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The 40 Best Types of Office Chairs: There is One for Everyone
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The 40 Best Types of Office Chairs: There is One for Everyone

|Sep 30, 2020

A high-quality office chair goes a long way to protect your back from undesirable pain. It may not seem obvious, but your posture and back health are heavily influenced by the type of office chair you use. Some desk chairs are worth the investment, so this list should focus on the best 40 best types of office chair styles. This list should focus on what are the different types of office chairs and how they differentiate from one another in no particular order.

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo - Best Types of Office Chairs

An ergonomic chair is designed with office workers who tend to spend over 1700 hours a year sitting down. Unsurprisingly, most standard office chairs don’t consider this, thus act as a common source for back pain down the line. Autonomous Chair Ergo is ergonomic chair exceling in performance, focusing on having several features for your convenience. As adjustments allow more flexibility, these customization aspects should appeal to the ordinary office worker who wants a new chair. 

Photo of Ergonomic Chair Ergo Chair 2


  • Perfect for a flexible office design set up
  • Allows for height, headrest, armrest, backrest, and seat-tilt adjustments
  • Smooth recline feature with five positions
  • Made with earth-friendly materials
  • Woven mesh back for better airflow (no more sweaty backs!)
  • Supports 300 pounds
  • Comes in various colors
  • Offers flexible lumbar support for all seated positions


  • Can be hard to assemble
  • Fabric easily attracts dirt
  • Seat padding made for people of average weight

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo +

If you’re an office worker who likes to dabble with YouTube videos, the Autonomous Chair Ultra is an excellent choice for you. Its simplistic fishbone design corrects flimsy posture while offering a modern design. With several adjustable functions at your disposal, the Autonomous Chair Ultra works with all kinds of desks, so no office worker should struggle to incorporate this piece of furniture into their daily life. It is a perfect desk for desk setup for Youtube creators.

Photo of Kinn Chair


  • Frameless construction allows for unhindered movement
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Cooling TPE and breathable mesh options available
  • Adaptive for more spinal support
  • Encourages your natural mobility
  • Earth-friendly TPE used
  • 10 times more durable than other materials
  • Offers natural lumbar support
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Some assembly required
  • Can take some time to get used to the frameless chair
  • Only goes 44 inches high

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

Another type of office chair is an ergonomic chair that specializes in comforting your back is Autonomous Chair Recline. As its reclining features are top-notch, this is the best type of office chair for back pain. Its adjustability makes office work easier for you, which in turn makes you more productive at work.

Photo of MyoChair


  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Can recline in this chair
  • Offers a mesh back for more airflow
  • Includes lumbar support for the low back
  • Comfortable and supportive seat foam
  • Adjustable leg-rest and headrest options
  • Provides adjustable height, seat-tilt, and armrests


  • Lower weight capacity than other Autonomous products
  • Can become expensive when you add leg-rest and headrest upgrades
  • Seat foam doesn’t “breathe”

4. Autonomous Chair Move - Ergonomic Stool Chair Type

Autonomous tend to have excellent seats and produce many best types of office chairs, and this stool is no different in terms of high-quality production! If you enjoy a standing desk, but find that you cannot stand all day for efficiency, then this ergonomic stool should be a good compromise between healthy living and comfortability.

Photo of Autonomous Chair Move


  • Comes in many fun colors
  • Allows you to move while sitting to strengthen the core and back
  • Includes a weighted base
  • Promotes dynamic sitting
  • Adjustable from 24 to 35 inches
  • Can lean forward in it
  • Suitable for rocking so that you can move around all day


  • Doesn’t offer any back or lumbar support
  • Can’t take the place of a traditional ergonomic chair
  • Not as comfortable as regular office chairs
  • Low max weight accommodations

5. Avo Chair

Saving one of the best types of office chairs for last, the AvoChair is a sleek, eco-friendly option for those who enjoy both functionality and comfort. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for work, as it can increase your productivity significantly! With a stable aluminum alloy base, it can support up to 250 lbs quite effortlessly.

Photo of Avo Chair


  • Elastomeric mesh back provides spinal support and breathability
  • No hard edges, so you feel relaxed and ready to go
  • Minimally designed for sophistication
  • Completely eco-friendly
  • Mesh seat for more breathability
  • Adjustable and suitable for people from 4.9 feet to 5.75 feet tall


  • No lumbar support built into the chair
  • No headrest available
  • Might not be as comfortable as other Autonomous chairs

6. 24 Hour Chairs

For the unfortunate office worker slaving the days away for long shifts, you need a specially designed office chair type for that sort of work. So, 24 hour office chair is for you. Its durability is excellent, which makes sense given you’re sitting on it for hours upon hours.


