even stand steady on uneven flooring, considering each leg is adjusted singularly. 

8. Yo-Yo Desk Pro 3

Yo-Yo Desk Pro 3

The Yo-Yo Desk Pro 3 is an L-shaped standing desk to fit into the corners of your home. It is fitted with three efficient motors that raise the height of this right-angled desktop at the push of a button. This desk’s design aims to make the best possible use of space in the four-cornered room of our homes.  

By ensuring users are working at a level that is most comfortable for them, it creates the best possible ergonomic support. It is the ideal incorporation of design and functionality. 

9. Adjustable Standing Desk Pro E7 by Flexispot

Another current pick for the best height standing desk is the electric-powered Adjustable Standing Desk Pro E7 by Flexispot. It is a reliable all-rounder at an affordable price. If you have come across Flexispot to purchase your child the adjustable kids' desk mentioned above, why not invest in one for yourself at the same time? 

This standing desk ticks all the boxes by having sufficient space for all your desk essentials and motorized operation; that is quiet and unobtrusive. Overall, it is a great value for money. 

10. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is an adjustable office desk to give you that premium feel. For a customer looking for an adjustable desk with a slightly higher price tag, the Bamboo Standing Desk by Fully Jarvis is your best bet for a premium standing desk. 

This adjustable office desk is a stylish yet solid build with many customization options so you can tweak the design to what suits you. In addition, the quiet and reliable operation gives all the more reason to justify its price. 

11. Yo-Yo Desk 90 Desk Riser

This is another good desk with height adjustable desk legs. The Yo-Yo Desk 90 Desk Riser is for anyone looking to convert an already existing desk. If you find yourself happy with the desk you already have but still want to have a sit-stand option, this desk riser will give you that freedom of movement when placed on top of any desk to achieve that optimum height. 

It is a gas-assisted lifting mechanism that is easy to operate and super simple to assemble. Furthermore, to cater to the size of your table, the desk riser also comes in more than one size. This specific desk riser is 20 kilograms, which is important to keep in mind if you are wanting something to shift around easily with.

12. 2 Minute Assembly Compact Desk by Happen

2 Minute Assembly Compact adjustable office desk by Happen

This adjustable office desk is based on the concept of convenience. Imagine a desk that provides the same features as the ones above, but with an assembly time of two minutes. It is perfect for those interested in investing in an adjustable house office desk but do not want the hassle of assembling it; the best of both worlds. 

Complicated manuals that require a multi-step process and hours of your time discourages investment in home office furniture until absolutely necessary. Autonomous sympathizes with the busy life of its customers by supplying the Happen 2 Minute Assembly desk.

13. The Eiger Pro Standing Desk

Although the design of the Eiger Pro standing desk may not be for everyone, it is perfect for customers looking for something that is out of the ordinary. The unique design of the Eiger Pro standing desk converter is made using birch plywood. It features adjustable platforms and is your best bet at a low-tech desk converter. Keep in mind, you do, however, sacrifice a little functionality when you opt for a less industrial-looking desk converter. 

14. Westerleigh Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Westerleigh Height Adjustable Standing Desk

At a glance, customers will view this desk as your everyday-looking desk with built-in storage. The Westerleigh Height Adjustable Standing Desk comes equipped with two drawers on the right and a third in the middle. The catch you may ask? A hidden extension mechanism in the third drawer to raise the surface. 

It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for those who want the traditional look or storage space. The open shelf at the bottom of the desk, under the drawers, is the perfect place for a printer. 

15. FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk

If any of the previous standing desks by Flexispot did not tickle your fancy, maybe the Flexispot E8 Standing Desk will. This desk, in particular, is a new addition to its range and comes equipped with a dual-motor, hydraulic system that makes this desk incredibly strong. It can hold up to 150 pounds. You never know who might benefit from such a feature. 

The bottom line is that the FlexiSpot E8 delivers exactly what it sets out to do as an adjustable desk simply and effectively. The hydraulics and electronics in this desk alone can categorize it as being on the pricier side. However, you do get your money's worth. 

16. Stockholm Signature Standing Desk by Friska

Stockholm Signature Standing Desk by Friska

If you want a hint of class in your everyday workspace, the Stockholm Signature Standing Desk provides you with exactly that. Its Swedish touch provides exquisite desk frame finishes and a class-leading height variation. This adjustable office desk has even gone as far as to incorporate a height ideal for wheelchair users. A brand simply going above and beyond to cater to all people, even those in a wheelchair, should undoubtedly earn a spot in the top 20. 

17. Stockholm Micro Standing Desk by Friska

This one is from the same brand that considers all people and also takes into consideration all spaces. The Stockholm Micro Standing Desk is essentially a micro version of the Stockholm Signature Standing Desk. It meets all the same standards but has a smaller desktop to accommodate a smaller workspace.

18. Herman Miller's Ratio Sit-Stand Desk

Herman Miller's Ratio adjustable office desk

If you are looking for a modern home office desk with adjustable standing legs, the Ratio sit-stand desk is the perfect fit for a workspace with that aesthetic. Its range of options in terms of the frame color and top allows the desk to blend into any space to achieve a dynamic work environment. 

The height-adjustable office desk legs create a smooth transition between sitting and standing. With this desk, buyers can find the right balance between the two throughout their day, giving them a glimpse of the healthy lifestyle that the majority of us strive for. 

19. Atlas Office Landscape by Herman Miller

Herman Miller works with many other adjustable desking designs to complement any floor plate. Have you ever imagined adjustable desks in a cluster? The Atlas Office Landscape provides the perfect description of a workspace that combines collaboration with height adjustability. 

By adapting desking requirements to the 21st century, employees can choose to sit or stand in comfort while still contributing to their team. With rent increasing in price and floor plans decreasing in size, desks can be configured to make space rather than lose it. 

20. Flexispot Kids’ Desk

Flexispot Kids’ Desk

This option is a work-from-home desk setup specifically designed for kids. Generally, kids have heaps of energy and rarely sit still. The adjustable standing legs on the Flexispot kids' desk allow your child a free range of movement when doing homework or any desk-required activities. 

Creating healthy habits for your children now may encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle in the future. Features such as a waterproof round top plate and rounded corners on the edges of the feet make the desk more child-friendly. 


Slowly, adjustable office desks are becoming a standard in any office due to the proven benefits. The best standing desks are essentially your lifeline, helping protect your spine, raise your mood and strengthen your core. The boost in productivity means that over time they eventually pay for themselves. Even if you don’t have massive amounts of cash to blow on adjustable office desks, there are relatively affordable alternatives that serve the same purpose.

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