The 27 Best Office Plants to Bring Green Vibes to Workspace
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The 27 Best Office Plants to Bring Green Vibes to Workspace

|Jan 15, 2022

Round Tail Snake PlantGreenery has been proven to reduce stress even if you simply look at it, which is one of the many reasons why having office plants might be a fantastic idea for your workstation. Take a look at the 27 best options you may want:

The 27 Best Office Plants to Boost Your Mood at Work

1.  Bonsai

Bonsai office plants

Bonsai trees are small and attractive office desk plants, even though they can be difficult to grow. Most of them don't reach maturity until they're 10 years old, and you might not succeed when you first plant them. 

Nonetheless, bonsais are still beautiful indoor office plants, and they might even become a hobby if you enjoy taking care of them. You can start using simple seed kits and watch the fascinating plants slowly grow! 

2.  Neon Pothos

The neon pothos is one of the best options you could add to your workspace, especially if you're looking for home office plants. They're hanging plants, so you don't need valuable desk space to keep them. 

At the same time, they're easy to maintain, and they add a beautiful touch of green to your surroundings. A neon pothos plant does well with weekly watering and medium to low light levels, so they're many workers’ favorite since they don't need to do much to take care of them! 

3.  Snake Plants

Snake Plants office plants

Most plants you get for your ergonomic workspace must be low-light plants, so they can handle living without sunlight. 

Additionally, a fantastic aspect of plants is that they can boost people's energy when they're working in dark spaces. Snake plants, for example, are a wonderful alternative to incorporate into your office since they can handle little to no sunlight and infrequent watering. 

4.  Air Plants and Rubber Plants

Although some workers have dimly-lit office space, that's not true in all cases. If your workstation has adequate lighting, you may want to consider more impressive plant options, such as rubber or air plants. 

With a rubber tree plant, for instance, you can bring a touch of different colors to your workspace (mostly purples and greens). Air plants, on the other hand, are also very convenient since they don't need any soil and you only have to spray water on them once a month. 

5.  ZZ Plants and Peace Lilies

Getting peace lilies means your workspace can have a splash of green and white. Furthermore, these tabletop plants can easily handle medium to low-light levels, and you only have to water them once a month. 

ZZ plants are usually many workers’ favorite option, especially if they're hard-working but forgetful. These office plants can endure long periods of neglect, and though they're not recommended, if you often forget to water them, they can still live and provide beautiful office greenery. 

6.  Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema Plants office plants

Some workers want to find good office plants they can add to their home office workstation. In many cases, you might be looking for communicative plants, especially if you enjoy interacting with them. 

The Aglaonema is the ideal option in that case since its leaves start to drop when it needs water. It's fun, it can add greenery to your office, and it only requires you to water it once a week. 

7.  Aloe

Aloe plants have been famous for hundreds of years since their gel can treat a number of skin conditions. These indoor office plants are the best alternative you could get if you work in a sunny environment. 

Adding aloe plants to your workspace means you get an office plant that can handle infrequent watering, but only if it gets a lot of sunlight.  

8.  English Ivy

English Ivy office plants

Some people believe that English ivies can clean up the air. Even though it's an interesting opinion, science doesn't back it up. However, in many cases, workers get these office plants just because they think their air can be purer if they have them around. 

Despite the fact that English ivies cannot purify the air, they're still easy to maintain since they don't need much water. They require moderate levels of warmth and sun, though, so keep that in mind if you want them! 

9.  Red-edged Dracaena

If you have a large workspace with moderate sunlight, the red-edge dracaena might be the best option for you.  

Large plants are not for everyone, but some workers love to see them grow. The red-edged dracaena, for instance, can grow up to eight feet tall, and it can add splashes of red and green to your workstation. 

10.  Lady Palms

You might also benefit from having plants that you can add to your office bathroom. Fortunately, lady palms are perfect for this purpose. 

Lady palms are beautiful office plants that love humidity, so they're ideal if you need something to add to the bathroom of your workspace. They look stunning, and they grow in low light. 

11.  Weeping Figs

Weeping Figs office plants

These plants are part of the Ficus family, and they're also impressive indoor office plants you can add to your workspace.  

Nonetheless, keep in mind that weeping figs don't do well in drafty environments. Thus, you have to put them somewhere where the air conditioning of your office cannot harm them. 

12.  Spider Plants

Unlike bonsai or other delicate indoor office plants, spider plants are meant to endure tough conditions. They are ideal for immensely closed spaces with high levels of formaldehyde (often from vehicles), such as garages and warehouses. 

Spider plants are attractive hanging plants, which get their name for the way they hang down from shoots. Overall, they're popular plants for offices, even if you work from home. 

13.  Flowering Office Plants

Flowering Office Plants

If you feel like you're working on a boring workspace, it might be time to make your office go green. Getting flowering office desk plants might be a fantastic idea to turn things around. 