  • Designed for extensive and intensive usage
  • Includes many ergonomic features
  • Can last many years with the right maintenance


  • Requires various adjustments for different people
  • Can be more expensive than other options
  • Must still focus on the features you want

7. Petite Chairs

As the complete opposite of tall chairs, a petite chair is designed for smaller individuals. Your chair’s size plays a crucial role in how well you can work in an office setting. If your seat is too big for you, then it can become more inconvenient than comfortable.

Photo of Petie Chairs


  • Lower gas lift
  • Low armrest height range
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Proper seat depth/width for petite people
  • Correct seat angle and height for smaller people


  • Can’t be used by taller people
  • May cost just as much as other chairs

8. Industrial Office Chair

A common sight among office chairs, its minimalistic design should appeal to professionals looking for cheap yet reliable functionality. There’s not much to say about it, but it is a standard among office workers.


  • Uses durable materials
  • Practical for harsh working environments
  • Minimalistic design with some ergonomic features


  • Shorter backrest, which can cause stiffness
  • Rarely includes lumbar support
  • Not as beautiful as other chairs

9. Contemporary Office Chairs

Sometimes referred to as a modern office chair, this best type of office chair focuses on simplicity in both use and maintenance. Sometimes, a comfy seat can be a pain to clean, but the contemporary office chair is easy to maintain!

Photo of Contemporary Office Chairs


  • Comfortable to sit in for long periods
  • Good value
  • Offers a few ergonomic features


  • Can be hard to clean the seat fabric
  • May not be as durable as others
  • Doesn’t usually include armrests

10. Tropical Office Chair

Perhaps you wish to feel like you’re on a vacation while working, then you need the tropical office chair for decor. They’re more comfortable than they look, and are also one of the better-looking seats you can put in an office.


  • Highly colorful
  • Makes you feel like you’re on the beach
  • Made of durable materials


  • Few if any ergonomic features
  • Might not be suitable for remote workers
  • May not be extremely comfortable for long periods

11. Saddle Chairs

Are you looking for short-term posture gains? A saddle chair can also improve your core, so this office seat is desirable for those looking for more movement in their life. A saddle chair is one of many ergonomic designs designed with comfort in mind.

Photo of Saddle Chairs


  • Offers a tilt mechanism
  • Height adjustments available
  • Usually a divided seat but can be one-piece


  • Can feel odd to sit on at first
  • Not ideal for long periods of time
  • Looks a bit odd in the office
  • Sits higher than traditional chairs and requires a higher desk

12. Leather Seat

Old-school, yet cool. A leather office chair is one of the most common office chair types you can find on the market, so its accessibility is a positive trait worth noting. Aside from that, it should complement all styles of offices given its appealing design.

Photo of Leather Seat


  • Very comfortable to sit in
  • Easier to clean than others
  • Premium feel and look


  • Legs can stick to the leather
  • Doesn’t offer as many ergonomic features as others
  • Expensive

13. Transitional Office Chair

The best types of office chairs can act as more than just seating for your workplace. A transitional office chair is colorful and focuses on a more comfy cushion. As it looks cool, you can use it outside of the office, and people won’t mind!


  • Many colors and patterns available
  • Great profile to match outside/inside décor
  • Fun and exciting


  • Can be hard to sit in for long periods
  • Little to no ergonomic features available
  • May or may not have armrests

14. Sit & Stand Chairs

While it may seem like a contradiction at first, a sit & stand chair supports your body depending on your positioning. If you like to stand while leaning into it, this type of chairs for office style should support you comfortably.

Photo of Sit & Stand Chairs


  • Ability to lean forward
  • Take short breaks from fully standing without completely sitting
  • Works the core


  • Little support available
  • Should only be used for a small percentage of the day
  • Doesn’t support a lot of weight

15. Active Sitting Chairs

Working in an office all day with no movement is seriously bad for your overall health. Like other seats on this list, the active sitting chair allows you more mobility. However, this seat focuses less on comfort and more on moving, so use it if you need some exercise when you’re working.


