The 20 Best Running Gear for Your Long and Chilly Running
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The 20 Best Running Gear for Your Long and Chilly Running

|Oct 28, 2022

Many runners stay indoors during the winter to avoid the snow, ice, and subfreezing temperatures. However, you don't have to quit training outside if you have the correct equipment. Therefore, having a variety of winter running accessories in your inventory is essential. It can make all the difference between a fun workout and cutting your run short to head inside for some warmth. 

How Should You Dress for Long Winter Runs?

Is It Safe to Run in the Cold?

Once you have all the running essentials sorted, the next thing to focus on is the dressing. First, you must wear shoes that provide grip, mobility, moisture protection, and insulation. A separate set of winter running shoes will probably be necessary if you're running on snow or ice. The best protection is offered by high-top trail running shoes with GORE-TEX linings. 

You should also wear a pair of comfortable running leggings, tights or trousers, a sweat-wicking long-sleeved top, gloves, running socks, a cap, and a windproof jacket. Another thing you can add is a hoodie or tech scarf as an extra middle layer if the weather is extremely cold. 

Is It Safe to Run in the Cold?

Running Equipment

Running in the cold will not make you sick in and of itself, but it can drop your body temperature and raise your chances of getting sick if you are exposed to a virus. Generally, the cold temperature increases the likelihood that you may contact the virus and become unwell if you encounter an infected person or surface. 

There are also additional risks associated with running in the cold, such as the possibility of falling. Due to decreased strength, agility, and proprioception in cold weather, you are also prone to hurt yourself. Additionally, running in cold and wet weather raises your risk of hypothermia, especially if you continue to run while wearing wet clothing. 

Wear appropriate footwear to reduce your chance of falling. You should wear clothes made of the best thermal-regulating materials and change out of wet clothes when you get home after your run to avoid the risks of running in cold weather. 

Furthermore, if your body does not respond well to the cold climate, you should consider home gym ideas with the best home gym equipment for working out. 

1. Crazy Cap 2.0

Crazy Cap 2’s smart water bottle sanitizes your water automatically with a built-in UV light that turns on by itself. Enjoy pure, clear water wherever you are in a durable, eco-friendly bottle. The filter-less design makes this Bellabeat spring bottle maintenance-free running equipment. 

You can access clean drinking water anywhere with a few finger touches. Tap the cap five times for a more thorough 2-minute purification or twice for a 60-second purification. With this running gear’s double-walled vacuum insulation and tough BPA-free 304 stainless steel construction, it preserves hot liquids for 12 hours and keeps cold beverages icy for 24 hours. 

2. Healbe Gobe3

Healbe Gobe3’s smart fitness watch is one of the best running essentials that will keep track of your health. This running gear correctly detects when you're dehydrated by tracking changes in your body's hydration, activity, heartbeat, and body stress. It gives you a gentle reminder about drinking water when your body needs it. The watch also tracks your pulse to optimize your daily workouts. 

Forget about tracking your food intake or calorie counting. The unique FLOW Technology from HEALBE offers deep insights into everyone’s nutrition.

3. Hybrid Smartwatch

The hybrid watch combines a round color touchscreen, mechanical hands, and all the features you'd expect from a smartwatch. This hybrid smartwatch is made from high-grade sapphire glass and a sturdy stainless steel watch case. 

When you receive a notification, the CPU intelligently of this running gear adjusts the hands to the horizontal position, so you can read your text properly. This hybrid smartwatch prompts you to get up and move when you haven't moved for too long. 

4. Layered Clothing

Smart runners know better than to dress lightly for chilly winter runs. If you start to feel too warm, you can easily tie a light jacket around your waist. Choose a synthetic base layer to wear underneath that will absorb perspiration away from your skin or wear a half-zip top you can open like a window to release heat quickly. 

The same running equipment idea can be applied to your hands. Put on a mitten to increase your warmth and comfort when it gets too cold for light gloves. Modern materials let you use your watch or smartphone without removing your hands from the mittens. 

5. Under Armor Men's Tech 1/2 Zip shirt

Under Armor Men's Tech 1/2 Zip shirt

The Under Armor Men's Tech Zip shirt is one of the best running accessories because of its versatility. This shirt can be worn by itself when the weather isn't too chilly or layered beneath a jacket or vest during extremely cold runs. While the soft inner layer of the UA Tech fabric retains heat to keep you warm and comfortable, the ultra-lightweight fabric offers exceptional mobility and breathability. 

The fabric's antibacterial qualities and moisture-wicking technologies of this running equipment keep you dry and comfortable while also reducing bad odors. Its stand-up collar is popular among runners because it provides additional weather protection. Additionally, you can adjust the body temperature by zipping up or down the front half zipper while running.  

6. Smartwool Merino 250 Beanie

This is the go-to head warmer for the courageous one who runs in any weather, including snow, sleet, and ice. Merino wool from Smartwool is double layered for added warmth for your head and ears. 

The Smartwool Beanie also allows airflow, absorbs moisture, and wards off odors that some man-made materials struggle to get rid of after a wash. When it's chilly, roll the cuff low over your ears instead of up for a fashionable touch.

7. Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Training Gloves

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Training Gloves

Smartwool's thin merino gloves are great for chilly fall and early winter runs, but if the weather really gets bad, you may want something thicker. 