With flowering office plants, you can add splashes of color to your green home office and guarantee that its surroundings boost your productivity. 

14.  Water Lettuces or Other Unique Office Plants

Some workers want to make their workstations look unique, which is why they might be looking for impressive indoor office plants. When that occurs, you might quickly think about air plants. 

Even though air plants are a fantastic alternative (and they have been mentioned before), there are other options, such as water lettuces, cacti, and succulents. All of these require little maintenance, and you can design miniature gardens in your workstation! 

15.  Philodendron and Pines

With Norfolk Island pines you can have a full (albeit small) forest in your workstation. These indoor office plants don't grow quickly, so you probably never need to worry about pruning them. 

Additionally, philodendron can quickly spread throughout your office, which might make it look like you're completely surrounded by greenery. 

16.  Plant Terrariums

Plant Terrariums

Having office plants under glass is one of the best ways to decorate your standing desk and have something interesting to talk about with your coworkers. 

Plant terrariums often require little care, and they can still bring joy to your surroundings since they're small and beautiful. 

17.  Tillandsia Plant

The tillandsia is a type of air plant, so it doesn’t need soil to grow. Although these indoor office plants don't need much light, if you put them on a sunny desk, they might grow flowers. 

Getting a tillandsia plant means you can choose between a variety of different colors since these plants include several hundred subtypes in their family. 

18.  Oxalis

Also known as wood sorrels, oxalis are many people's favorites since they can add a splash of color to your workspace.  

These good office plants are content with low humidity, but if you want to make sure their colors pop out, you should place them where they can get a lot of sunlight. With deep burgundy and yellow leaves, oxalis might be the office desk plants you're looking for to change your workspace's appearance. 

19.  Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia office plants

You might be looking for the ideal plant for your office desk – if that's the case, keep scrolling. Some of the rest of the options might work for you, but not the rex begonia. With this plant, it's all about the foliage! 

The rex begonia is an impressive plant to have in your office since its foliage can grow in impressive patterns. They need little sunlight, but they require a lot of water to thrive. 

20.  Lucky Bamboo

If you already have a bamboo adjustable desk, the lucky bamboo might be the ideal option for you. 

A lucky bamboo is one of the best office desk plants to have on your table (unlike the rex begonia), and if you take good care of it, it grows and you can form different shapes such as hearts or spirals. 

21.  Money Tree

Money Tree

When you're looking for plants that attract money, you might want to have different options. The lucky bamboo is one of them since people believe it brings them good fortune, but the money tree might be the ideal alternative because it manifests positive financial vibes. 

Money trees are small office plants that you can have around your workstation or on your desk. They can add a touch of greenery that your surroundings might need! 

22.  Coffee Plant

Coffee plants are small and beautiful, making your office look incredibly attractive and elegant. Although some indoor office plants grow a lot, you can have your coffee plant in a small ceramic pot to embellish your desk and not worry about its size. 

Therefore, coffee plants might be the ideal alternative for people with small office spaces, or for workers who simply don't want to have too much greenery around. 

23.  Raindrop Peperomia

Raindrop Peperomia office plants

Even though many workers would like to have office desk plants, the truth is that not everyone can take care of them correctly. Some people simply forget, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy having greenery around. 

The raindrop peperomia (also known as the baby rubber plant) is the ideal option for you if you don't want to worry much about a plant's care. You don't need to water it every day, and it's still adorable due to its small size and big, round-shaped leaves!  

24.  Sansevieria Samurai

Living in a humid area means you might believe you can't have certain plants since you're not getting enough sunlight. However, you could get a sansevieria samurai, which is a beautiful option that thrives in moist environments. 

With the sansevieria samurai, you can enjoy having some spiked greenery around (its leaves are spiky and they look fun), and you never need to worry about the humidity of your surroundings. 

25.  Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

One of the reasons why so many workers get cacti for their workstations is that they require very little care as long as they're in the sunlight.  

You can't go wrong with a cactus – forgetful workers love them because they're basically indestructible. Since you rarely need to water them, they can be the perfect addition to your workspace and a great companion to your eco-friendly office chair

26.  Peperomia Pink

Featuring the most adorable touch of pink color in its leaves, a peperomia pink might be one of the best office desk plants to have since it's cute, small, and easy to take care of. 

Peperomia pink plants have middle-sized leaves that curl a little to the inside, and their edges have a cute, soft pink color. They're incredible, and they're fantastic indoor office plants to bring some color to your surroundings! 

27.  Round Tail Snake Plant

If you're looking for greenery that looks like an art piece, the round tail snake plant might be for you.  

Round tail snake plants are sleek and bold, which are two characteristics that help you make a visual statement. When you're aiming to have an office that's different from the others, having a plant like this one might help. 

Keynote Takeaways

There are many office desk plants you might get for your workstation, and it all depends on what you need for your surroundings and the type of office you have. Some require sunlight, while others need you to water them several times a week or every day. Thus, examine all options and choose the one you want!

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