  • Tons of movement while sitting
  • Can adjust the height and a few other things


  • Focuses more on mobility than comfort
  • Small backrest might be challenging to use
  • Few ergonomic features

16. Armless Office Chairs

Noticeably lacking arm support (hence, not ideal if you need to rest your arms), these chairs are mostly budget options and types of office chairs. Affordability is a crucial attribute when considering good seats, so consider a chair like this one if you don’t work too much.

Photo of Armless Office Chairs


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can come in many colors and styles
  • Swivel features


  • Not ideal for long workdays
  • No reclining features
  • Doesn’t focus on ergonomics

17. Conference Chairs

If your business does conferences frequently, then you need a seat designed to last you through the whole meeting. As you don’t typically type when using a seat like this, a conference chair should be better for offices focusing on conversations.


  • Stackable design for easy storage
  • Comfortable with fabric seats and backs
  • Can be stylish and comes in many colors


  • Not ideal for typing and other remote work tasks
  • Doesn’t focus on ergonomics
  • No adjustable features

18. Executive Chairs

If you have money to burn, this seat is the one for you. Its comfort and aesthetics are usually top-notch, but the modern executive chair can lack some adjustable features something like an Autonomous Chair Ergo + can offer to you in its stead.

Photo of Executive Chairs


  • Grand and imposing appearance
  • Extra padding
  • Includes swivel capabilities


  • Can be ergonomic
  • Might be more expensive
  • Doesn’t feature a headrest

19. Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

For those who suffer from chronic back pain, a chair like this one can help you as it cannot touch your back. Its overall comfort is rather low, but they are serviceable for short work hours.


  • Can help to ease back pain
  • Maintains the right lumbar curvature better than conventional chairs
  • Strengthens the core and back muscles


  • Not suitable for use all day
  • Can be quite uncomfortable (no padding)
  • Can cause knee/leg pain with extended use

20. Stacking Chairs

This type of chairs for office is yet another alternative budget option and one of common types of office chairs for office workers seeking simplicity. These seats tend to come in various amounts, so it’s great for bosses to purchase if they need to save money.

Photo of Stacking chairs


  • Easy to stack and store
  • More comfortable than a folding chair
  • Robust materials can last for a long time


  • Not appropriate for typing and other computer work
  • Shouldn’t be used for long periods
  • No ergonomic features, armrests, or headrest

21. Task Chairs

There’s a common question people have regarding task chair vs. desk chair scenarios. Typically, a task chair is better for short term usage as they tend to lack features for long-term comfort.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Various design options


  • Creates more heat and isn’t breathable
  • Not ideal for larger people
  • Can be quite heavy

22. Mesh Chairs - Most Common Type of Desk Chair

It is one of the most popular types of office chairs. If you prefer lightweight seats that are easy to move around, a mesh office chair will be a suitable office chair type. The material it’s made out of allows for easier air circulation, keeping your seat cool.

Photo of Mesh Chairs


  • Made of breathable materials for more comfort
  • Can be cost-effective
  • Used for most ergonomic designs
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Can be hard to find an appropriate design
  • Durability could be a concern

23. Faux Leather Chairs

Do you like a leather chair, but don’t have the funds to dish out for one? A faux leather chair offers you similar benefits, just in a fraction of its functionality.


  • Made of PVC and therefore environmentally-friendly
  • No animals harmed in making it
  • Can be any pattern, color, or style
  • Durable
  • UV fade-resistant
  • Doesn’t crack
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Can achieve a high-gloss finish


  • Not usually breathable
  • Can waste materials and energy to produce
  • Doesn’t have the same feel as real leather
  • Doesn’t include hypo-allergenic properties
  • More easily punctured or torn

24. Ergonomic Swivel Chairs

While fun to spin around in, a swivel chair’s primary function gives you multi-directional usage. If you’re at work and need to turn around often, this is the perfect seating for you to use.

Photo of Ergonomic Swivel Chairs


  • Provides lumbar support
  • Includes a stable base
  • Can adjust armrests, seat height, and headrest
  • Padded back and seat for comfort


  • Can be more expensive than others
  • May not be able to stop the swivel action

25. Ball Chairs 

Another type of seat that promotes you moving around, a ball chair is another viable candidate for an employee who likes to move from place to place. These chairs are great for balance, especially when used in conjunction with a standing desk.

Photo of Ball Chairs


  • Helps to burn calories
  • Improves productivity and concentration
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Strengthens leg and core muscles


  • Can easily get fatigued while using them
  • Not ideal for long periods of sitting
  • Can cause poor posture

26. Stools

Other stool variants can work in place of the Autonomous Chair Move, just with less effectiveness. It’s more or less the same, just as a budget option of types of chairs for office for those who don’t want to spend as much.


