The 4 Best Productivity Tools for Programmers to Invest in

The 4 Best Productivity Tools for Programmers to Invest in

|Jan 28, 2021

It’s incredibly important for developers to have the ability to focus while coding. However, this can sometimes be a real struggle. Nonetheless, productivity tools can be used to help you maintain a high productivity level when programming. That’s why we have outlined some of the best programming tools to enhance the programmers’ productivity.

Why Should Programmers Invest in Productivity Tools?

Why should programmers invest in productivity tools

Productivity tools are a great option for everyone, especially programmers. This is because these apps for developers are equipped to simplify communication and collaboration while having the ability to streamline processes, which have time-saving properties. Not to mention, these apps for developers also ensure that workloads are fairly allocated. Finally, these apps for developers make it easier for programmers to do their jobs when used correctly.

The Impact of Productivity Tools for Programmers

Many people believe that programmers tools are good in theory but fail in execution. This is one of the most common reasons for programmers not investing in productivity tools. We have constructed a pros and cons list to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using productivity improvement tools to help you identify whether investing in programmers productivity tools is worthwhile for you.

Productivity Tools for Programmers

  • icon checkYou’re able to prioritize your work.
  • icon checkYou have a good understanding of your workload.
  • icon checkYou’re provided with the right tools to allow you to work for longer periods without sacrificing the quality of work you’re producing.
  • icon timesSome productivity tools can be a costly expense that not many people have the financial means to obtain.
  • icon timesProductivity tools aren't effective if you don't follow the systems correctly.

The Four Best Productivity Tools for Programmers

Here are our top picks for the best programmer tools for developers:

1. Invest in a Standing Desk

This might seem like an unconventional method to increasing your productivity as a programmer, but it works! As a programmer, you’re constricted to your desk the entire day while you complete your work. This means that you sit for the majority of your day, which has adverse effects on your health.

One of the key elements to ensuring programmers productivity is to ensure that you're comfortable. This can't occur if you're sitting all day because you're likely to suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain. Let's face it; no one really wants to work when they're in pain. That's why reducing your time sitting each day can aid in boosting your productivity.

Standing desk

This is where an electric standing desk comes in. Standing more each day as a programmer is virtually impossible if you have a ton of work to get through. This is because you need to sit down at your desk and get to work.

Well, a standing desk allows you to continue working, but you're standing at the same time. This helps relieve the negative effects of sitting for too long, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain while working to enhance your blood circulation, mood levels, and productivity.

2. Enhance the Ergonomics in Your Workspace

As mentioned above, working in an uncomfortable environment restricts a programmer’s productivity. This is a massive problem that many developers face but don’t know how to make their working environment more comfortable.

One way to enhance the comfort offered in a workspace is to make it more ergonomically beneficial. When looking at improving your workspace ergonomics, one of the easier and common ways to better your ergonomics is to get an ergonomic office chair like Autonomous Chair 2. This office chair has the ability to offer effective support to your back, neck, and shoulders.

Ergonomic chair

As a result, the common symptoms of sitting for too long, such as back pain, are negated. This helps you receive a more comfortable working environment that makes you want to work for longer. It’s because that ergonomic office chairs are a great programmer tool to boost their productivity.

3. Habitica

Ergonomic office furniture plays a massive role in improving the overall productivity of developers. However, this isn’t the only feature that aids in boosting productivity levels. Having a better understanding of what needs to be done during your working day can aid in boosting a programmer’s productivity.


This is why Habitica is a brilliant app for developers. This software is equipped to create a to-do list that helps you track your progress with your daily and weekly coding tasks. A unique feature about Habitica is that the app is designed to treat your daily or weekly workload as an RPG game where you’re provided with the ability to level up by completing the tasks that you’ve set out to do. As you begin making progress with your tasks, you’re able to find pets, collect equipment and coins. Thus, this reward system can help motivate you to be more productive.

4. Music for Programming

Music is a brilliant element that can work to boost your productivity. In fact, studies have shown that classical music can aid in studying focusing on their work for longer than without listening to any music. Coding is a difficult task that takes a tremendous amount of brainpower to effectively complete.

For this reason, incorporating music into your workspace can be incredibly beneficial in boosting your productivity and concentration levels. However, choosing the right music can be challenging, as playing a Beyoncé song might make you want to get up and dance, which isn't what is going to diminish productivity levels in regard to your workload.

music for programming

It's for this reason that Music for Programming is an excellent app for developers. This software offers an interesting concept for a music generator that works to increase productivity. It's designed to mimic a code editor.

When going to a page to change the track, you're more likely to focus on your coding activities, as you're visually linking this website and its music to your coding work. Thus, all you need to do is put your headphones in and select one of the 54 playlists available.

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