The 5 Most Important Standing Desk Parts and Components You Should Know
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The 5 Most Important Standing Desk Parts and Components You Should Know

|Jun 3, 2021

If you’ve made the wise decision of upgrading your sit-only, static workstation to an adjustable desk system, you’ve possibly browsed through the few essential workstation items. These are additions that you should include to enhance the performance of this standing desk.

Many desk accessories are available for your adjustable desk hardware, but some offer more benefits than others. That’s why we have designed this guide to help you make your workstation more ergonomic with the right inclusion of a standing desk part. Continue reading to find out more about standing desk components.

How Does a Standing Desk Work?

A standing, or stand-up, desk is a piece of office furniture that allows you to stand in a comfortable position while working. Many standing desks available on the market are adjustable. Thus, you can change the desk’s height and alternate from a sitting to a standing position while you conduct work throughout the day.

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Research has shown that using an adjustable desk mechanism can offer impressive benefits for office workers’ health. Additionally, increasing the amount of time office workers spend standing each day can help enhance productivity levels. This is because standing helps increase blood flow while offering improved comfort throughout your working day.  

Why Should You Invest in an Adjustable Desk Mechanism for Your Office Space?

Statistics have shown that the average American spends approximately 13 hours sitting each day between their home and office. It’s easy to see how these hours can quickly add up if you work a desk job. Nonetheless, sitting in front of your screen doesn’t seem like a massive danger to your health because you’re simply earning a living, right? Wrong!

Sitting at your desk for extended periods can cause discomfort and injury while hindering your performance. Some of the most common complaints that arise from office workers are that they experience headaches, eye strain, neck pain, lower backaches, and pressure building upon their shoulders and back.

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Taking adequate breaks and stretching regularly can negate some of these issues. However, it's not enough to eliminate such problems. Thus, enhancing the ergonomics offered in your workspace is the best way forward.

An adjustable desk mechanism can effortlessly implement more ergonomics into your working area and make you more comfortable during those long hours in the office. This is because an ergonomically friendly environment goes a long way towards providing increased levels of productivity and comfort. Thus, you should most certainly invest in an adjustable desk motor system if you're an office worker who spends extended periods in front of their computer screen.

What Are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

The advantages that come with using an adjustable desk motor system are endless. However, we have highlighted some of the most prevalent benefits that you can gain with incorporating adjustable desk hardware into your workspace. These are: 

Lowered Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn. In contrast, burning more calories than you consume causes weight loss. Even though exercise is the most effective method of weight loss, increasing the amount of time you spend standing can also burn some extra calories.

The massive caloric difference between seated work and standing work can be one of the reasons why sitting for extended periods is linked to metabolic disease and obesity. Thus, a standing desk can reduce the risk of this metabolic disease, as you’re burning calories from standing. 

Reduces Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among office workers who are at their desks all day. Sitting can restrict blood circulation while adding extra weight to the lower back. Additionally, pressure buildup is common in the neck and shoulders.

However, these adverse effects of sitting for too long can be negated through the inclusion of an adjustable desk motor system. A standing desk can help workers naturally increase the amount of time they spend standing in the office.

reduce back pain

This increased standing can be conducted while employees remain working comfortably at their desks. The only difference is that this desk is adjusted at a height comfortable for standing. From this, workers can work without added pressure being placed on their hips, lower back, and spine. Thus, reducing back pain.

Enhance Mood and Energy Levels

It's no secret that your energy and mood levels can rapidly diminish when you're uncomfortable. Thus, office workers sitting at their desks for extended periods typically experience lower mood and energy levels from this lack of comfortability.

enhance mood

However, an adjustable desk motor system allows these workers to transition from a sitting to a standing position effortlessly. This increases blood circulation and offers a more comfortable working environment. From this enhanced comfortability, workers gain increased mood and energy levels.

Boost Productivity Levels

When used correctly, an adjustable desk motor system can help reduce tiredness among workers, which boosts productivity. As we previously mentioned, working in a more comfortable environment helps increase mood and energy levels. Thus, making office workers more enthusiastic to conduct the work that’s required.

A standing desk is a powerful addition to any workspace, as this helps achieve better employee engagement. After all, it makes sense. You’re likely to work better if you’re more comfortable, right? This adjustable desk system provides workers the opportunity to become more comfortable while they work. Thus, promoting productivity levels.

What Are the Components Making Up Your Adjustable Desk Hardware?

A standing desk is an excellent piece of modern office furniture that can enhance the ergonomics offered in your workspace. This is offered from the inclusion of different parts in your adjustable desk hardware, which also aids in improving comfortability while you’re working.

From including the right features in your workspace, you can become more productive and effortlessly work for extended hours. Here are some of the best standing desk part options making up your ergonomic adjustable table:

1. Desk Frame

A desk frame is the foundation and important standing desk component of any ergonomic standing table. It’s what offers stability to allow you to work comfortably. Additionally, these frames are customizable, offering multi-purpose use for all your furniture requirements.