  • Stylish design
  • Various materials and colors available
  • Suitable for various locations and needs


  • Not ideal for long periods
  • Doesn’t offer as many ergonomic benefits as other types of chairs for the office
  • Can become uncomfortable

27. Vinyl Chairs

Vinyl chairs are not only durable but also flame-resistant. If you’re at a workplace that needs something simple, yet robust, this seat should be an excellent choice for you. Being easy to clean is another bonus to consider.

Photo of Vinyl Chairs


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Typical choice for most offices (easy to use)


  • Doesn’t offer ergonomic benefits
  • Rarely includes headrest or armrests
  • May not go very high when adjusting it

28. Ottoman Seat

Although this seat can be used as a stool, one of the best aspects for the Ottoman seat is its compatibility with other chairs. You can use this seat like a footrest, especially with some of the less flexible options.


  • Unique style
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to customize
  • Use it as a footrest with other chairs


  • Easily stained
  • Takes up a lot of room
  • Can hold in allergens

29. Folding Chair

Should portability be your primary concern, a folding chair can get the job done quite superbly. It’s among the lightest on this guide and is typically also one of the most affordable to purchase. There’s nothing fancy about it, but there’s a reason why people have used this for several events throughout the years.

Photo of Folding chair


  • Saves space
  • Offers tons of variety
  • Can be stacked on top of each other
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t look professional
  • Can be uncomfortable for long periods
  • May not be highly durable

30. Egg Chair

Some people prefer modernist designs and more flair to their surroundings. An egg chair typically costs you a fair amount, but its aesthetic appeal is perfect for sleek offices. It is one of the most interesting types of office chairs for your office.

Photo of Egg Chair


  • Modern style
  • Adds flair to any space
  • Great for aesthetic appeal


  • Can be more expensive
  • Doesn’t work well for computer needs
  • Can be hard to get out of

31. Drafting Chairs

Posture is an aspect of your health that you often overlook. As its name implies, ergonomic drafting chair is perfect for your posture when writing or typing something up. Compared to other types of desk chairs that protect your back, this one has more mobility if you like messing around within the office.


  • Usually comes with a foot ring
  • Nylon casters
  • Can swivel
  • Offers ergonomic benefits


  • More expensive
  • Short back – no headrest
  • May not offer lumbar support depending on the style

32. Gaming Chair

Nowadays, gaming chair is becoming a really well-known types of office chairs. Although it’s challenging to mix in pleasure with business, a gaming chair is designed for gamers who spend six hours plus in a single session. Likewise, businessmen tend to spend hours on their butts looking at a computer screen or in a call. Gaming chairs have several brands attached to them, so you have a surplus of options for the best gaming chairs available to you.

Photo of Gaming Chair


  • Very comfortable ergonomic design
  • Flashy appearance
  • Various adjustment options
  • Designed specifically for sitting long periods


  • Very expensive
  • Larger profile might not fit in some situations
  • May not recline

33. Computer Chairs

This type of office chair is a more generic version of a gaming chair; nonetheless, a computer chair is great for office workers than primarily stare at a computer screen typing. A gaming chair focuses on both mouse movement and keyboard functionality, so a comfortable computer chair is a more affordable option that concentrates solely on the latter for comfort.


  • Looks great in any setting
  • Ergonomics included


  • Quality depends on the brand
  • May or may not offer the features you need

34. Tablet Arm Chairs

If you need to use your tablet for work and multitasking, a tablet arm chair can significantly assist you! The cushion is typically comfortable, but aside from one massive armrest for your tablet, there’s not much more to this seat.

Photo of Tablet Arm Chairs


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Comes with a small workspace


  • Can be expensive
  • Doesn’t have lumbar support
  • No headrest
  • Armrests don’t adjust
  • Tiny workspace
  • Not suitable for use with a regular desk

35. Mid-Century Chair

This class of seats focuses on a unique design, utilizing modern designs and easy-to-use height adjustments. It’s similar to a swivel chair in some regards, but it is otherwise an aesthetic choice with some modern functionality. This old design of types of office chairs is suitable for those who loves old and accient office design. It is also one of the best types of desk chairs.