The five-size merino gloves of this running equipment are just as lightweight and soft as the liners, but they retain heat longer, preventing your fingers from becoming numb when the freezing rain begins. A windproof layer on the back of the hand and fingers is a bonus defense against the weather. 

8. Brooks Divide 2

You will need the most comfortable shoes whether you are running outside in the cold weather or inside on a walkable treadmill. The Divide 2 is intended for runners who alternate between road and trail workouts. It is still reasonably priced for those just starting out on multi-terrain adventures. Your foot is protected from any dangers that lie in wait for you on a less-groomed path by a rock plate in the forefoot. 

9. Drymax Cold Weather Running Crew Socks

Drymax Cold Weather Running Crew Socks

Wearing the right socks is essential for cold weather runs to be comfortable and secure. The unique Dual Layer Moisture Removal System in Drymax socks quickly transfers moisture from the foot with the inner Drymax layer, keeping feet dry. 

Since the front of the sock experiences the greatest amount of wind chill, there is a third layer of Drymax fiber insulation to keep your feet warm and dry. 

10. Julbo Aero Sunglasses

Although wearing sunglasses on cloudy days might seem unusual, UV radiation is still present during the winter. Keeping out the wind and snow is an even better reason for wearing sunglasses. Choose a versatile pair of glasses with "Zebra Light" lenses like the Julbo Aero, which automatically darkens on clear days and stays almost clear in storms or low light. 

The Julbo Aero sunglasses also make great gifts for gym rats because they come in different shades and look fashionable.  

11. Kahtoola Microspikes

Kahtoola Microspikes - running gear

Microspike traction devices work similarly to tire chains in cars. The steel spikes of this running equipment are more expensive than the other options, but they will last far longer and hold your feet on snow more firmly. 

12. Buff Dry Flex

A Buff is one of the most adaptable running gears you can own, whether you use it as a headband, face mask, or neck gaiter. The 360-degree reflectivity keeps you visible while running at night or in the early mornings. It's also quite simple to take off and wrap around a wrist if you feel hot. 

13. Running Belt

Running Belt - running gear

Add a running belt to keep your hands free while running. There are several stylish designs for holding your ID, cash, and keys. You can also get a spacious belt for holding other things. A good safety tip with this running essential for outdoor jogging is to always have some extra cash on you and to carry your ID in case of any emergency. 

14. A Weather Vest

A Weather Vest - running gear

A high-quality reflective running vest gives effective protection when the weather can't be trusted. You won't need to head back home if the weather changes because the vest is a portable shield. 

When the seasons are changing and the weather is a little harsh, a weather-resistant vest is ideal for running. A vest is perfect for nighttime training when the temperature lowers or when you start your run on a cool morning before the sun rises. You can pair it with a short sleeve t-shirt for a lighter appearance or long sleeves for increased warmth. 

15. Performance T

A Performance-T is the greatest option when your goal is to achieve your very best. If you're serious about speed, you need this shirt without a doubt. Top performance requires a performance top, whether it is delivering over long distances or short and rapid workouts on the track. The Performance-T is a must-have running essential when you want to seem unstoppable. 

16. HAGLÖFS L.I.M. Jacket

HAGLÖFS L.I.M. Jacket - running gear

Let's face it, you need to keep your lungs warm in order to endure the freezing cold weather and the wind. Although this windbreaker is thin, it offers additional upper body protection when it's windy. It is made of nylon that is waterproof but also breathable to keep you dry without making you perspire more. 

Additionally, this jacket is lightweight and portable. It can be quickly pulled out if the wind starts to howl because it folds up small enough to put in a pocket. 

17. Amphipod Versa-Light Mini

Any outdoor adventure benefits from the visibility offered by the Amphipod Versa-Light Mini.  This running gear can be fastened to almost anything, including belts, straps, backpacks, and bundles. Choose between three light modes to illuminate your route with two powerful white and red LED lights that are 30 lumens bright. 

A reflective front panel is included in the waterproof case for improved visibility in the darkest settings. The Versa-Light Mini features a 14-hour operating time and a 1.5-hour USB recharging time. With the Amphipod Light, you can illuminate any winter run, bike ride, or workout. 

18. Brooks Momentum Thermal Tights for Women

Brooks Momentum Thermal Tights for Women

You can run comfortably in chilly conditions with the Brooks Momentum Thermal Tights. It uses a patented DriLayer thermal fabric design to provide the utmost comfort and insulation by keeping warm air inside while wicking sweat away. You can take all the essentials with you on your run thanks to the pockets included in these tights. When you train in winter's low light, a reflective Brooks logo lets other drivers and pedestrians see you. 

19. On Running Pants

Swiss engineers created On Running Pants to protect you from extreme weather. The woven fabric on the front features UV protection for those sunny days and is water-repellent to stop snow and rain from penetrating through. Additionally, the knees on these running gears are unique, allowing ventilation and freedom of movement. 

20. Craft Core Dry Active Comfort Baselayer

Craft Core Dry Active Comfort Baselayer

The Craft Core Baselayer allows your body to move freely with its flat-locked seams. Its top has a body-mapped design that helps the fabric drain away moisture and dry quickly. To help you maintain the ideal body temperature while exercising, this running gear is made such that certain body parts can retain heat while others can manage circulating air. 


If you are an active runner, you are aware that when the weather gets cold, your enthusiasm for jogging doesn't go away. However, running in the cold doesn’t mean that you should suffer. You just need the right running supplies for a comfortable run.

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