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The 6 Best Standing Desk Balance Boards for Your Office in 2024
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The 6 Best Standing Desk Balance Boards for Your Office in 2024

|Aug 11, 2020

A standing desk is a brilliant way to make your daily work routine less sedentary and healthier. Sitting for extended periods is bad for our health. That’s why many tech companies don’t have chairs for their employees.

In recent years, treadmills have made their way under the standing desk, but that is not a realistic option for everyone. However, balance boards are a great option to standing still because they’re less distracting, cheaper, and softer on your feet.

Balance boards are an impressive addition to any standing desk because they can keep your mind and body engaged, increasing your focus, and improving your productivity. Also, the best balance boards for standing desk can help you reduce fatigue and prevent back pain, soreness, and fatigue. Even though standing is better for your health than sitting still for extended periods, standing still at your desk can also cause fatigue and back pain. That’s where balance boards for standing desk come in handy. An office balance board helps to keep your muscles engaged while standing, preventing back pain and fatigue. Let's find out some best balance boards for standing desk.

6 of The Best Balance Boards in The Market

1. Autonomous Flow Board - Best Balance Board for Standing Desk

This balance flow board by Autonomous improves productivity, muscle memory, and energy. This standing board encourages blood circulation all over your body, whether you’re sitting or standing. This flow board is designed for multitaskers, so you can use it to work out while you work.

The Autonomous Flow Board leverages concepts from both Tai Chi and Yoga to improve balance, awareness, and forge new neutral networks between both sides of your brain. This balance board for standing desk also adds advanced elements to your home office exercise routine, taking your planks and push-ups to the next level.

Photo of Flow Board

It is available in two colors: Red and black. And as a bonus, this best balance board for standing desk supports a high weight limit of 330 lbs. Also, it comes with a 30-day trial and a one-year warranty.

This flow board features a semi-spherical fulcrum, which means there’s no limit to where you can go. So, it can help you pivot in all directions and reawaken muscles you’d forgotten you had. Also, it complements your standing desk perfectly, increasing the time you spend standing by over 30%.

While acting as a footrest, this office balance board improves blood circulation and reduces the risks of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. It also takes the pressure off your spine caused by sitting or standing still. Plus, it maximizes the contact with the lumbar support of your chair, encouraging the right posture from the ground up.

If you’re looking to rev up your reflexes and banish brain fog; the Autonomous Flow Board is your best bet.

2. The Plane Cloud by FluidStance

The Plane Cloud Balance Board features a convex shape with no added fulcrum. The convex base acts as the fulcrum through which you can move the board. The design of this balance board for standing desk helps users to add movement and agility to the office while they work. This balance also helps users mimic their natural ankle movement as if they’re walking, which helps them to move while they’re working.

As a bonus, this balance board for standing desk is also fully recycled and recyclable, so it’s an environment-friendly product. Also, this best standing desk balance board will allow you to strengthen and stabilize your entire body, soothe stiff joints, keep you alert, and burn calories - even though the overwhelming urge to sit on your chair after lunch.

Photo of Plane Cloud

3. Fitterfirst Active Office Board

This is one of the best balance boards for standing desk available in the market today thanks to its design, construction, and flexibility. The Fitterfirst Active Office Board is a wooden balance board, which features foam pads underneath. The pads are fitted with Velcro strips which you can adjust at 12 different levels. This option allows for different levels of motion and balancing capabilities. The pads also offer a soft base to the desk, which guarantees good stability. At $99.95; this standing board is affordable compared to other wood balance boards.

Photo of Fitterfirst Active Office Board

4. BackApp 360 Balance Board

This is an ergonomic balance board for standing desk that allows variable degrees of wobble. Users can choose the degree of wobble that suits them and the work they’re doing. You can easily switch to some other degree by simply loosening or tightening a knob. This standing board is aesthetically pleasing and it has handles that allow you to carry it around easily. This BackApp 360 Balance Board is one of the best wobble boards for standing desk in the market based on its adjustability and variability.

Photo of BackApp 360

5. Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

Standing in place all day has its limitations, and sitting for extended periods isn’t an option anymore, that’s why a balance board is a smart and ergonomic office accessory. The Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board encourages physical activity while you work at your standing desk, in the form of subtle yet engaging full-body motions.

This standing desk balance board is designed to challenge you while engaging your entire body. This office balance board also offers just the right amount of motion to keep your body active.

Photo of Standing desk balance board

The Revolution Focus Board features an air cushion base, which is fully adjustable to allow you to add more air and step up the challenge. Also, the board features a dual grip top deck, which maintains traction and antifatigue cushioning. Plus, the quiet stop bumpers on the base make it usable on any surface.  As a bonus, this balance board for standing desk offers a high weight limit of 450 lbs.