Photo of Mid-Century Chair


  • Quite stylish
  • Looks great in any décor situation
  • Offers height adjustments


  • Not considered an ergonomic chair
  • Can become quite expensive
  • Niche style; may not work for all offices

36. Rolling Chair

A rolling chair is a dull, yet practical choice for any home office or other work setting. It’s a common choice if you don’t want anything fancy to be used in conjunction with your desk.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Suitable for those who move around the office a lot


  • Might not include ergonomic features
  • Can be pretty plain
  • Can be dull, though it is practical

37. Desk Chair

Desk chairs are another standard option, yet similar in functionality with a task chair. It’s less portable than its counterpart, but it’s an excellent pair with any desk thanks to its endurance. However, it lacks the functionality of several other items on this list.


  • Similar to a task chair
  • Can offer fun colors and styles
  • Withstands the test of time


  • Not easy to move around
  • Might look bulky and out of place

38. Rustic Style Office Chair

If you prefer types of office chairs that bring an air of nostalgia to your workplace, a rustic style office chair is the perfect fit for you! Wood, in general, brings a more classic feel to any setting! While this chair does have several key functions other options on this list possess, keep in mind it is one of the heavier options.

Photo of Rustic Style Office Chair


  • Gives a feeling of being in nature
  • Looks great and interesting
  • Can be inexpensive


  • Could be uncomfortable to sit in
  • Heavier than other chairs
  • No wheels

39. Wooden Chairs

Ideally, you could get a wooden chair that comes with a cushioning of some form. As previously mentioned, wood is one of the more beautiful materials used in furniture today. Technically, various other classes of seats can be both a wooden chair and another style on this guide. It is a good type of desk chairs.


  • Can look refined and classy
  • Adds warmth to the space
  • May offer the appearance of professionalism


  • Uncomfortable to sit in for long periods
  • May not have ergonomic properties

40. Tall Chairs

For some tall people, typical office chairs aren’t comfortable. When it comes to simplicity, larger people prefer bigger seats. Tall people already have enough back pain as it is so that a tall chair can comfort them better than other options.

Photo of Tall Chairs


  • Ideal for taller people
  • Have high weight capacities
  • Includes heavy-duty frame


  • More expensive
  • May not fit with some desk designs

FAQ for Types of Office Chairs

Now that we have surveyed the several different types of office chairs available out there let's take a look at some of the general concerns of users to answer any questions you might have before you finalise the purchase of your office chair.

1. Can office chairs be recycled?

On average, as much as 90% of your worn office chair is recyclable. Amidst the global drive to go for sustainable, recyclable products, it is natural for us to look for this property when going to buy an office chair.

Office stationery like cartridges, paper and other items are often recycled or reused. However, one of the items frequently found discarded the office chair. You can avoid this by taking stock of how the process works and if the chair you are going for is recyclable.

The quotient and process vary from one chair type to the other. You usually need to get it inspected before you know if your specific type of office chair can be recycled or should be donated.

For the most part, this depends on the material your office chair is made out of. Some are made purely of one material throughout while others are a combination of a few. The types of office chairs made entirely out of metal are the most amenable to recycling.

Such metal chairs can simply be sent straight to crushers where they are compressed, bailed, and sent to the smelter. After the process, the molten metal can be entirely reused.

In case your office chair is a min of metal and plastic, these components are segregated and undergo the process of recycling separately. The type of plastic used makes a difference in the ease and percentage of recycling.

The different types of office chairs that include wood parts have to be broken down to determine if the wood is real or compressed. Real wood is easy to reuse while compressed wood is often sent to waste.

Can Office Chair be Recycled

2. Can office chairs be repaired?

Most issues with office chairs can be rectified at home or be corrected at a repair shop. Even if your chair doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, you can take care of most of the common problems with your office chair at home by yourself.

Some issues frequently observed with prolonged or heavy use of office chairs are malfunctioning wheels or broken lift mechanisms, both of which are easy to repair in your home garage with some basic tools.

Other common complaints with your chair over a period of use can be a floppy seat or one that rocks side to side as you sit on it. This is simple to resolve. All you need to do is replace the swivel tilt mechanism of the chair.

If you want to save some money by doing the procedure yourself, you will find easy-to-follow step by step guides on the internet telling you all you need to know to fix the problem without external help. Alternatively, you can choose to seek the help of a professional repair mechanic to mend your office chair. 

The bottom line is, for most of the troubles with your office chair, troubleshooting options are readily available and accessible. This makes your investment in a good office chair a safe and sustainable one.