Anti-collision technology is included in most modern desk frames. Thereby, ensuring a safe and secure experience when using this standing desk part. However, it’s recommended to clarify if this feature is included in your desired standing desk, as some cheaper models don’t incorporate anti-collision into the design.


Numerous models are available, which gives you the option to choose between manual or electric desk frames. A manual frame requires you to make transitions from a sitting to a standing position by yourself while an electric model can make these adjustments for you at the press of a button.

Electric desk frames are well-liked for being more hassle-free and convenient. Included in this standing desk part is another feature that needs to be considered, which is the motorized system.

2. Motorized System

As we have previously mentioned, the motor (along with the lifting mechanism) is the standing desk part that allows transitions from a sitting to a standing position. This electric motor impacts the entire functionality of a standing desk, as it converts electrical energy into useful mechanical power.


When selecting a standing desk, you should analyze the motors included in this desk frame. These motor features either come as a base lift or a motor housing column system, but the most common and effective is a motor housing column system. This adjustable desk motor is incorporated into the lifting columns and helps hold the weight of your desktop. Hence, it works in conjunction with the lifting columns to effortlessly make transitions.

Another standing desk component you should analyze when looking at the motorized system is the maximum weight and lifting capacity. The size of the motor dictates how much weight your desktop can carry. Additionally, your motor’s size also indicates how quickly the desk frame can make adjustments and how much noise is generated when transitioning from a sitting to a standing position.  

3. Lifting Columns

Lifting columns are an excellent standing desk part that offers linear motion while being designed for heavy applications. When incorporated with the right motorized system, these lifting columns can offer fast and quiet movement to help you sit or stand at your desk comfortably.

When looking at these lifting columns, you should ensure lightweight aluminum and durable steel are used in its construction. These inclusions enhance the longevity of this product for added usability.

Additionally, a lifting column is well-liked in adjustable desk hardware because it's extremely efficient and designed with multi-staged functionality. This allows for effortless height adjustments while remaining mobile and compact. In most instances, these come in sets, which allows you to strategically place such columns to offer optimal lowering and raising.  

4. Keypad

It’s no good having a motorized and lifting system included in your adjustable frame if there isn’t a standing desk part to control these mechanisms. That’s why a keypad is a vital feature in any ergonomic structure.


The inclusion of a keypad allows you to control the lifting mechanism in your electric standing desk to help make transitioning from a sitting to a standing position easier. Some keypads are equipped with pre-set adjustments, which is more convenient, as you can pre-select the height you would like to sit and stand at when making transitions.

5. Desktop

When it comes to the desktop, a standing desk part, you include on your adjustable frame, you have numerous options. Each one can help ensure you pick the desktop that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Your desktop is commonly made from laminated or solid wood. Plastic models are also used, but these are seen as being less durable and sturdy.

A solid wooden desktop has the reputation of being presentable, respectable, and high-quality. However, it’s also significantly more expensive than other types of desktops available. Additionally, a considerable amount of maintenance is needed to keep it in good condition.

Laminated wooden desktops are more cost-effective while offering exceptional durability (as it's moisture-resistant). Moreover, these standing desk parts come in a wide array of colors to ensure you find one that matches your existing office décor. Exceptional quality is offered when purchasing a laminate desktop, as it consists of various components. These include:

  • Scrap wood that’s ground into particles and bound together with various adhesives.
  • Veneers are attached to these multiple-layered scrap wood boards from the bottom to the top.
  • Lamination coating is added over these fiberboards for enhanced durability and aesthetics. 

Why Choose the Autonomous SmartDesk Frame?

Autonomous is one of the leading providers of ergonomic office furniture, which is why workers should invest in Autonomous products if they're looking to enhance the ergonomic performance of their workspace with all-ergonomic standing desk parts.

One of Autonomous must-have products is the SmartDesk Frame. This is an exceptional standing desk frame that’s also called the DIY SmartDesk Kit and is adjustable in height and length. Thus, you can gain a desk that spans from 40 inches to 73 inches, which is perfect if your workload is constantly changing and you’re looking for a desk to hold these various working essentials while gaining ergonomic benefits.

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The adjustability is unmatched, as you can effortlessly and rapidly transition from a sitting to a standing position with the inclusion of the adjustable desk motor. This motorized system makes these adjustments in virtual silence, so you don’t need to worry about causing any disruptions in your workspace.

Additionally, you can choose your ideal height range to ensure you can sit and work comfortably while using the electric standing desk. This is perfect if you’re a tall individual who needs a customized height adjustment.

Finally, you gain peace of mind while working on this ergonomic standing desk, as the frame is built with stability in mind. Only the highest quality materials and standing desk component are used in its construction. You also have the option of three different frame designs. Thus, if you want this frame to align with corner office desk ideas you might have for your workspace or you wish to build your own standing desk workspace, the Autonomous SmartDesk Frame is the right option for you.

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