6. Pono Board for Standing Desk and Exercise

This Pono Board has four air-filled ball bearings on each corner, allowing you to experience lateral stability. You can easily adjust the amount of movement by changing air pressure in the ball bearings. You’ll need a pump to inflate the ball bearings; however, it’s not included. This standing desk balance board is designed to minimize the front-back and side-to-side motion. Thus, while the board moves left to right and back and forth, it also keeps you parallel to the ground. This is perfect for minimizing distractions while stabilizing your muscles.

With this balance board for standing desk, you’ll get all the benefits with micro-movements. And you can use it with any standing desk exercise because it stays parallel to the ground.

Photo of Pono Board

Benefits of Using a Balance Board with Standing Desk

We recommend the use of a standing desk balance board is promoted due to the benefits that it provides you. We know that you want to learn more about them in detail; that's why we have shared the relevant information below. So, let’s have a look. 

Improved Balance

People often have poor muscle coordination when they work for extended hours. So, getting a balance board for your standing desk plays a vital role in preventing such sort of ill coordination. A balance board not only improves coordination but also helps you have a better balance as you stand.  It helps activate your ankles, knees, and torso muscles when you continue using it for days.

Benefits of Using a Balance Board with Standing Desk

Better Posture

Everyone likes having the ideal standing desk posture to use their standing desk like a pro. Achieving such a posture becomes easier when you use a balance board for your standing desk. The balance board will ensure that you do not have a hunched back while you work longer hours, which might happen elsewhere as your neck and shoulder muscles turn weak when you work for long hours. 

Enhanced Productivity

You know that your life without a standing desk balance board would be too dull and monotonous. Such a work-life impacts your productivity negatively, and you end up having a lot of work pending.

Since you get the opportunity to do some small board exercises upon getting hands-on with a office balance board, this issue is resolved easily. Adding an element of balance to your work routine mentally stimulates you and ensures you stay productive. 

Stay Active

The standing desk balance board increases your movement while you work. Thus it ensures you stay more active. Adding the useful standing desk exercises at work becomes easier when you have a balance board. Generally, workers tend to stay more active when they use a balance board.

The balance board keeps your leg muscles, core, and lower back engaged as you work. Thus, you stay active, and chances of encountering several health disorders like diabetes and heart diseases are mitigated. And, overall, you get a wholesome work experience. 

stay active


Following are some of the most common questions that come up in the mind of any office worker before they make their first purchase of a standing desk balance board. 

Should I use a balance board with a standing desk?

Yes. As you can see that the standing desk balance board provides you multiple benefits; going for this desk would never be a bad choice. A balance board provides you with several health benefits and ensures you stay active at work, too, so going for this accessory will always be a good decision. That's why we suggest that you should go for a balance board for a standing desk.

Should I use a balance board with a standing desk

Are balance boards good for seniors?

Yes, balance boards are great for senior office workers. They can improve posture, mobility, balance, and health in general when you consider them for adult office workers. It is often seen that older adults tend to have balancing and mobility issues more commonly, so getting a balance board would help you a lot. 

How long should I stand on a balance board?

We do not recommend you stand on a balance board for extended hours. Usually, standing for 10-15 minutes is all that you need. So, once you add an office balance board, ensure that you have shorter standing sessions. Also, remember that you can always increase variation in your standing time to make your work routine more active.

How do I use a standing balance board desk?

A standing board is one such standing desk accessory that you are supposed to use periodically and never for extended hours. Fix 10-15 minutes for standing desk balance boards after every hour or two. You can also think of using it weekly. As a beginner, you will need some support.

However, with time, this balancing will get improved with time. Always place one foot followed by the other one while you plan to stand on the balancing board. You have to engage your core, knees, and hand movement to ensure you have a better balance. 

Are balance boards good for knees?

Yes, balance boards are good for knees. This is because they keep your knees engaged and ensure you get a better balance. As a result, it will strengthen your knees and ensure that you can move better without experiencing any knee pain.

How long should I stand on a balance board

Do balance boards burn calories?

A balance board for a standing desk can burn up to 100 calories per hour. This is because the balance board engages various muscles. Engaging various muscles means that more and more muscles are actively working while you stand. This increases the overall work that you do. Thus you end up burning calories and fats.


When you first get a standing desk, standing all day can be quite challenging. But if you quickly adapted to your standing desk and are looking to challenge your balance and improve your posture, getting the best standing desk balance board is one of the standing desk tips for new users. Regardless of which of these standing boards you choose, know that you’re making a great decision investing in one. Because a balance board will strengthen your core muscles, improving your balance while reducing the physical strain associated with standing all day. And you’ll get to work out while working, which is a win-win! Beside that, don't forget to prepare more ergonomic and smart office accessories to improve your workspace productivity.

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