Can office chair repaired

3. Are office chairs suitable for gaming?

If you are someone who engages in light gaming from time to time and isn’t sure about investing in one of those separate gaming chairs, you can lay your doubts to rest.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are designed, keeping in mind the needs of gaming for long hours. They are as a rule ergonomic to make for a comfortable gaming experience even with prolonged use.

They are of several types. Two of the popular gaming chair variants, racer and PC chairs, closely resemble an office chair. When comparing the two, it is often said that gaming chairs tend to prioritise look over comfort, while office chairs do the opposite.

However, this is not the case most of the time.  Although the two have differences in appearance and structure, both office and gaming chairs are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user, to allow them to serve their purpose for long hours.

When it comes to the build and structure, office and gaming chairs are more alike than different. Both of them feature armrests, casters, cushioned seat and back, and swivelling stands, apart from other adjustable settings.

In their appearance, on the other hand, they tend to be more clearly distinct. Office chairs, designed for formal purposes, naturally tend to be clean and simple in design. Contrastingly, gaming chairs stand out for their strikingly different style.

There are some other differences, too, such as the height of the back. While you will come across some types of office chairs with back support, gaming chairs almost invariably have pronounced, high backs.

Notably, both of these chairs have an ergonomic design with plenty of comfort-maximising features, such as lumbar support, reclining, adjustable height, footrests, and adjustable arms. 

While gaming chairs might have some additional gaming-centric features like headphone output, built-in speakers, and steering wheel mounts, these are usually not indispensable, especially if you are not gaming very frequently.

Both these types are also similarly priced. Thus, to spell it out briefly, if you are not a full-time professional gamer who needs all the additional features of a gaming chair, an ergonomic office chair can work just as well for you.

Office chair for gaming

4. How tall are common office chairs?

The height of the seat varies depending on the type of office chair you go for. Petite chairs would differ in height from saddle office chairs, albeit slightly.

However, the height range you will find most office chairs to fall in is 16 inches to 21 inches off the ground. This measurement denotes the distance of the seat from the ground. The height of the chair’s back is not taken into account in this measurement.

This typical height works for most users to have their thighs straight, feet on the ground, and arms comfortably in line with the standard height of a desk.

While this is the standard height range, most office chairs come with pneumatic levers to adjust their height within certain limits. These are found to be the most popular option for offices as they offer greater scope for customisation and adaptability to different users.

On the higher end of the spectrum, you can also find office chairs for tall persons, that have a slightly higher seat than most others or offer greater adjustment variability than most.

Height of office chair

5. How wide are common office chairs?

The width of an office chair, like the height, is also found to vary across models and types, depending on the size and level of comfort they are designed for. 

Most types of desk chairs for office, however, are designed to have sufficient space on the seat to carry the majority of users comfortably. Generally, the standard width is 17 inches for a typical office chair.

The span between the back and front edge of the seat needs to be adequate for a user to rest their back against the backrest while sitting in the chair. Along with this, there should be a margin of at least a couple of inches between the front of the seat and the back of the knees.

This is sometimes coupled with adjustment options to tilt the seat backwards or forward, especially in reclining ergonomic chairs.

Office chair width

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to functionality, all of these basic types of office chairs should perfectly complement any desk you use. If you need a general suggestion that is an overall jack of all trades as far as usefulness goes, the Autonomous Chair Ergo is perfect for all kinds of offices. Consider the following pros and cons for it:


  • Designed to improve your posture
  • Mesh design keeps the chair at an ideal temperature most of the time
  • 2-year warranty
  • Several payment options
  • Free shipping
  • Supports up to 350 lbs
  • Several adjustable features
  • Comes with assembly instructions
  • 360-degree flexibility in movement


  • Slightly expensive
  • Limited coloring options

If you wish to see some applications for the Autonomous Chair Ergo, you can always check out another guide related to its usage for digital artists here. Ergonomic chairs tend to excel in general use, and the Autonomous Chair Ergo is no different in this regard. As you can adjust several features such as height on it, it’s compatible with virtually all types of desks you may use. With some coloring options to accent its generally beautiful design, the Autonomous Chair Ergo can make any office look appealing to any visitor. You can always opt to recline on this chair, should you need additional comfort.

Naturally, any option on this guide of different types of office chairs should be a perfect fit for your work. Whether you choose something with mobility to promote healthier living or just want a comfy chair, there are dozens of options available to you. No matter what you pick, it’s vital that you choose one that benefits you the most. One of the most important benefits to a chair is productivity, and if you have the perfect one for your needs, then your efficiency in work should skyrocket!

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